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I've got to say that Mischa is right in the latest newsletter - the drop in activity is pretty alarming overall.

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Allow me to echo Silent's concerns.  I've been wondering lately where everyone has gotten off to.  Are we enforcing AWOL restrictions or do we just let that aspect drop for the time being?

- Mike

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Personally, it's been in the newsletter before Mischa wrote about it. I've wrote about it as well as Dale. Meaning it's been alarming for months. I've exhausted  myself trying to help and given that I'm now 8 months along, I just can't. Dale and I have spent numerous  hours trying to come up with something to get folks back. We lose people  and don't gain. Most roleplayers like more activity than we offer.

We also still have a GM issue, being a lack of them.

So what do we do? Buckle down and close more sims to conserve ones we have that are strongest?  Force AWOL that would possibly  lead to more leaving the site? Recruit for more than just certain sims? Site recruitment as a whole doesn't seem to work for some reason.

We really could use more that care about the well being of the site. If you expect Phoenix to be here whenever you log on, then some help is needed for it to actually  still be here and not closed down. Yes, I've been guilty of not posting lately, but as I've said I've exhausted myself trying to boost activity and bouncing ideas off of both Dale and Kevin.

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This place is in a bit of a death-spiral.

A lot of people stopped posting, so it slowed games down disastrously. So others stopped looking elsewhere. People return to activity, to a crashed state, so they reduce posting. Things slow down more. Sims close from inactivity, things slow down further.

Pretty much all of the solutions built in the site now will only crash things further.

To be honest outside of getting more people we're at the point where things might be in winter here on the site. I'll still post here, but seeing things as they are I'm starting to feel one day I'll look here and see the forums are closed.

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I have found new energy to write, but feel I must (especially since I write slow and have other troubles) concentrate on Writing what I really want, hopefully an e-book. I was waiting on a Twilight 2000 game, but that idea died, 'Mud' -sim died, all games I like, never gets created or Closes down. I have troubles stay interested if nobody posts as well as if I can't keep up. Keeping up is also hard if there's in 3 weeks no posts and 1 day 15 posts. The joining of PARS to Phoenix is also dead. It was supposed to take a few weekends, 6 months ago.

Empty promises kills general interest the most!

I have considered since Christmas if Phoenix/general rping can offer me enjoyment anymore or is my time over for good regarding rping?

I Think I don't just speak for myself!

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In this instance, I must agree with Misty. We three, Kevin included have spent so many hours working on things, and trying to mend the situation.

We put in significant time and effort to the Phoenix Anniversary, which drew very few people. I understand your frustrations, but this is a two way street people. If you want more sims, more activity, more anything, then you need to play ball, and work with us. Seeing so few people arrive to the Anniversary was deeply disappointing, as Misty sank significantly more hours than I into getting it up and running.

We're willing to keep Phoenix going as much as we can for as long as we can, but we need some degree of certainty moving forward. We need to know that the sims we make will have players join, and that the events we make will be attended. I'm not saying everyone has to join everyone sim, and everyone has to attend every event, but as I said, this is a two way street. Without you guys, all me and the lovely Misty are really doing, is pissing into the wind.
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My friends, "back in the glory days of yesteryear", I ran the Prinz Eugen sim when we were all in AJJE.  It was successful because we posted as a group on a fast, regular basis.  I would be pleased to do something like this again if you think it would help stimulate viability of our site.  It is no fun waiting 3-4 weeks in between posts, and you won't hold a player's interest if the sim(s) run at that speed.  We're seeing the results of this symptom.

I applaud the stalwart leadership of the Phoenix site in trying to hold things together while the ship tries to stay afloat.  It's been five years now since we broke away from AJJE and began again anew... from the ashes.  I am no tech-savvy player, as many of you know, but my heart is here.

What can I do to breathe life into our beloved Phoenix again?

- Mike

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As a on and off player and GM I understand GM burnout, but two month's on the Jobs gotten me going again. So I'd like to lend my help in anyway I can... I don't really like to watch things die, and I'm a product of a low member low activity forum.

So, what can I do?


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Thought I'd throw in my two cents worth; hope nobody minds:

Move the out of character 'site' section further down on the list if possible. Right now the second thing a casual viewer sees is a forum post about management. Clicking on that leads to this thread, which I wouldn't want a newcomer to read.

Perhaps, also advertise on RPG Sanctuary or some other group with a large membership … =166854036 I'd be willing to write an ad, since I'm already a member.

If I think of anything else, I'll throw it up here.

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I've been a member of Phoenix for a few years now but I'm kind of an outsider too especially after a certain...well, we won't go there sad . But since this is an encouraged open discussion, I will throw my two cents in.

I think Mike hits the nail right on the head - successful long running games have rapid or at least steady level of posts. People lose interest when too long a time goes by without replies/posts.

I know I am in one game now where the GM has disappeared (yet again) for a long period of time - I've been waiting since Dec. 16th on a reply but its not just me, it's all the players in that game. This was not the first time this has happened in the game either. I have no faith anymore in the game.

I (or rather two longtime friends and I ) ran a game here for awhile and our posting rate was excellent. In fact, we warned people we were a high activity group. Soapy got it and he is still in the game even though we moved it to another forum site because - despite our success - we had an officer here who had to feel the necessity to jump in about some picky little rule we weren't including in our smooth running game. Well, it turned into an unfortunate incident and we left for a forum site that just leaves us alone to post away like happy campers.

I personally think AWOL rules and such are meaningless, why bother? In fact the game I mentioned above which is completely dead in the water has an AWOL rule....not even followed by it's own GM obviously.

Also I will say I do NOT think it is the fault of the Phoenix leadership - they should not be responsible for posting activity - that's up to the players and the GM of each game.

While I still had our game going here, I would on occasion direct some of my other rpg friends (Im in a lot of games all over the place, what can I say? I'm an rpg addict) to Phoenix and encourage them to look over the place and maybe join a few games. But each time they would browse then tell me  " the games seem very slow except for yours".

So yeah that makes recruiting new people to here difficult but as I said, that is hardly the fault of leadership. It goes back to slow posting or lack of posting.

If you're still with me reading this by now, I can almost hear you say to yourself "Ok genius, what is your solution?"

To be honest, damned if I know. You can't make players post, you can't make GMs care enough about their games (and players) to run it properly. This whole rpg thing is a volunteer activity.

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I went AWOL for a few reasons. Mainly my Depression hit a point where I was feeling inclined to do anything fun that I used to; unfortunately this included this site and the RPGs here. As a player who has attempted to start Sims here, it's brutal when they're shot down before they can even start, or people aren't interested, which I think helps exacerbate the situation tremendously.

When I stopped, there weren't any new games being created, save for two or three I can think of off the top of my head. If they weren't your cup of tea, you were left with all the old, decaying Sims that people were struggling and quite possibly are still struggling to keep alive.

Our lack of membership has always bothered me. I've been open about that and will continue to be open to discussing that. I feel that enforcing the AWOL rule is just going to do more damage than benefit at this point. Yes, people have left. Yes, people have stopped posted. Can you fix that? Not necessarily. Is it for a lack of trying? Absolutely not. It's because life happens. People get bored; they feel isolated; they feel like there isn't a sim for them, etc.

There are a plethora of Sims on this site, but the issue is, that not all of them are, or can be active. We simply don't have the members to do that. I feel like it might be a valiant effort to go through Sims and see if they've been posted on at all in say, the last two months. If they haven't been, by anyone, then perhaps it's time to close them down temporarily to help manage the number of Sims that are there.

I feel awful that I left for so long, but I'm back now, and going to get back into the swing of posting.

I'm up for joining any Sims that would like a new member as well. I can even play one off characters just for some freshness to help out too.

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Has anyone heard from Ash and Deb lately? They were some of our most active players.

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And I'm back. I've written a longer version of this elsewhere, but want to reiterate here, sorry for my long absence. I think Christmas was a very busy period at work (a peril of working for a Christian INGO) and then things didn't let up by Spring when it was another very busy period with work. I am now getting back on top of things and hope soon to be contacting players from my sims to discuss resuming.

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