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Left Greenleaf Station after Pirate Raid
Name: Ms. Alexandra Jensen
Place of birth: Beaumonde
Age: 32
Height 5'9
Weight: 130
Rank: Former Industrial Engineer - Independent Contractor
Status: Single

Current Profession: Greenleaf Skyplex Systems Engineer
Aspirations & Goals: Establish her new life in Greenleaf station
o    Industrial upbringing in Beaumonde - high level education in science fields, industrial engineering, process control and robotic systems
o    Graduate from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology - Beaumonde
o    Emergency Procedure Certification

Languages spoken: English

Personal History
Independent contractor travelling world to world

Hidden Background
Former Alliance trained agent with multiple cover identities including Irina Petrova and Eclipse the Bounty Hunter.

Known Enemies
Demetri - Administrator of an Alliance Research Facility

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Character image

Anna Maczarek, 31, is the founder and Commanding Officer of The Eagles of Warsaw. A decorated Alliance war hero who become well known due to her role in bond drives, the former tank gunner now commands almost 4000 people. Her personal wealth is considerable, although much of it is made up of shares.

A tough, lead from the front officer, she is known for a no-nonsense attitude and speaking her mind. She is highly competent with pistols and SMGs, due to extensive training both in the Army and since, as well as operational experience. She conservatively estimates the number of people she's killed in the low 200s.

She is married with one daughter, Victoria. Her husband spends most of the time looking after the house.

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David 'Dave' Rangel

Character image

Anna's husband of six years, Dave was previously her gun loader in the tank before their relationship and Alliance-paid-for wedding. He is a a happy house husband and besotted with Anna; he is happy to be in her shadow and admits she's the dominant person in their relationship.

His hobbies include shopping, woodwork and spending time with his wife.

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They look solid Gfic. Start em up.

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OK, cool, thanks!

I will get something up Tuesday. If I screw something up station wise, feel free to let me know and I can always edit.

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No worries, just bring em in step by step.

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Is Dave OK?

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Dave's already playing! Are he and Anna taking up permanent residence with us?

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They'll be there for a while and probably rack up a big bill for room service.

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We love paying customers.

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Name: Harper Graves
Born: Hera
Age: 28
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 118 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

Known Relatives:
Father: Cecil Graves;
Mother: Maura Graves;\


Following the footsteps of both her parents, joined the Alliance as soon as she turned 18 and was able. Quickly moved up, due both to her ability, determination, and her family name. Opting to get away from the Alliance and people that would always look to her last name instead of her ability, Harper quickly got hired on with the company Wallenstein GmbH. She worked security detail for Lucinda Nelson, high society daughter of a prestigious sports team owner, John Nelson, before growing tired of constantly covering for Lucinda’s secret meetings with Calvin Montgomery, a fellow member of the security detail. Through a lot of wishing, hoping, and contemplating of using her last name, Harper was hired by Maczarek Security.

Harper is playful, slightly mischievous, but completely dedicated to her job and getting it done.

Hill Eastwood - member of Lucinda Nelson’s security detail

Marianne Wilbanks
John Nelson

Calvin Montgomery
Lucinda Nelson

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Name: Sapphire DeVaine
Born: GreenLeaf Skyplex
Age: 22
Height: 5’5’’
Weight: Never ask a girl her weight, love!
Hair: Black, but dyed Rainbow
Eyes: Brown

Status: Single
Current Profession: Performer- Sultry blues singer

Born on Greenleaf Skyplex to a pair of entertainers, Sapphire dreamed of the day when she could do the same. She started off local- there on Greenleaf. But didn’t like the constant controlling issues her parents had…always telling her she was not good enough or that she could do better. Sapphire rebelled. She became wild and reckless. And wanted to be herself, not what they wanted for her… and that’s what she set out to do.

Sapphire is now making her own way in the Verse, doing what she wants with her life. Even if it involves singing in a bar on a cruise ship, or posing in as little as possible for publicity.

Personality: To say Sapphire is modest would be a lie… she is out there.  Although she can be quiet at times, but don’t let that fool you. The girl has got some spunk, loves to flirt and a voice to match. She doesn’t like wearing too many clothes and has a taste for fashion and makeup.

Appearance: Likes to look good and always be seen, even on her off days, in full makeup. Sapphire is who she is… on stage and off.

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Yay! Another Plexies come home!

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Name: Natalya Petrovich
Born: GreenLeaf Skyplex
Age: 17
Height: 5’1’’
Weight: Seriously dude, you can't just ask a girl that.
Hair: Blonde (ish) -wears wigs, mainly black with colored extensions
Eyes: Brown

Status: Single
Current Profession: Student; Plexie: Part time at Donuts-Czar-Us

Oksanna Petrovich- customs worker, sister

Background: Natalya was born on the Skylex and has seen very little of the 'Verse. Her parents are Russian, and they own and operate the doughnut shop, Donuts-Czar-Us. It is rumored to be a front for the mafia. Like her older sister before her, Natalya works part time at the shop. Reluctantly. It gives the teen enough cash to pretend she can afford the clothes and accessories. And boots. Cannot forget her love of boots. The rest, well, she is a plexie.