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As John approached the last house on 5th St, he knew to be cautious. The construction that was going on across the street before the outbreak happened took most of the looters attention, and although his parents' house hadn't escaped looting, he was still anxious about returning. No one had yet found the entrance to the basement hidden in the spandrel and he wanted to keep it that way. Putting the bookshelf in front of it was the best idea his parents ever had, even if it was for a completely different, and stupid, reason.

The old canned food and junk stored there was leftover from Y2K, and although some of it tasted such, it was still edible grub and he needed it. Badly.

He hopped over the short cedar fence and, after verifying no one was around, went inside through the already broken window he, and everyone else, always used. No use causing more damage to the old folks' house.

He listened intently for several minutes before relaxing, opening up the door to the spandrel, opened the entrance to the basement, and went in, closing the two doors behind him.

All still there. Thank God.

John grabbed what he could carry in his backpack. Pinto beans, deviled ham, Spam, and even a Starkist or three. This certainly didn't compare to his last haul. The ol' storehouse was running low, it seems.

Taking the last of what was available, he reversed his steps, being careful to hide the entrance with the bookcase as he always did. This might still be a safe house one day, you never know.

He left out the window, jumped over the fence, and stood in the street.

What now?

With food stores depleted, he knew he couldn't stay out in the Rocky's for much longer. There were supposed survivors inside the Wildlife Sanctuary nearby, but that was hit or miss, and quite frankly, also stupid. They certainly couldn't be self-sufficient yet, could they?

No. He needed to leave town, Red Lodge wasn't what it used to be. Population, alive or undead, was down, and now food was out. Help just wasn't coming. East is all he could imagine. Certainly someone somewhere is working on a cure, or maybe even have found one. That reminded him, where's that damn radio? He'd find it before he headed out.

So where to? Shit, it didn't matter. East. He'd head down I-94 and find someplace. Anyplace.

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A sound of a vehicle screeching to a halt was heard from the next street over, a few moments later three men alighted from the vehicle and started talking loudly.

"Hey, you two check those buildings over there. I'll check this one. If you find anything useful, put it in the back of the truck."

"Okay." "Yes ..." The two replied, quickly moving to the building they were assigned.

"Jason" The man who ordered the others looked at Jason, who was sitting in the vehicle listening to music. "JASON" he shouted, but Jason was still not listening. Getting annoyed with this boy's attitude, the man went up to the window which Jason was leaning against and banged it really hard, startling the boy. "Oi, wake up, take those fucking earphones out and be a lookout. If you find any zombies or other survivors, then beep the horn twice. If you want to listen to music, then turn on the radio and play some CDs."

Jason just yawned and nodded to the large man. "Kay ..."

"Don't just 'kay' me, just do your fucking job." the large man left to search the nearby building.

"Stupid moron .." Jason mumbled as he exited the vehicle and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. "Why am I always on the lookout." Taking out a cigarette, he jumped on the bonnet of the pickup truck and sat down, leaning against the windshield. "This place is ghost town anyway, there's nobody here." The boy lighted the cigarette, which was now in his mouth and took a deep breath before exhaling the smoke. "Hopefully, they find more cigarettes, I'm running out."

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John had been walking blatantly down Chambers Avenue North when the truck sounds startled him. He managed to jump into the trees just as it came into view. He watched intently on what the four men were doing and what buildings they were ransacking before deciding he was risking enough.

He followed the few tree line over to Rock Creek. If not, he knew of that lonely driveway that lead to Bear Creek Hill/308 that was accessible from the trees beyond Rock Creek, he'd take that out of town after he stopped and gave one last look around his campsite for the radio. He would need it. He didn't recognize these individuals, they weren't locals it seemed. Could they be looking for something, or someone, specifically?

He stopped and listened, maybe he'd hear the truck leaving, but maybe not. Either way, it told him something.

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After a few moments, two of the men came out of their houses, with disappointed looks on their faces. "Nothing here, looks like it has already been looted, did you find anything?"

"No not-" The man was about to reply when he saw Jason just sitting on the truck's bonnet smoking. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? I said to wait in the truck and keep a lookout, not to laze about. Fuck sake Jason, can't you do anything right?"

Jason just looked over at the guy and flicked the butt of the cigarette on the floor, exhaling the last amount of smoke. "Where's Tony?" He simply replied, jumping off the vehicle.

"HELP! ARGH" A shout came from one of the houses. "SHIT."

The three men ran towards the house and tried to look for Tony. "Yo, Tony, you okay?!" They shouted, trying to find their comrade.

When they got to his location, they found the guy lying on the floor, a zombie was on top of him, biting thin air as it was held back by tony's weapon. "Help me get it off."

Jason was amused and just laughed. "How'd you manage that?" He said, making his way over to the zombie and whacking it in the head with a baseball bat. The skull made an audible crack and the zombie was lying motionless. "Fucking hell mate, try to be careful."

"The t-thing... jumped me as I was trying to l-look... in the basement, came out from behind some boxes. The fucker s-scared the shit out of me, so I ran up here... I tripped and the next thing I knew it was on top of me." Tony replied as he tried to regain his breath. "It's not .... f-fucking funny. Just go back to the vehicle in case someone steals it."

"What do you mean? There is nobody here, it's like a ghost town..."

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Seeing the potential for an opportunity, John watches from the nearby trees as the scene unfolds.

The banter back and forth was humorous, and the idiot inside the truck was reminiscent of himself years past. Thankfully he grew up past that stage.

He almost jumped himself when he heard the muffled screams coming from inside a nearby house. When the three men scampered off to see what happened, well, it was as if a halo appeared around the lone vehicle.

'Shit, can it be that easy?', he thought to himself? He reluctantly moves out of the treeline and into the road, approaching the vehicle. He looks inside to see if the keys are still in it, fingers twitching.

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It seemed John had lady luck on his side, the vehicle's keys were still in the ignition and the truck was currently in idle.

One of the men inside the house looked out the window and spotted John next to the vehicle. "HEY!" He shouted. "SON OF A BITCH! I told you to keep an eye on the truck, there is somebody out there." The man ran towards the front door with the other three guys in tow. They only brandished melee weapons, It seemed that none of them had any guns on hand.

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The only thought that entered John's mind was, 'Screw the radio!' He jumped into the truck, popped the gear into drive and pushed his foot down on the accelerator. "I-94, here I come," he said aloud to himself.

As he sped away, he spotted the following fellows in now his rearview mirror, attempting to run after him. They would never catch him, he was sure, but still, he accelerated even more, almost flooring it. Why take the chance?

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The group of survivors could be seen as they were running after the vehicle. One of the group lost balance as he was running and fell face first to the tarmac. The others carried on with their sprint for a few moments more before they decided to give up and turn back around to help pick up their friend.

The street was surprisingly empty considering the outbreak, not many cars littered the roads. It was clear sailing until John reached I-94, at which point he saw vehicles as far as the eye can see, It was gridlocked on one side of the road with cars, buses and trucks.

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"Well, hell," John thought to himself. He saw the gridlock of cars. "This won't be fun. These shoes are already toast."

He checked the gas gauge of the car he 'borrowed'. Near empty. Well, maybe this was for the better anyway. Not like he had much money to fill up. Not like he had a fill-up station nearby to fill up, either.

"Better start hoofing it," he thought to himself.

He was at least approaching New Salem, North Dakota, not that the name gave him any good vibes. Witch hunters, zombie hunters, Goddamn survivor hunters, they all sucked. He needed to stay off the main road. It looked like New Salem was up ahead on the right, so he'd stick to the left of the 31 junction, see how far he could get.