Topic: The Infamous Killboard

This is the infamous killboard.  At present, it will just include kills (or significant assists) for PC pilots from Roleplayed combat actions from the current campaign and SL-confirmed behind-the-scenes fights. You can comment on this directly out of character.

        Pilot              |    Callsign    | Sorties | Kills
MAJOR COLE (13TH)                Voodoo          2        2 
CAPTAIN RAMIREZ (1087TH)         Tizona          7        9
1ST LT. WILLIAMS (221ST)         Cutlass         7        9.5
2ND LT. BRADFORD (1087TH)        Iceblade        7       10.5
2ND LT. WALSH (221ST)            Ozone           6        6
2ND LT. FOSTER (221ST)           Gambit          2        2
2ND LT. ACKERMAN (221ST)         Kobold          1        0
2ND LT. WALZER (221ST)           Cork            2        0

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