Topic: in character communications

This is different from Aijje games. Wondering what your thoughts are regarding characters contacting each other via wave (i.e Elemental - Jericho frindships?)

Obviously this wont screw up any numbers of posts etc - and im assuming one could just pop up and post on any forum that is desired.

my guess is the co/gm would need contacting first?

Paul GM Jericho. tpo Callum McWatt

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Re: in character communications

Yeah, I agree it'd be best to ask the person responsible for the sim whether they mind. For instance, one sim owner might not like outside interruptions to their play, while another might possitively love the idea of inter-sim communications.

You've also reminded me of another issue I want to mention, which I'll do in the Management section as it affects all the sims, not just Firefly. New topic called 'COs and Sim Ownership'.


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