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This thread is reserved for people to post the bio's of the character they have come up with to play in the sim 'The Longest Journey'. The character bio basically is a description of the character that you have come up with, which holds personal information like the character's name, height, look and background. If you have a picture that you feel represents your character well, don't hestitate to post it here as well. And you can always look in other sim threads if you want to know more about how to make a character bio.

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okay, i'll be first.

my name's Klava, i've never been given a second name. i'm a magical talking weasel. i have no recollection of my life as a normal weasel, my memory is only clear - more or less - from the moment i awoken to consciousness on a table in the lab of mad alchemist in arcadia. according to him i'm not from arcadia at all - i used to be a pet of some kinda crazy human the alchemist called "that damn shifter", which he claimed to have "dealt with" and that's supposed to have something to do with me being able to talk and having some... peculiar magical traits over which i've no real power. my condition came as a result of a number of alchemical experiments performed on me. i speak three languages: na'ven - natural for all intelligent... ehm... weasels with magic affinity, russian - language of my former starkian master and my native, and english - this one's supposed to be a common tongue in stark, but i'm not very good at it.

i escaped the alchemists lab recently and... well, that's it. i'm not sure what i'd do next.

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Re: Character bio's

I'll throw my hat in the ring as... a Starker! (If everyone else ends up making Arcadian characters, I'm happy to make one there instead.)

Marcus Brigham is an archaeologist involved in the excavation of a ruined monastery in the Tibetan mountains. Everything was proceeding as might be expected until a 300 year-old diary was unearthed in its archive.

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Re: Character bio's

I'm finally checking in! Sorry guys I've been pretty busy lately.  neutral  Anywayz my character is Jimmy Freeman, a starker, living in Venice. Jimmy is a good guy, he really is, yet evil always tends to find him...

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Re: Character bio's

Thanks for posting your characters, guys! I will probably contact you soon through a PM (private message) asking for a bit more information and things like that. Please keep your eye on the 'new messages' hyperlink which can be found at the top right of the page; if you have a new PM this hyperlink will be bold, but it is easy to miss.

The sim will be opening soon, people!

-Mischa, GM

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Re: Character bio's

Ardjen, aged 15

An Arcadian boy who has been having disturbing dreams about a world filled with machines and huge cities. There is little he understands of it, but it is frightening him and it is costing him a lot of sleep. On top of all of that there is the occupation of Marcuria. Ardjen has been an orphan ever since the Tyren invaded Marcuria and killed his parents. Also his little brother was killed during the invasion. Like many others Ardjen welcomed the Azadi into the city and saw them as liberators. Since he was living on the streets he tried to get recruited by the Azadi, but they didn’t recruit any foreigners and certainly not that young. Ardjen came to live on the streets, begging and stealing to keep alive. His dreams came more often and whenever he tried to talk about it with other street people, they looked at him as if he were insane. He soon found himself without any friends and some even tried to report him to the Azadi. But he always managed to escape and the Azadi didn’t see him as a real threat.

Soon he learned that the Azadi weren’t all they were promised to be, as most other things in his life. Chased from his home, his family stolen from him, alienated by the people he now realms the streets with and hunted by the people he thought of as liberators, Ardjen has become a bitter teen who has learned that nobody but himself will look out for him. If you want to survive in the streets of Marcuria, you must be prepared to do anything.

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Re: Character bio's

Karen (last name to be determined),  19 years old

Karen grew up in Marcuria, with her father. While she remembers the Tyrenian invasion, she was effectively sheltered during that time. Thus the Azadi had never really felt like liberators to her, especially considering their hatred of magic. As the rebels grew in numbers and influence, Karen began to pay more attention to them. She liked the ideals they had of self-rule and freedom, and was very fascinated with their true leader, Raven.

Then one day her father disappeared. He’d grown strange lately, and she wasn’t sure if he had left her or if something had happened to him. While she tried to search him out, she got nowhere. She did not have a job, and the money and supplies her father left behind was rapidly dwindling. In her time of need, she turned to the rebels and was accepted into their ranks.

Only a few weeks after she’d gotten to the swamps, the Azadi tracked them down. After seeing Raven get killed (presumably), she fled. She managed to survive in the woods, and slowly made her way to the great city of Corescent. There she found passage on a ship bound for Marcuria.

Karen possesses magic, but has had no training. Thus she only has tentative control over it. It is unknown what grade of magic-user she is.

edit: Corescent is the city, not Corasan

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Re: Character bio's

Welcome to the sim, khh! Great to have you here and a very nice character. I'll send you a PM so that we can get things going.

-Mischa, GM

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Re: Character bio's

Michael Forge

The only son of a wealthy business man, Michael became bored with his life. As it turned out having everything you could ever want, wasn’t what he wanted. He despised his father’s vicious approach to the business and spent much of the money he had access to on charities that opposed the work his father did.

When he finished Uni he left and changed his last name, cutting all his ties to his family. With thanks to a very patient girlfriend, he took up writing books; mostly fantasy and historical fiction while doing some side jobs as well to make the rent.

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Re: Character bio's

Welcome, wanderer! Just let me know where in Stark you'd like your character to start out and I'll set it up.

-Mischa, GM

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Re: Character bio's

Cameron "Tavola" Martini

Age: 25

Place of Birth: Turin, Italy

Height: 165 cm

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Background: Daughter of Giovanni Martini, an Italian teacher, and Annabelle Davis, a British diplomatic attache at the UK Consulate in Turin.
She has a degree in Ancient Languages and History, and while cataloguing a trunk full of old books in the Royal National Library of Turin, she discovered an ancient manuscript.
The signature on the manuscript is by Matteo Polo, the uncle of Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant who traveled to China in 1266. In the manuscript, Matteo writes that he met a man able to travel between worlds and that, in one occasion, that man brought the Venetians with them. Matteo does not reveal the details of the travel, but says that the "other world" was "full of awesome things" and that "the gate was under a Temple of Buddha in the city of the Great Khan".
Actually Cameron thinks it is just a fictional story, added to the "real" diaries to add some spice. The Travels of Marco Polo are full of Eastern folklore, and they should not be taken literally. Or they could be the result of a narcotic trip, induced by some drugs tried by the Polos.
Her interest in the affair is in the manuscript itself: if it is proven original (that is, written by the Polos themselves) she could publish an article or a book about the finding. It would be a nice discovery (not enough to gain money from it or to become worldwide famous, but enough to gain some academic fame and to leave her humble librarian job).

Personality: Cameron has a lot of friends. Thousands of friend: her books. If you open a dictionary and search for "nerd bookworm", you find her picture. She has a huge knowledge of ancient history, dead languages, extinct cultures. Basically if something is absolutely useless in everyday life, she knows it.
And on the other hand, she is absolutely unexperienced in the ways of the world. She is shy, introvert, and this attitude has not gained her a lot of human friends. When she studied at the University, she was often the target of bad jokes and pranks. Her nickname, "Tavola", means "table", because she is quite flat-chested. She hates it wholeheartedly, but it stickied like a bad glue stain.

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Re: Character bio's

Name:  Ciara Stedman

Race:  Human

Age:  16

Description:  Ciara is well below the average height for a girl of her age, being only 4’10” tall.  She is also very thin and far too light for her size.  She has wavy and very dark hair, almost black, which is a startling contrast to her almost-white skin and deep green eyes. 

Home Region/City:  Wilton, Wiltshire, England. 

Primary Abilities:  Ciara has very good spatial awareness; dodging out of the way of both objects and people is an ability she has trained herself in so highly that it is something she can do instinctively.  She can both catch and throw with great accuracy.  Ciara also has an inquiring mind and a great deal of curiosity; being unable to focus much on physical pursuits, she has instead made the most of her brain.  She absorbs information fast and well.  Two subjects she is very knowledgeable about are birds and astronomy. 

Secondary Abilities:  Ciara’s family could afford good tutors for their child and she has had a good all-round education.  She likes helping Geraldine in the garden, but can’t do so much or for very long before she gets too tired.  She is fond of both listening to music and singing along, but even singing can tire her out quite quickly. 

Character Flaws: Ciara’s health problems have baffled the professionals, even in an age where disease has ceased to be a problem for most people.  Also, because of her health, or rather her lack of it, Ciara has led an incredibly sheltered life; between that and her youth, she is very naïve. 

Arcane Ability:  Ciara has premonitions, but they are currently involuntary, generally being triggered when she touches an object or person, or enters a place.  These invariably leave her drained of energy; she has even fainted.  Any other powers are currently unknown. 

Other notes:  Because of the problems Ciara has with her energy levels she always carries high-energy food with her.  She has a sweet tooth so often she’ll have sugary foods for fast energy, but she also often has things like peanuts or almonds to snack on in her bag, or dried fruit. 

  Ciara is adopted.  She knows nothing of her birth parents, having lived her earliest years in the Kingfisher House Children’s Care Home before being adopted by Alrik and Geraldine Stedman at the age of five.  Ciara was a bright and sweet child, but the staff of the orphanage had thought they would have her until she reached adulthood, because of her poor health.  By her fifth birthday she had suffered three broken bones and several more minor fractures, and required constant supervision to keep her from failing over, for fear of another break.  Her bone density appeared unusually low and the health professionals linked this to hyperparathyroidism, leading to osteopenia.  Because of this that she had difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight and often suffered from pain in her bones and muscles, with her back and legs being the most affected.  She was often restless and fidgety, but also suffered from weakness, fatigue, and a poor appetite. 

Alrik was an officer in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the family lived in military accommodation.  As a commissioned officer, Alrik was able to afford superior accommodations for his family.  Geraldine has always wanted to have lots of children, and the family was fortunate in being able to support them all without hardship.  When they heard about Ciara, The Stedmans already had two children and were trying for a third.  However, once Geraldine heard about the little girl who couldn’t play outside, her heart melted and she made enquiries.  Just over a year later, she brought little Ciara home to meet her siblings; Adele, Bevan, and baby Danica.  Two more children were subsequently born to the family; Eva and Frederik. 

Little Ciara had to be watched constantly and Adele, as the eldest, was often given this responsibility.  Geraldine kept Ciara at home for schooling, as it was felt too dangerous for her to mix with other children who might hurt her badly just in the course of normal play.  Ciara was constantly asking questions, wanting to learn more.  She was bright and learned well, but her restlessness made it hard for her to maintain concentration and she was easily distracted.  Then there were the flying dreams; Ciara had them from an early age, and never went more than a few days without a vivid dream of soaring high in the sky.  While slightly unusual, it wasn’t seen as something to worry about; flying was a common dream after all and perhaps only to be expected of a child who wasn’t allowed to run for fear of injury.  Ciara’s abiding interests all seemed to focus on the sky; she loved watching birds, and the bases could be surprisingly rich in wildlife.  Her other preoccupation was astronomy and astrology, especially stars; she knew all of the ancient legends behind the constellations, while also being able to talk about spectral classes and the differences between main-sequence, dwarf, and giant stars. 

During Ciara’s childhood the family moved around several times, as Alrik was posted to different bases.  However, this became difficult with Ciara’s health issues, even with the ‘special needs’ adaptations they implemented, and a few years ago they moved to Wilton in Wiltshire when Alrik, by then a Wing Commander, was stationed at MoD Boscombe Down.  Ciara was delighted to find out that their new home was just seven miles from the Langford Lakes Nature Reserve.  She had been fascinated by wildlife in general and birds in particular for years and Geraldine took her to the Reserve several times, although she could not permit her to go alone.  This frustrated Ciara, who would have loved to spend much more time there, but she knew it would be unsafe for her to go alone; even Adele was not permitted to travel alone until her fourteenth birthday.  They still live in Wilton, although Alrik is currently stationed at RAF Waddington, in Lincolnshire. 

One day when Ciara was in her early teens she had a sudden vision in her head of her mother being struck by a car and knocked down.  She blacked out briefly and fell, breaking her left arm.  She awoke briefly to pain and then lapsed into unconsciousness again, waking in hospital with her sister Adele beside her.  Adele told her that Geraldine couldn’t be with her because she’d been struck by a car on her way home and was in fact in the hospital as well, just three beds away.  Ciara started trying to explain the vision she’d had, but the rest of the family found it incomprehensible and assumed it was some kind of reaction to shock, or to the drugs the doctors had given her before they set her arm.  However, Ciara worked out that she had seen the vision around five minutes before her mother’s accident.  She was confused by how she could have seen something that hadn’t even happened, and ended up deciding it had been coincidence; no other answer made any sense.  A few months later however, another vision occurred; this time it was as she touched an antique hairbrush that her mother owned, one that had been passed down through the family for generations.  To her horror, she saw a beautiful woman in a splendid gown, her blonde hair elegantly coiffed, falling down a sweeping flight of stairs.  A man was standing at the top.  It was fortunate for Ciara that on that occasion her mother was actually present, having been telling Ciara about the family’s heritage.  Ciara awoke on the sofa, as her mother gently applied a cloth to her forehead.  Geraldine attributed Ciara’s vision to an active imagination and too much time alone with her books.  These were not the only visions Ciara had, but while they always left her drained of energy and with a headache, she didn’t faint again.  Thankfully, she never again saw quite such dramatic events and after a while she stopped telling anyone about them.  She has read a lot about people having visions, but it almost always seemed to be a result of either religious fervour or some kind of mental illness. 

Not all of the family have been as loving towards Ciara as her mother; while most of them care for her, and young Frederik adores her, Bevan is an exception.  He treats her with contempt and often complains that she is just a whiny little girl and a nuisance.  He has never actually hurt her physically, but has no scruples about using his physical presence to intimidate her, seeming to like reminding her that if he chose he could snap her like a twig.  The rest of the family are only partly aware of this; they know he lacks tolerance, but don’t realise how deep it goes.  He and Ciara are actually the same age and the general consensus is that Bevan resents the attention that Ciara gets because of her illness.  While some argue that this is understandable, at least to an extent, all the family have told him off for being spiteful, with Geraldine pointing out to him frequently that it’s not as if Ciara has chosen to be ill and that he has a lot more freedom than she does, to say nothing of a rather longer life expectancy. 

Ciara is now sixteen years old and her survival to date is regarded as a miracle, one that those around her hope will continue.  She has a hover-chair for her use but loathes it; in an age where disease has been all-but eradicated, being in the device makes her feel like a freak, so she seldom goes out in public.  She seems to swing between being ‘on’, when she is restless and desperate to do as much as possible, and ‘off’, when she is listless and utterly drained of energy.  When she can eat, she seems able to pack a startling amount into her tiny frame; it is a family joke that she can eat her own bodyweight at a single sitting and still not gain an ounce, a joke that hides the family’s very real worries about her health.  They have done their best to keep from Ciara just how bad the prognosis is, not wanting her to give up hope, but her medical team don’t expect her to live beyond the age of twenty unless there is an improvement in her condition, an improvement they don’t know how to bring about.

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Re: Character bio's

(Sorry for the two posts, going after two separate characters big_smile )
Name: Cassandra "Cass" Munro-Glenstein
Age: 29

Occupation: Singer

Personality: Surprisingly withdrawn, even with her singing. Her losses still weigh heavily on her, making it difficult to open up to people, out of fear of losing them too. She does have friends, mostly people whom she knew from before the Collapse that she somehow managed to hold onto. As such she holds onto them tight, terrified to let go.

Background: Cassandra, or "Cass" as she prefers to be called by her friends, was born in 2190 to Leanne Glenstein and Jacques Munro, the cause of her double-barreled last name. She loathes it, but also lacks the interest to change it legally. She loved her parents, and they loved her. They never came from substantial means, but Cassandra wanted for nothing, due to the tireless efforts of her father.

Unfortunately for Cassandra, at the age of 19 came the event that changed her life, along with the lives of most everyone in the world in some way or another. The Collapse claimed both of her parents, and left Cassandra alone. Her parents had been her entire family, and a great many of her friends died, disappeared, or were cut off by the Collapse.

Cassandra was found in what remained of her family house, curled up in a corner, shaking and sobbing uncontrollably. Being 'of age' she wasn't given much support, especially as there were very few people available to offer it. So she picked up work, whatever work she could find. She never spoke of her experiences, so she comes across as a girl who "forgot" like some people did. But she remembers.

During this time, she hit all new lows, having to stoop to levels she resented herself for reaching. She finally had enough, sitting down on the footpath and just letting her head fall into her hands. She stayed there for some time, before she found herself doing something she hadn't done in years. Singing. She hadn't sung since her parents died, and now sitting on the curb, a song she used to hear her mother sing seemed to be coming from her. She sang to herself, losing herself in the memories that came with the words. When she looked up from her place, she found a small crowd gathered around, watching and listening intently.

When she made to stand, and leave quickly, the crowd applauded. Many approached her, explaining what'd happened. One man had been passing and heard her voice. He had been struck by it, and stopped to listen. Slowly the crowd had formed. It was then an idea came to her. From that day on, she began singing on the street, old songs and new songs, songs to inspire and comfort. She quickly became a fixture in certain parts of New Venice, doing what she could to raise the spirits of the locals.

Eventually, the Collapse began to fade into the past, and Cassandra could sense her place in the world fading with it. Soon enough, people would no longer need her singing to keep their spirits up, and soon enough, the money and food would stop coming. She spent many nights up late, desperately trying to find a way around this, on top of her making new songs.

Thankfully, her time on the streets had gained her a fair amount of recognition, recognition that now paid off. She endeavored for one more day, before calling it quits. She wrote a special song for it, a song to say goodbye to the locals, as she'd likely now fade into the background. The owner of a local dive approached her as she was preparing to leave, and asked for her to come sing at his place some nights. And the rest, as they say... is History.
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Re: Character bio's

Name: Ino Zuria-Ama

Race: Zhid

Age: "Old enough, nosey!"

Personality: Energetic and easily distracted. Ino is known to speak without thinking, often to the amusement of those around her.

Background: Ino's early life is quite uneventful. She grew up in the slums of Marcuria, along with the other magicals. It wasn't until she came of age that things became interesting. With the appearance of the Azadi, the way of life for the Zhid improved in relation to those of the other magical races.

Even so, Ino disliked the Azadi, finding them "rude" and "smelly". She would often be picked on by the Azadi, the least of which would be them shoving her into the mud when they passed her. This is an unusual thing for Ino, as she's generally a friendly and loving individual. This can come at a cost as well, as she is quick to trust. This has led her to trouble on a number of occassions.

Her father and mother have since returned to the Zhid homeland, while Ino desired to remain in Marcuria. In reality, she had no interest to leave the city for the rural alpine of the Zhid homeland. As such, she has struck out on her own, finding herself a rather rickety home. The place is little more than a hovel within the Magical Ghetto, but it is "her hovel".
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