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The body was soon zipped up and  shipped up to the doctors office on Deck six. Anna was left to the crime scene with her staff.

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Anna glanced around at the scene as the other two guards continued a search.

"Seriously", she said to no-one in particular, "That administrator needs some sex".

- Anna

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Jim Duncan was looking at installation plans with his chief foreman when his Cortex beeped and blinked.  He opened the message and read it.  On it the message simply stated,

=Jim Duncan, please report to the Dockmaster's Office ASAP.=

He looked up at his foreman and said, "Okay Rosco, I think we got it all sorted out now.  Run them conduits like we talked 'bout, an' finish a'gittin' that dad-blamed mess cleared up afore we sign off here."  Jim was referring to the tangled mess of cables and conduits, and even simple waste trash from packaging that had been left in the enclosed engineering spaces of the station, from top to bottom.  His work crews had delayed the initial installation of the new defensive systems in order to try to straighten out the mess made by the original contractors.  As they straightened out the mess, they installed the new conduits for the defensive control system. 

Jim was proud of his work crews, many of whom had worked with him in the Independent Navy yards on Persephone.  They were tight knit, like most groups of veterans, and took pride in their work.  He was glad to be able to get them steady, regular work again.  Work with purpose and meaning... paid for with hard creds.  He was even thinking of starting to use them in the Periphery for other construction projects, as they would get a first rate recommendation from Scarlett.

The Chief Engineer sighed and typed back a message to the Dockmaster,

="On my way"=

"I'll be back as quick as I kin, Rosco", Jim said with a slight smile.  "Keep th' wheels rollin'."nd with that Jim headed for the lift and the Dockmaster's Office.

- Jim Duncan

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--------- Change scene to Dockmaster's Office ----------

- Mike tpo Jim

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