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As Sim Dev Officer (which I've been crap at doing, admittedly), I know I'm in charge of the development of sims. A lot of them didn't seem to need much help getting live and taking off.

One of them seems to be struggling, and it's mostly due to the person who proposed to lead it. GoT is very popular still, and I think we'd do well with a sim regarding it. Heck, I even signed up for the thing. But it's no closer to opening after all this time, despite being on the board, than it was in the beginning. I can't seem to get in touch with the leader/owner who wanted to run it.

There really seems to be one of two options with this sim: either table it and put it with the others below and hope for it to be picked up later, or find someone else to run the thing.

Either option feels like it steps on toes, but what else is there to do at this point? And how do I go about doing either of them? It's my first time dealing with this in this position.|

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Re: Question about sims....

I would first do a roll call with the potential players who had signed for it. Then, if there is still enough interest, I would ask if one of them (and then, eventually, someone else) would like to run it.

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Re: Question about sims....

If a sim leader has gone AWOL, it is well within the power of the GC to remove him/her and make a new appointment.

Re: Question about sims....

My last post on July 13th was a pseudo-rollcall asking if the sim was still alive. I can officially ask if anyone's there and interested just to cover bases. The post before it was also from me, on May 31st, asking Tarzan if he needed help getting off the ground for the summer as I could help him get situated and start running things. I received no response.

His last post was just before THAT on May 6th, upon which he stated, "Alright I am reviewing the houses and characters I have recieved so far and will post them as they are approved. If you haven't sent me anything please send me your characters/houses in a PM and I will get them up. Also if I have questions I will send you a PM so check your inboxes. Thanks and hopefully we can get going soon!"

Nothing happened. I don't know if this was due to player-failure (I know I sent him my stuff long before) or failure on his part.

I'm posting this here so that there is a record of stuff on the off-chance of problems. "Going on the record" if you will.|

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Re: Question about sims....

Sounds absolutely best practice to do this in the open like you are doing.

The go-to policy statement is probably Admin Policy 6, from the admin policy page, here:

I copy it below for convenience smile

(Emphasis added in italics for the most pertinent articles)

Admin Policy 6: Reasonable Despatch (February 2012)

Preamble. It is important that business should be transacted with reasonable speed.
1. Unnecessarily long discussions reduce public spirit. If it is evident that nothing new can be said on either side in a particular discussion, the thread moderator is justified in moving the matter forwards (e.g. the GC might move a matter forwards by instructing the EVC to put a motion to the vote) even if there are still members wishing to speak. Usually, however, the state of affairs is not so clear and in such cases the thread moderator should ask leave of the membership before moving the matter forwards.
2. Long absences from Coordinators, Officers, and Sim Leaders cause missed opportunities.
3. It is thus necessary that Officers and Coordinators are required to remove from office any Officer under them (including Sim Leaders who are all under the GC) who is absent from office for more than 90 days in a term. Special cases can be considered, of course, in discussion with the GC, and particular consideration will be given to those with health difficulties or major RL upheavals who have nevertheless remained in contact with their Senior Officer or Coordinator as far as seems reasonably possible to the same Senior Officer or Coordinator, and the GC.
4. Replacement of any Officer removed under Policy 6 Article 3 would occur following Policy 1 Article 5 and Policy 2, etc., above, with the replacement Officer serving out the remainder of that current term of office.

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Re: Question about sims....

Other relevant rules inlcure Admin Policy 2's preamble, for example, and of course the Roles and Responsibilities rules for SLs:

Admin Policy 2: Appointing Officers and Junior Officer (February 2012)

Preamble. This paragraph is to make it explicit that selection for appointments, training, etc. shall be on the basis of merit as comprised of aptitude and ability. As far as is reasonably possible, all members will be enabled to develop their potential, and the talents and resources of the community will be fully utilised to maximise the strength and cohesion of the club. The appointing Coordinator or Officer will be open and accountable regarding their reasoning behind the appointment if asked by a member. The same holds true for removal from office.

Roles and Responsibilities section on SLs, from here: … lities.php

Section VIII - Sim Leaders
Article 1. 'Sim Leader' (SL) is the title of the person who is responsible in real life for the sim's success and for moderating the posts in their sim's forum.
Article 2. The SL may or may not have a position of leadership in-character in the game as well.
Article 3. The SL is responsible for appointing a Gamesmaster ('GM'; they may appoint themselves or delegate the task to someone else) and a second in command 'Assistant Sim Leader' (ASL). In the interests of the sim's success, the Sim Leader can overrule the GM.
Article 4. Appeals regarding an SL's moderating or concerns regarding their stewardship of the sim can be directed to the GC.
Article 5. It is the GC's responsibility to appoint Sim Leaders to sims lacking a Sim Leader, and to appoint SLs to new sims.
Article 6. It is good practice for the GC to appoint the out-going Sim Leader's preferred candidate as their replacement if the out-going SL vacated the position on good terms. The preferred candidate may often but not necessarily be the standing Assistant Sim Leader.
Article 7. It is good practice for the GC to appoint the sim creator or a person of the sim creator's choice as the Sim Leader of a new sim.
Article 8. It is the GC's responsibility to remove Sim Leaders who fail to perform their duties.
Article 9. The duties incumbent on an SL are set out in broad sweep in articles 1 and 3, above.

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