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Inhabitants needed!

Looking to escape the busy hustle and bustle of the Core? Then Akers Bluff is just the place for you!

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When last we left our intrepid heroes in AJJE nine years ago, my professor was still engaged in archaeology out in the wilds.  What is the status of the sim?


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The status?

It needs players.

Mayor Whitmore has arrived to town, with her lackeyAssistant Billy Stinton, intent on making the mines into a tourist location. Even if people have been going missing from the place. Penny Ling still helps her twin run the diner. Liberty Thomas has taken over the Saloon and her ex-husband has recently moved to the town to rebuild the gun store as well as start a town newspaper. The Doctor and the Sheriff are shopping for their new residences, while she tries to talk him out of a garden.

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For those inclined to browse: … shipid=830

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Still looking for new players!

Check out the new map!