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Bios of enlisted crew and passengers should be posted here, along with photos and everything.

Capt. Nick

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Re: Character Bios

Kallan Raza

Character Name: Kallan Raza

Aliases/Nicknames/Titles: Often called Kal, not Kallan. Formally known as Kallan of Clan Raza.
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Species: Kiffar
Faction: Jedi
Class: Jedi Master & Consular
Force Sensitive? Yes
Force abilities:

Force concealment, Force healing, Force speed, Force valour, Force sense, Force empathy, Force cloak, Force illusion (mind trick), Force jump, Telekinesis, Force Light.

Personality: Kallan Raza was exceptional among the people of his clan, not only in that he was the first in his line to possess the rare power psychometry, but also in his force sensitivity. He laughs easily, but is capable of great seriousness when the situation dictates. He is patient and understanding, and slow to become angry, especially with his Jedi training. However, he radiates a power which goes deeper than physical conditioning, though he is certainly in good shape.

Physical Description:

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 167 lbs
Hair colour: Black
Hair type: Long, braided
Eye colour: Brown
Build: Muscular
Skin colour: Brown

Distinguishing Marks: Yellow facial tattoos of the Raza clan – a stripe across the face below the eyes, a stripe underneath, half as long.
Weapons: Lightsaber; green.
Vehicles: The Obsidian.
Other Items:
Skills: Psychometry
Family: Lengar Raza, father, deceased; Selene Raza, mother, deceased; Jaida Raza, sister, deceased; Saban Raza, brother, deceased.


In 3993 BBY the Jedi Order was in the process of the Great Hunt, hunting down the last Sith devotees and their creations. In this year came the attempts to cleanse Tatooine, Kashyyyk and Korriban of Terentateks, vicious creatures that feed off the blood of force-sensitives. It was also in this year, on Kiffu, a planet in the Azurbani sector of the Inner Rim Territories, that Lengar and Selene Raza were celebrating their third pregnancy. Kiffu had yet to join the Galactic Republic, and so the events on that planet could not hope to be reckoned that much by outsiders. However, in the next Selene bore the couple’s third child, and they called him Kallan, which in the Kiffar tongue means ‘powerful in battle’. This would be of great interest to many within the Galactic Republic, though they did not yet know it. Lengar and Selene applied the tattoos of Clan Raza, and they began to raise their son, along with their first born, also a son, named Saban (“favoured one”), and a daughter, Jaida (“precious”).

It was almost immediately evident that Kallan Raza was no ordinary Kiffar. He seemed to ponder more over mundane objects than other people might, even when they seemed ordinary to both adults and other children. Certain objects could provoke strong reactions in him, and both Selene and Lengar were worried by this tendency in their child. They decided to take Kallan to a local medicine man, who was not a Kiffar, but had been on the planet Kiffu for a long time, and had built up a reputation as an extraordinary healer. Many believed that he was evil, and that his ways were unnatural, but the Razas, being of quite a poor and unpowerful clan, decided that this was their only option to have Kallan examined, and so they bore him to the medicine man, who lived in a house burrowed from the rock of a nearby cliff formation.

They arrived at the medicine man’s house, and knocked tentatively, having wrapped themselves well to avoid any definite identification by any of the local Kiffar. The door opened and the medicine man stood before them. He was not old, but he certainly looked a man of great experience. He wore robes of brown, and sported a rather bushy beard. He looked to be strong, but also radiated a feeling of warmth, and he politely invited Lengar and Selene into his home. He served them drinks, and they wondered at the strange items they saw there, and then he asked them what brought them to his home. They explained that they were frightened that their son had some illness, and asked if it were possible to cure Kallan of it.

The man, who introduced himself as Vita Kavi, took the child Kallan and examined him, presenting him with a number of objects and gauging his reactions. He said nothing to the parents while he conducted these tests, but in his presence they were not so worried for their child, and kept silent. Having conducted the tests as he saw fit, Vita came back to Lengar and Selene, leaving Kallan happily playing with a fruit not unlike an orange. He sat down opposite them and pronounced that Kallan Raza was not sick in any way. Confused, Lengar and Selene insisted that Vita must be wrong, and they explained about his reactions and seeming precognition. Vita smiled, and nodded. He explained that Kallan was not sick, and these were not symptoms. Rather, Kallan was possessed of the rather rare Kiffar gift of psychometry. Lengar and Selene understood – they had heard of such a gift, though never within their own clan, and knew that the Vos clan used it to great effect in their lives. Vita again smiled, and said that there might be more, and asked if he might be able to conduct a blood test, just to confirm his suspicions. Lengar and Selene consented, and so Vita took a small amount of Kallan’s blood, asking Lengar and Selene to bring Kallan back in a few days, assuring them that there was nothing at all to be worried about and nothing wrong with their son.

In a few days’ time Lengar and Selene made the trip once again to Vita’s home, bringing their son Kallan with them. Vita once again seemed happy, and announced that his suspicions had been confirmed – that Kallan’s gift of psychometry was not just a part of his Kiffar heritage but also stemmed from the fact that he was undoubtedly Force-sensitive, due to a large number of midi-chlorians in his blood. He went on to explain to the bemused Lengar and Selene that the Force was an energy field created by all living beings, surrounding everyone, binding the galaxy together; a metaphysical and ubiquitous power, which Force-sensitives could manipulate and utilise to great effect. Vita went on to say that he was a member of what he called the Jedi Order, who were a group of Force-sensitives who recognised the Living Force but sought only to use the Light Side of the Force, which was that of courage, compassion, healing and benevolence. He said that he had been instructed to come to Kiffu in order to bring injustice to light and bring healing to its people, but that he would be very happy to take Kallan and induct him into the Order, and begin his training in the ways of the Force. Lengar and Selene were worried, but agreed that this was the best course of action, as they did not want to inhibit Kallan’s growth.

So it was that Kallan was taken from his home planet Kiffu and taken to Dantooine, where there was a Jedi Enclave, which had been run by Master Vodo-Siosk Baas until his death at the hands of his former pupil Exar Kun in 3996 BBY. At this time the Enclave was run by Vrook Lamar, Bala Nisi, Qual and Aleco Stusea. Vita Kavi did not stay long on Dantooine, for he had missions elsewhere in the galaxy, as he was a serving Jedi Sentinel. So it was that Kallan began his training. The Jedi Order was less strict about the training of Initiates in those days, and following the fall of Exar Kun to the Dark Side there were few Jedi teaching in the Enclave besides the four Masters of the Council. Nevertheless, Kallan showed an aptitude for use of the Force, where others showed aptitude for healing or for lightsaber duelling, though that is not to say that Kallan was not good in other areas. Indeed, he was the best in his Initiate Clan, and was looked on to become a great Jedi Knight.

In the days of the Old Republic, as it later came to be known, it was the usual thing that Jedi Initiates had to pass trials to become Padawans, as well as having to pass trials before their knighting. The first of these Kallan passed with relative ease, for it involved the understanding of the Jedi Code. From the earliest days of his training, when he was old enough to talk and to walk, Kallan had started to learn the Code, and he knew it by heart before he was six. Understanding came as he got older, and learnt more about the Force and its use, but Kallan had always been drawn to a particular line of the Code: “There is no ignorance; there is knowledge”. He sought to learn more about the ways of the Force, but was always mindful to stay away from the teachings propounded by advocates of use of the Dark Side and the like, for he believed strongly in the Light Side of the Living Force. Further to this Kallan was dedicated to the Jedi’s pursuit of rational thought, patience, compassion and benevolence, and was trained to banish anger, hatred and fear from his life, for such emotions lead to the Dark Side.

The second trial for Initiates was the construction of their own lightsaber. This was less ritualised than it might have been, because there were not enough Masters at the Jedi Enclave for each Initiate to be taken to Ilum, where the ice caverns were, a site sacred for the construction of lightsabers. So it was that the Initiates were taught how to make a lightsaber, and they were required to make a lightsaber out of the parts, without the help of a Master or Knight in order to demonstrate their ability, and this was the lightsaber they would use until they could construct a better lightsaber in Padawanship. Kallan was taught well and was able to construct a lightsaber with relative ease. At this time the blade was blue, because this was the only colour of crystal available to the Initiates at the time.

Finally, Kallan was asked to settle a judicial case, for such was the nature of the final trial. A rich estate owner, named Anka Maar, on Dantooine had married the daughter of the owner of several farms, and Anka Maar had paid the farmer a large bride price. Before the wedding could take place the daughter went missing, and so Anka Maar was insisting that Mele’s father, for such was the daughter’s name, pay back the dowry and also compensation in the form of half of his farms. Such a process was not uncommon in the local area, but Mele’s father was refusing. This meant that Anka insisted that Mele’s father was refusing to honour the agreement because he had helped Mele to run away, so that they could steal the dowry. Mele’s father insisted that he did nothing of the sort, but was certain that Mele would not have run away without contacting him, which she had not. Kallan thought that there was something very odd going on, and said that the case could not be decided until Mele was brought to the courtroom. As no one knew where she was, he decided to look for her himself. He crossed the Dantooine plains, encountering some danger with Kath hounds, for he had discovered that a girl matching Mele’s description had been spotted heading for the space port. Having questioned several people at the space port, they said they had seen Mele’s speeder heading towards the Maar estate. Following up on this lead, Kallan proceeded to the Maar estate, and concealed himself using the Force. He proceeded into the estate and discovered Mele’s speeder. Using his psychometric ability he discovered that Anka Maar and some others had waylaid Mele and kidnapped her. Kallan sent orders for summons to the plaintiff and the defendant, and when he saw Anka Maar head for the courtroom, he infiltrated the Maar house and freed Mele. They took her speeder and returned to the courtroom, where his appearance meant that Anka Maar knew he had been discovered. Kallan ruled that he was guilty of kidnapping and extortion and that Mele should keep the sum of the dowry as compensation for her and her father. Anka Maar was led away by the guards.

Having made a fair judgement, and having aided both Mele and her father, Kallan passed the final trial of his Initiateship, and so was now eligible for Padawanship. He was chosen by a Consular, Master Vaino Moinen, who already had a Padawan called Jaska Sorne. Kallan stayed with Vaino Moinen for three years, during which time he strengthed in the Force, gaining many key abilities from the Jedi Master. It was this that led to Kallan changing his lightsaber, inserting a green crystal.

To become a full Jedi Knight, the Padawans were required to go through the four trials – the Trial of Skill, Trial of Flesh, Trial of Courage and Trial of Spirit. Kallan’s trials would take place within weeks of each other. Jaska Sorne had grown increasingly bitter at Kallan’s displacement of him as Vaino’s favourite (as Jaska saw it). In this bitterness, he had met Rayner Savaş, a dark Jedi, who persuaded him to fall to the Dark Side of the Force. In order to revenge himself on Kallan, Jaska proceeded with Rayner to Kiffu, where he slaughtered Kallan’s family. Vaino went with Kallan to Kiffu, but only after a small delay, designed to keep Kallan from seeking his own revenge. As they lay Kallan’s family to rest, Jaska and Rayner attacked them. Vaino and Kallan defended themselves, and both fought bravely. Vaino was, however, badly wounded by Rayner, and so Kallan was left to fight alone. Showing courage and skill, Kallan fought with Rayner and Jaska, disarming the latter. Rayner, at that point, escaped. Instead of killing Jaska, Kallan kept him prisoner and used the powerful Force Light ability to weaken the connection to the Dark Side. Eventually, Jaska was turned back to the light side. Vaino, through Kallan’s administering of Force Healing, was healed of the wounds he had at the hands of Rayner. For these actions Kallan was raised to the rank of knighthood. Jaska swore to serve Kallan, in order to make penance for his actions under the influence of Rayner, but Kallan would not allow it. Jaska instead stated that if Kallan ever needed help with anything he would give whatever he could to repay him.

Kallan dedicated his time as a Jedi Knight to learning the intricacies of the Force, spending a lot of time around the Jedi Temple on Dantooine. After a few years Kallan decided to take a Padawan. For three weeks he observed those eligible for Padawanship, finally picking a young human woman named Diata Athanatos. He offered her the chance to be his Padawan and she gracefully accepted. The pair were soon required to head to Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler’s Moon, to capture a bounty hunter named Kenta Jarek, who was wanted for questioning in relation to an attack on Jedi Knight Bavol Vedros. The two stowed away on a transport ship, and began searching the Smuggler’s Moon whilst masking their Force identity. They tracked him to the Corellian sector, and the Burning Deck tavern. A fight ensued, during in which the two Jedi were forced to utilise their training to defend themselves, but Kenta Jarek escaped. They followed him to a set of landing pads, and discovered that Jarek was also on the run from a Huttese crime syndicate, which had framed the bounty hunter for their own purposes. At the docks the bounty hunter was being set upon by men in the employ of the crime syndicate; Kallan and Diata came to his rescue. After that he agreed to go with Kallan to Dantooine, where he was cleared of all charges. This would be the first exchange of Kallan and Jarek, who would meet many times over the years. They struck up a professional relationship; though they were not always on the same side, they would avoid seriously hurting each other unless it was strictly necessary.

It would be one of these exchanges that Kallan would take possession of the ship called Accipiter. Kallan and Diata had been investigating some trade disputes on Myto’s Arrow, leading them to Mygeeto. On the planet’s surface Kallan and Diata were attacked by pirates in a ship called Accipiter. Having neutralised their threat Kallan took possession of Accipiter.

After years of service Kallan was raised to the rank of Master, and Diata to the rank of Jedi Knight.


1. Jaska Sorne: Kallan turned him from the Dark Side using Force Light, and persuasion. Jaska swore to serve Kallan, in order to make penance for his actions under the influence of Rayner, but Kallan would not allow it. Jaska instead stated that if Kallan ever needed help with anything he would give whatever he could to repay him.

2. Diata Athanatos: Kallan’s first and only Padawan. She is now a Jedi Knight, and was raised to that rank at the same time that Kallan became a Master.

3. Vaino Moinen: Kallan’s Master duing his Padawanship. Kallan healed him of his wounds following the fight with Rayner Savaş.


1. Kenta Jarek: a bounty hunter, often found in the Corellian sector of Nar Shaddaa. He and Kallan have established a professional rapport.

2. Mele of Dantooine: Kallan saved her from Anka Maar on Dantooine.

3. T-3: A astromech droid aboard the Accipiter.


1. The Sith Lords

2. Rayner Savaş


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Re: Character Bios

Character Name: Elli’Hol’liz
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': None at this time
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Twi’lek
Faction: Neutral
Class: Entertainer

Force Sensitive? Elli is not aware that she has force sensitivity. She does know that she is lucky. More than once she has found games of chance going her way just because she wants it so bad. She also has intuitive senses of foreboding when bad things are about to happen. Additionally, she has manifested a base level of force cloak when in danger. Her untapped abilities are strongly emotional and unfocused. Due to her past history she has potential for traveling the light or dark path, or none at all.
Personality: Elli is a dichotomy of a happy outgoing personality that masks a deeply wounded protective core. She tends to manipulate people and situations to her benefit or at least security. She has had to fight to survive and raise herself up above the abuse and poverty she was raised in. She looks out for herself first, but is not uncompassionate for the downtrodden. People from above her station she tends to flatter and impress to get herself ahead.

Physical Description: Elli is 5’10” and has the curvy athletic body of a dancer. She has pale pink skin, which makes her very appealing to humans. Her eyes are violet. She tends to dress in tight fitting dresses and clothing that highlight her physical assets. She has a love for ornate jewelry, particularly for adorning her head-tails. She dresses far above the station of her birth.

Distinguishing Marks: There is a long scar on her left shoulder blade.

Weapons: Elli keeps a small blaster, often worn on her inside thigh under her dress. She knows how to use it, but is by no means a master of weaponry. She also keeps a traditional Twil’lek dagger strapped to the back of her belt in an ornate sheath. It is equally an elegant accessory and deadly weapon.

Vehicles: None. She secures passage by barter for whatever gets her off world.

Other Items: When available Elli has wires and equipment needed to do low level slices in public service terminals and banks threaded into her garments and accessories.

Skills: Elli is an actress and a dancer. She moves with grace and elegance. She can convincingly make up stories to fit whatever situation she is in. She is also skilled in the arts of a courtesan. She is a pleasant companion for any who need one. She also had developed rather useful slicing skills at least for low level encryptions such as commercial transactions and personal bank codes.

Family: Unknown. At one point she had a sister Kati Hol’liz, but has no idea if she is alive.

History: Elli Hol’liz was born into abject poverty on the Twi’lek home world of Ryloth. Her family being of the lower caste she grew up begging for scraps and selling trinkets fashioned from the wastes of the Ryll mines. Her sister Kati and she pretended to be wealthy jewelry craftsmen selling their wares to tourists in a glamorous boutique. These dreams were smashed when she was sold to Mandalorian Raiders at the age of 6.

Existence among the super warriors of Mandalore was a living hell. Her usability as a common slave was limited due to her age. Her pinkish skin tone appealed to her human masters, who increasingly used her for their ‘entertainment’ as she grew older. She had watched other slave girls be savagely brutalized for disobeying her masters. She learned to be submissive and follow their every order. She would often detach herself from whatever depraved misery was being inflicted upon her and imagine herself being in another world, in a life of luxury with food and pretty things. In this fragile haven of her mind she sheltered her dignity and hope in the face of the daily physical and emotional abuse.

At the age of 12 she managed to escape her captors on the lush planet of Alderaan. The natives of this cultured world held high distain for the enslavement of young girls. She was given shelter and introduced into rudimentary schooling. Elli excelled at the theatrical arts. She had a profound ability to convincingly portray any role she was given.  She found too that she could reinvent her horrific past and bound to herself a personal mythology that slowly brought her to company in higher society. She grew more beautiful each year and due to her past history knew how to use her maturing sexuality to influence others.

She took to acting and dancing on starliners. In time she fell in with gamblers who found she was an efficient good luck object. She began to move more in the circles of elegance and luxury she had always dreamed of. At the same time she found herself more and more involved with the criminal elements of the galaxy. She was frequently used to bait or rob persons of great wealth. She had little love for herself and did what she had to so as to maintain the fragile affluence she was striving for.

Then the Mandalorians came again. In a horrific raid, Elli once more founder herself a captive of this brutal race. However their regard for her had changed from the pathetic slave girl she once was. She had the ability to truly entertain and a penchant for skewing odds in her favor. The physical impropriety she had long ago learned to suppress in her mind. She would survive.

Finally, she saw a chance for freedom. A raid on Dantooine went very bad for her masters. A local militia of farmers and Jedi Knights routed the raiders and penned them up in an old barn. What precisely happened next is a mystery. The Jedi found her wounded and in tears, the lacerated body of one of her former masters crumpled on top of her, surrounded by the shredded and scorched bodies of several Mandalorian warriors.


1. Leeta Freedon – Sponsor/Patron on planet Alderaan where Elli was schooled.
2. Gil Antarees – Gambler, petty thief and former companion.
3. Reema’ordon – Green Twi’lek slave girl, last known on the outer rim.


1. Kati Hol’liz - Twi’lek sister separeated at a very young age. Do not know the other is alive.
2. Booster Razen – Pirate, mercenary, gambler. Worked with Elli.
3. S2-2po – Adapted protocol service droid. Ran slave pool on ship Elli once lived on.


1. Mandalorians. She has a deep abiding hate for the entire species.
2. Constable Aree Sloan – Correlian security officer, on a Vendetta to capture Elli for crimes she helped commit on Correlia.
3. Slor-Dlek – Blue Twi’lek slave who turned Elli over to the Mandalorians in a fit of jealousy.

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Re: Character Bios

Character Name: Jak Pravus
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': Aliases:  Venn Orchek, Lando Male, Bespin Late
Age: 28

Gender: Male

Species: Mandalorian

Faction: Neutral / Criminal

Class: Smuggler

Force Sensitive? None known (although he may have a small amount of latent awareness that he is unaware of - ie at the refs discretion to feed him information / promote plotlines)

Personality: Jak has had his fingers burnt before and prefers not to allow people to get to know the 'real him'.  He comes across cold and callous and, in many ways he is.  The warrior upbringing of the Mandalorians provide him with the perfect demeanour to trade and make money - not so much for a wish to be wealthy but as a means to an end, a means to survive.  By trading in any goods necessary, Jak knows what his enemies and potential enemies (ie everyone) have access to.  If he can control that, he can control them and build dependency.  He is happy to build relationships when it suits him but he is not good at this … he is vulnerable to genuinely nice people with positive reasons to do things as this isn't his way and emotional intelligence and empathy aren't his strong points - he can be easily disarmed and can become tongue-tied by a competent raconteur or someone who believes passionately in a cause.  He is happy to be persuaded to join a cause or faction if he can see the benefit or if it coincides with his purposes but is quick to drop it as soon as it becomes inconvenient.  He is a skilled warrior and is proficient with most common firearms.  He can speak Twi'lek and can understand Wookie and has a passing familiarity with some other languages from the times when he has traded with other races.  I envision him being on the Obsidian with some kind of illegal stuff but am happy to leave that to the ref so as not to unbalance the game and to make sure that something appropriate to forwarding the storyline is in place - let me know what would suit you best!

Physical Description: As per photo.  He usually covers his face but, revealed, he has dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair.  He has several scars on his face and hands.

Distinguishing Marks:  No tattoos but he carries scars on his hands, face and upper body from laser burns and knife fights.  Most of these were sustained growing up and are old or faded.

Weapons:   As a Mandalorian, Jak is familiar with most common weapons but favours a laser rife and blaster pistol.  He can use a knife and has a passing familiarity with explosives but this is not his forte.  He would eschew a lightsaber as an antique and outmoded form of weaponry.

Vehicles:  He could probably access a speeder from his various contacts but does not have anything on board the Obsidian.  He can pilot a small spacecraft but not well and would prefer to leave that to someone who knows what they're doing.

Other Items: Jak has a comlink, datapad, security tumbler and other items appropriate to the trade of a smuggler.  He will have several cases on board the ship which hold his belongings, all of which have secret compartments etc for smuggling equipment or contraband.  He will wear a suit of Mandalorian armour if allowed.

Skills:  Jak excels in fighting, particularly shooting but is also competent in brawling and hand to hand combat.  He is a skilled and cool marksman.  Languages listed above.  He can pilot a ship but this is most definitely not his forte and he should not be relied upon to do this … maybe as a co-pilot or as a last resort but that's it.  He has sleight of hand skills, can pick locks and has passable skills in 'breaking and entering'.  He has good computing skills.

Family:  Jak was raised as a slum orphan but made his name by appeasing the strongest people around him by providing them with whatever (or whoever) they needed.  His upbringing was rough by anyone's standards but it toughened him up and taught him to look after himself.  His view is that everyone's life is cheap apart from his own, which he holds dearly.  As a Mandalorian, he was trained by the leader of his pack, also called Jak, after whom he named himself.  Whilst he has several aliases, this is his preferred name.  He has one younger brother, Aphis, who he respects but has not seen for several years.  His true parents are unknown to him although his family was the slum pack that he grew up with.

History: (Must be at least 300 words in length.)

Extract from Jak's journal:

"The last job wasn't good.  Mentuab seemed displeased with the dust I provided and has sworn to kill me.  I don't know why - Evan promised it was real when I bought it off him and I was stupid enough to believe that spaced out Twi'lek, Iffani.  She's pretty but too much dust has clearly played with her brain and she can't tell the real stuff from desert sand.  I suspect that Mentuab found out after he paid me, not that I saw any of the money after it was transferred over but a job's a job, yeah?  Right now, I need safe passage and according to a guy in the Eastern Courtyard, the only ship in dock is apparently called Obsidian. I'll have to find some way on board if I'm to stay on the move.  There may be some money in it and, just to add an edge, the same man was able to sell me some additional contraband which could make me a fat profit, all things going well.  I need a bit of luck right now, for sure.  It depends on who the people sharing the ship are and what they're after.  There's always a profit to be made but some people just seem to have a misguided sense of right and wrong they call loyalty.  Well, my loyalty is at the end of the barrel or the bottom of an ale glass.  Throw me credits and I'm yours - it's not complicated and I don't get involved which is in everyone's interest.  So now, I just keep my head low, keep running and hope that the fool in the Courtyard doesn't open his mouth when Mentuab's people come looking. In hindsight I should have killed him but a blaster in a place like this draws attention. I've made that mistake before, ain't making it again."


1.    Aphis (his brother) … wherever he is!
2.    Iffani, the twi'lek dust-head whore … an ally of sorts.
3.    Yestin Frane - a young lad he met on the last planet who provided him with information for a price.  They built a useful alliance although not a full friendship and Jak feels he could trust him if push came to shove.

Three close contacts/family members/etc. who would help your character out of a pickle, lend money, vouch for your character in a court of law, etc...


1.    Jak, his old mentor.  Although he's not seen him for ages and has no idea where he is.
2.    Evan, the dealer in dust, a narcotic used by humans, twi'leks and one or two other races
3.    Grennic - a Wookie arms dealer and trader who Jak has dealt with for years.

Previous friends, workmates, more distant family members etc, who like you well enough, but are unlikely to stick their necks out far for your sake.


1.    Mentuab the Hutt.  See above for details.
2.    Equista - an ex-lover who Jak dumped when he heard she was in the pay of Mentuab.  She wasn't and by the time he realised it, it was too late.  She has resented him ever since for that and makes his life hell at any given opportunity.
3.    Vanos.  Iffani's handler.  He has always resented the relationship between the two and makes life difficult for Jak whenever he can.

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Re: Character Bios

Character Name:  Tom "Slick" Rain
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': None
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Faction: Republic, Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Class: Gunslinger, Ladies man, Dashing Rouge
Force Sensitive: No

Personality: A ladies man (or at least he would like to be) who is far too intelligent to want to be a proper hero, all he wants to do is get along with his life and ensure that adventure doesn't get the better of him. Unfortunately this clashes with his inquisitive nature which undoubtedly gets him into trouble. He would have rather just kept out of the whole saving the Republic thing and left those who were concerned with it to decide who ruled the galaxy, unfortunately he didn’t have much of a choice in the matter
Physical Description: Height 5’7”, weight 150lbs. Clean shaven with a head of brown hair that isn’t allowed to grow too long but maintains its own personality without looking untidy. Tom has a charming face, and he knows it, adding to his endeavors with the ladies.
Distinguishing Marks: : None
Weapons: Double Blaster Pistols, and a trusty Vibro Knife.
Vehicles: None that he actually knows but he has the grasp of basic controls so he can fly or drive quite a few vehicles.
Other Items: Commlink, Security Tumblers/door hacker
Skills: Gunfighter, Lover and dashing rouge.

Armed with his twin blaster pistols Tom has made a life out of doing something he is exceedingly good at, shooting the guys shooting at him! Tom's other skills and habits have a tendency to get him into trouble but somehow he manages to come through it all and still manages to get the girl at the end, even if that is before the husband breaks down the door and Tom has to flee out the window.

A self confessed dashing rouge Tom also has on hand the trusty door hacker and security tumblers to get through those troublesome doors and to make a dramatic exit.

Family: Father: Jacob Rain (Alive). Mother: Stephanie Rain (Alive)

History: Tom was born into a comfortable life, not lavishly rich but above the poverty line enough to allow Tom’s parents to give their sun the best life possible, on a planet near Coruscant. His parents both worked but made all the time they could for Tom, he wasn’t impoverished or even treated badly he just turned out the way he did. Academically he excelled, not top of the class but he certainly didn’t struggle. It was at school during puberty that Tom’s rebellious free spirit began to emerge; though he knew there were boundaries that couldn’t be crossed he liked seeing how flexible the rules actually could be. At 16 Tom already had a reputation amongst his peers as a Ladies man, stealing the heart of a different girl each week it seemed.

It was at 18 that Tom’s life really took off and when he acquired what become his signature pistols, during a visit to a married woman’s house and Tom had to make a quick getaway (Tom still protests to this day that the woman had actually assured him that she was a widow) he grabbed his personals quickly an exited. Fleeing the scene he needed a place to lie low, instead of returning home he stayed at his Uncles house. Guy Rain viewed Tom’s activities scornfully but as a man of duty with a career in the military he refused to turn away his own flesh and blood. Having berated the boy severely he then gave him a gift, a pair of pistols that had belonged to Tom’s Grandfather. His Uncle warned Tom that his path would only lead him down the wrong path and that hopefully at some point he would realize that and put his skills and the pistols to good use.

Respecting his Uncles wishes Tom took the weapons, though he didn’t change how he lived his life, and he treats his weapons with far more respect and reverence than he treats most other human beings but he’s not a bad man at heart. Becoming skilled with these weapons became one of the few things in life (other than women) that he truly focused on with all his might and being.

Tom took all the chances he could to travel though normally it was to the other planets in the system similar to the one he grew up on. It was at the age of 24 that Tom’s life took a turn for the worse and when the greatest change in his life occurred. Caught in the bed of a government officials daughter had caused quite a stir it would seem on one occasion, especially being as the daughter had been betrothed to someone else. Fleeing the house Tom was quickly pursued by people that certainly seemed to be taking the whole situation seriously. Cornered in a back street Tom thought his number was well and truly up, this was when Jedi Master Kallan Raza intervened quite why the Jedi did so Tom didn’t ask at the time but the Jedi suggested that Tom not stick around for long, the end result was Tom joining the Jedi Master assisting him in whatever tasks, whilst still trying to stay out of trouble.


1. Parents
2. Kallan Raza
3. Phillip Quentino (Cantina Keeper who has sheltered Tom, in exchange for cleaning dishes of course and despite this and the circumstances of their acquaintance the two are friends)


1. School Master O’Mara (Whilst being at times opposite each other O’Mara respects Tom’s willingness to challenge preconceptions even if it is concerning the law of gravity with the question “Why?”)
2.  Jess Thompson (who still cares for him)
3.  Uncle Guy Rain

Previous friends, workmates, more distant family members etc, who like you well enough, but are unlikely to stick their necks out far for your sake.


1. Mayor Lothanial Gilden
2. Lucy Thompson (Who found Tom in bed with her Sister)
3. Lt Price of the Republic Navy (While the Cats away the mice will play. Fortunately for Tom the Lt heard about his wife’s infidelity and Tom’s involvement whilst out on assignment.)

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Re: Character Bios

Character Name: Shadra Reu
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': none yet
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Arkanian Offshoot (near-human)
Faction: Old Republic
Class: Mechanic & Test pilot

Force Sensitive?
She is Sensitive, but has never been trained.  So far, she only knows it as her “intuition.”  With GM approval, this could become Farseeing amongst other abilities (provided she is trained in the Force at some period, otherwise it will simply remain her “intuition” and “luck”).

Personality:  Easy-going most of the time, she can turn serious when necessary.  She’s a little shy at first, but can crack a sarcastic joke with the best of them.  She’s not easily intimidated by alien species; however, she never set foot off Corellia until her brother needed her.  She cusses like a space pirate when she’s fixing something, but is sweet as you please any other time.  She’s not much of a fighter and dislikes confrontations, avoiding them if she can.  That said, if she gets backed into a corner or made to fight, she’s a wildcat.  Stubborn, definitely, but not afraid to take risks – and never tell her the odds.  She might’ve been born Arkanian, but she was raised from the age of nine or so as a Corellian.  Family is first, and if her friends are like family to her, then it’s the same thing to her.

Physical Description: Svelte yet sturdy; tall, yet willowy.  That’s about how you’d describe her.  She has enough muscles to work with, but not so many that she looks like a fighter.  There are some small scars on her hands and other places where she’s had this or that accident, but she’s no stranger to hard work by the looks of things.  Her thick hair is slightly curly, more so when wet, and stark white as snow.  The same might be said for her skin, though it’s perhaps an Isabella white thanks to her having to stand out in the sun more than she probably should.  She seems fair-complexioned enough to burn easily if she’s not careful.  Her light blue eyes might be called icy, or baby blue, depending on her moods, but they’re always long-lashed and large.  Intelligent, definitely, if a touch doe-eyed now and then.  Her ears are pierced with simple studs, and she wears no other jewellery than a small silver pendant on a matching chain.  Her height is around 5’9”, her weight matches it.  She’s usually found in some form of flight suit or mechanic overalls, but when she’s not in those, she’s in comfortable pants and shirts that don’t seem too big on showing off her curves.  Serviceable rather than stylish is the name of her game.

Distinguishing Marks: white skinned, white haired, pale eyed.  She can stand out in a crowd of normal humans. No other marks.

Weapons: Can wield a blaster pistol well enough to defend herself, but don’t go asking her to quick-draw.  She fumbles with it a little at times.  She’s just not much of a fighter.  She has one on her just in case.

Vehicles: Used to have the freighter/personal ship that Kell owned for his family; it was sold in Phaeda, however, for passage to Dantooine.

Other Items: Comlink, datacard.  She carries a small multi-purpose tool at all times, much like a Swiss Army knife, that has some basic tools on it: a blade, a modified metal cutting tool, etc.

Skills: Mechanic – she can fix just about whatever she flies, given she’s had to learn about their ins and outs before stepping into the cockpit.  Anything larger than a small freighter, however, is something she’ll have to wing it with.  She’s more adept at this than anything other than flight, given it’s how she’s made her living thus far.

Droid repair – she can fix minor problems with droids, provided it’s mechanical in nature.  Programming things is beyond her skill set.  She’s not a terribly proficient hacker.

Languages – She grew up speaking Arkanian, but also knows Corellian and Galactic Basic.  The latter two are way better than the Arkanian, given she’s been away from her native land for a decade, and left as a child.

Hotshot – she’s not much for blasters, and fumbles with them despite knowing how to basically use them; however, put her in a gun turret on a small ship or at the firing controls of a fighter and it’s a wholly different story.

Starfighter piloting, speeder piloting, small freighter piloting – she’s very good at piloting smaller types of ships, and has had the training in it for it to become her job in Corellia at the shipyards. 

Family: Gaelan Reu – father, Arkanian Offshoot, deceased
Ishale Reu (Damaris) – mother, Arkanian Offshoot, deceased
Seth Reu – oldest brother, 42, Offshoot, married (and living on Arkania)
Innish Reu – sister in law, 40, Offshoot
Kell Reu – second oldest brother, 39, Offshoot, married (living on Corellia)
Naiya Carn-Reu – sister in law, 35, Corellian
Volo Reu – third oldest brother, 35, Offshoot, deceased
There are probably cousins, and definitely children from Seth and Kell at the very least.

Thirty seven years isn’t terribly long to many human species.  It’s not even middle-age for many of them.  For Shadra Reu’s parents, however, it was three-fourths of their life thanks to Adascorp on Arkania.  Ishale Damaris was born and raised on Arkania, one of the many disdained and maligned Offshoots of the pureblooded community that resided there, and worked as a miner of diamonds from her teens until the age of twenty.  She met and married her husband, Gaelan Reu, another Offshoot.  Together they produced Shadra in their early forties.  She was the last of the children, having three older brothers, and something of a surprise to her parents.

They were just into their fifties when the plague was unleashed on the Offshoots to answer the “question” regarding what to do with their kind.  Those who were entering later, older age were the ones targeted, and those were the ones who ultimately succumbed.  Ishale and Gaelan, both of them knowing they had no time left on their own to raise a child who wasn’t even a teenager yet, handed Shadra off to her older brothers and told them all to flee the planet for safer climes no matter what it took.  Seth, Kell, and Volo pooled their resources together, but only had enough for one of them to accompany their sister off-world to safety.  Seth, having started a family of his own already, chose to stay and see what happened in the coming decades – he had the time to do so.  Volo, the youngest, had the connections to get them out – but couldn’t risk leaving due to those same connections and what they might do to keep him put.  Thus, Kell took Shadra off to Corellia, where he thought he might be able to use his mining knowledge of ores and the like to aid the shipyards of the system.  He met and married a Corellian woman while living there, and together he and Naiya Carn-Reu raised Shadra as best they could in the bustling world.

Shadra found it incredibly amazing to see the sheer number and variety of beings that passed through on their way to other places.  She didn’t really take to the study of metals and ores; however, she gleefully turned her hand to learning how to fly as many different machines as she could.  By the age of fifteen, Shadra was used in simulated flight situations by the manufacturer her brother worked for, and by the age of eighteen, she had graduated to test pilot for starfighters and swoops.

At the age of twenty, she ran afoul of the son of her company’s owner, Stoca Moretti.  Though things became shaky for herself and her family over the next two years, they managed to make it through.  It was at that time they received a message from Volo, one that would change Shadra’s life.

Her youngest brother had “gotten into trouble,” he said, and had fled Arkania as a result.  He refused to say what it was he’d done, however, and needed their help getting from Commenor to Coruscant.  Shadra, fearing for her brother’s life, told Kell and Naiya that she’d go and get him.  Lending her their small personal ship, Shadra headed to Commenor to get Volo.

From the get-go, Volo looked like a broken, terrified man.  Wild-eyed and dirty, jumping at every noise, he rushed them back onto the ship rather than wait around for long.  After refueling, Shadra began her takeoff procedures – and began trying to find out what was wrong with her brother.  He told her that he only knew there were Jedi on Coruscant, and he had to go to them for protection and to give them the knowledge that he had.  That a man from Arkania had come saying he had been from the ancient praxeum established there, and would require his help while on-world.  However, all the man wanted to do was to investigate certain areas of the planet – something that Volo could get him permission to do remotely – and then take him there himself.  Not knowing why a man from the Jedi would need his aid, he consented all the same.  He was denied permission to take anyone near the place the man, calling himself Pani Jolam, desired: Veeshas Tuwan.  Volo was forced to do so regardless, and upon the authorities discovering this act, Jolam commandeered him as the pilot of a small, fast ship to take them off-world.

His next stop had been Manaan, the watery world where kolto originated.  Jolam had vanished at that point from Ahto City, but reappeared within a few hours.  Volo was told they had to go to the nearest site where Jedi could be found, as he’d discovered something in the depths of great importance: the fragment of a map.

They were chased to Zeltros by unknowns, and it was there that Jolam tried to lose their pursuers in amidst the revelry and chaos the pleasure planet was known for.  Volo was given a small datapad by Jolam and told to double back and wait for him.  If he hadn’t returned by a certain time, Volo was to take the pad and its card – especially its card – to the nearest Jedi he could find, preferably on Coruscant.  When Jolam hadn’t arrived, Volo had crept back onto the craft and had barely escaped.

It was at this point that Shadra had to outmaneuver those same pursuers, who had trailed after Volo to Commenor.  Her flying skills thus put to the test, she attempted time and time again to shake them long enough to put through the proper coordinates to Coruscant, and was repeatedly kept from it by the unknown assailants.  Instead, in a burst of intuition that usually led her to success when she’d had them, she programmed in Arkania’s coordinates. 

Once they came out of hyperspace, Shadra immediately set in to finding a good, Human or Offshoot friendly world nearby where they could refuel and be on their way.  Thus, she chose Obroa-Skai for its library – because, as she told her brother, the only way to figure out where the Jedi were other than Coruscant would be to look in the biggest library in the known galaxy.  That, and it was a huge place, with plenty of chances to refuel, rest, and figure out what to do next.  The fact it wasn’t somewhere their opposition might think to look, for a bit, also helped matters.

It took them two days to figure out where the Jedi might be.  Hazarding that Arkania wouldn’t work, both because Jolam hadn’t returned there and Volo would be considered a criminal, they narrowed their field to the only one that seemed reasonable: Dantooine.  They decided the easiest, safest way to go would be to head to Taris, then to Bandomeer, where they could make the Braxant Run past Cassander Space towards Mygeeto.  From there, they would be able to make it to Dantooine without a hitch, provided they actually avoided Mygeeto and its ships and asteroids.

They were on Taris just long enough to realize they were in danger.  She and Volo were attacked on the world, and this time it was Volo who told her to run, and get the information to Dantooine.  Mortally wounded, he took the chip from the pad, kept the latter, and let her take the former.  He then covered her escape from Taris as long as he could manage it.  Neither of them could know that the world was doomed within days when the Sith blockaded it in search for Bastila Shan.

Wounded herself, and with a ship that was known by her enemies, she made it to Phaeda.  Selling her family’s ship with reluctance, she went looking to buy her passage to Dantooine – and with Phaeda the way it was, it was a benefit to her that the one she ultimately found was decidedly “don’t ask, don’t tell” in nature.  She had already landed and had been set aside to rest in refugee housing by the busy Enclave when the Obsidian arrived.  What she means to do with the information is beyond her; however, she was trusted by her late brother – and an apparent Jedi who never even met her – to bring the information to the right people.  Once she does that, Shadra has no idea what to do afterwards, given she can’t go home again.  Not yet, at least.  Given they haven’t met with her yet either, she’s not entirely sure WHEN the information will get to them.


1. Ssenalys Ythens – Sluissi worker in Corellia.  They were quite good friends and co-workers, and the serpentine creature’s calm under pressure helped moderate Shadra’s own sometimes-moody nature.

2. Ianthe Diarith – Twi’lek female.  Part of the group that Shadra hung around with after work.  She was born on Corellia along with her twin brother, Sangar, and thus had no desire to become a stereotype.  She was the low-level assistant of one of the managers in the company.

3. Sangar Diarith – Twin brother to Ianthe.  Worked on same team as Kell, and met Shadra that way.  Has a thing for her, which Ianthe encourages and yet he never acts on.


1. K’klix – Verpine worker in Corellia.  Most of her detailed work and knowledge in mechanics came from “him.”  Naturally not the most friendly of creatures.

2. Eurisu Yeep – Gran male, manager in the company, Ianthe works for him.  Shadra did as well.  Standoffish and proud, arrogant even.

3. Rialee Sunnet – Fellow test-pilot, a human female.  Has a mild rivalry with Shadra, but runs with a different crowd.  They work together on projects sometimes, but that’s it.

Previous friends, workmates, more distant family members etc, who like you well enough, but are unlikely to stick their necks out far for your sake.

(NOTE: #3 is an idea I had.  I don’t have a name for it or anything, but it sounded intriguing)

1. Stoca Moretti – Corellian, youngest son of the owners of the particular company that Kell and Shadra work for in the shipyards.  He wanted her, and she wanted nothing to do with him.  He made trouble for her family for a year or two before things seemingly settled down.

2. The Sith – she doesn’t know yet that’s who was chasing Volo and his unwelcome Jedi guest, but that’s who it was and is after what she has in her hands.  Mostly.

3. ??? – unknown entity.  Someone else is after the card/knowledge in her possession, and is willing to go head to head with Darth Malak to get the information he already possesses.  Possibly to sell it to the highest bidder.  Or, possibly, to wait and see what the outcome of the war is going to be and use it themselves...?  If they were to catch her without it, it might go badly for everyone involved.

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Re: Character Bios

Character Name: Ysanne Darjani, aged 26, from Dantooine
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Faction: Jedi sympathiser
Class: Archivist
Force Sensitive? Minimal

Personality: Ysanne is a follower rather than a leader, and her many strengths include loyalty, determination and tenacity, an adherence to the rules and a talent for administration. She has a penchant for shiny things, and a whimsical nature that complements her dogged approach to research or handling data.

Physical Description: Dark brown hair and eyes, slim build, 5’6”. Typical clothing style is long fitted dresses and braided hair for tidiness.

Distinguishing Marks: None.
Weapons: None.
Armour: None.
Vehicles: None.
Other Items: Datapad, clearance privileges for Jedi enclave on Dantooine.
Skills: Data handling, research, fixing hairstyles.

Family: Mother Malare Darjani, father Terrano Darjanai, grandmother Astaf Darjani and grandfather Rakkal Darjani, Xandar Darjani, uncle (brother of her father) all remain living on Dantooine except for her uncle, whose whearabouts are unknown.

Ysanne’s grandparents built an isolated family estate farming on the Rielig Steppes, making their home on the largest continent of the planet. Originally the family were from the Darjani Plains in the South West, but migrated in order to start a new life away from family infighting. Neither Ysanne nor her parents were ever told the details of this feud.

She grew up in an idyllic setting on the savannah and as an only child could have inherited the estate and lived comfortably on Dantooine, but aspired to other things and a different life. She was never academically gifted, but felt fate meant something different for her than this, and she set her mind to doing what she was good at to the best of her abilities - she studied hard to educate herself on history from the resources she had available to her.

She was drawn to travel and find her place in the world, and the Force ensured she ended up at the Jedi Enclave. Though she showed some Force sensitivity, she failed all the tests she sat to become a padawan, but was recruited by Jedi Master Vrook Lamar having demonstrated her administrative abilities in reorganizing the examination schedule as she waited for her results.

Ysanne started as a lowly assistant and worked her way up, plodding along for eight yeas to become a qualified archivist at the enclave, and a valued resource to the Jedi there.


1. Her family on Dantooine.
2. Ana Trallack, female human trader in the market near the enclave – a mother figure to Ysanne.
3. Karan H’Quar, best friend and trainee archivist in the Enclave – a female human a little younger than Ysanne.


1. Vrook Lamar, Jedi master on Dantooine
2. Hesfa Kandan, money lender. Ysanne was befriended by this petty criminal in the market but has no idea of his shady dealings. Thinks he is a banker.
3. Xandar Darjani, uncle. He also left the family estate to travel, and though Ysanne doesn not hear of him often, and currently is unaware of his exact location, family is family.


1. The enemies of the Jedi – she is fiercely loyal to her employers, but has a minimal capacity for philosophical ties to the Order.

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Re: Character Bios

Character Name:  Evelyn Shi'ira Redemption Lune
Hight: 5'5"
Weight: 130
Age: 18
Gender: Famale
Species:  Human,
Faction: Jedi
Class: Pilot
Force Sensitive?
Evelyn has a strong connection to the force, even stronger since the death of her brother Iven. To her the force is a strong wind, whipping around her and other force-sensatives. It touches all but changes little, and one can often tell when things are about to happen by the stillness of this wind, the quiet before the storm, be it a storm of engine problems, or a storm of Sith.

Force abilities
they are all in a raw and untrained format - she can rarely 'choose' to use or direct them, but is rather more subject to the strength of the 'Wind', as she senses it.
Force Speed - she can sometimes/often run faster than others, but not amazingly so.
Force Sense - she can sometimes intuitively sense another being's feelings when in conversation or passing by, and very rarely 'imagine' the feelings of a friend she isn't even physically near. She occassionally has dreams about the future which seem to come true, and sometimes has "a bad feeling" before something nasty happens.
Farseeing - as above, essentially: She occassionally has dreams about the future which seem to come true, and sometimes has "a bad feeling" before something nasty happens.
Force Seeing - this will have to be very rare. Maybe once or twice in her life so far she's been able to see with her eyes shut. Obviously because her brother was taken to be trained, she recognises this as a Jedi power, but hasn't ever been able to summon it at will.
Force Jump/Leap - like Force Speed, she can sometimes/often jump higher and further than others, but not amazingly so.
Telepathy - like Force Sense, above: she can sometimes intuitively sense another being's feelings when in conversation or passing by, and very rarely 'imagine' the feelings of a friend she isn't even physically near.
Battle Meditation - at present, this will have to have manifested only on a very small scale. It is potentially a massively powerful ability. Perhaps Evelyn has an intuitive ability to boost the morale and stamina of her friends when needed, while simultaneously reducing her enemies' will to fight. Most likely (from her history), she's never applied this to a real fight before - maybe just arguments.
Breath Control - she can hold her breath for longer than usual, but not amazingly so.
Force Body - similar to Force Speed, Leap, and Breath Control, she can push herself a little further than most others, but not amazingly so.
Force Comprehension - she's sometimes found it really easy to learn stuff, but has often felt agitated or excited afterwards.
Force Listening - occassionally she's caught snatches of conversation from beyond usual audible range; people several floors above or below her, that sort of thing. And once or twice in her life she's understood alien languages as if they were speaking in Basic. It's possible she hasn't yet realised they weren't (speaking in Basic), if she only heard them in passing. Or possibly an alien friend was amazed when he or she said something in another language, and Evelyn understood it perfectly.
Animal Friendship - animals are generally well-inclined towards her, and with patience she can calm even an angry beast.
Battle Precognition - she sometimes/rarely has a sense of what another being is about to do next.
Force Fear - as you put it, when upset or under attack, she can make herself apear frightening to scare people away. She has little control over this, though; it just happens.
Force Confusion - sometimes/rarely, when she's really been upset or agitated, her foes have become stunned or confused.
Force Shock - did you mean Force Lightening, or Force Stun? Stun is a Light-Side power, lightening belongs here in the Dark. Either way, I'd suggest she either has no control over it yet, or it hasn't manifested yet.
Generally, we should assume she has no control over these powers, being as she is young and untrained. However, because she grew up on a busy planet and because her brother was taken for training, she obviously recognises some of her powers as being of the Force, hence her jealousy that she was never taken to be trained.

Personality: Evelyn is an opertunitsic individual, she sees life like a race, and any shortcut that puts her ahead is just to bad for the compitition. She is however also compasionate toward those she sees as equals, and has chosen friendship and family over power and advantage more times then not. She is also headstrong  and unpredictable when cornered, and extremely confident at the controls of any ship. She can ocasionally come off as agressive to those who don't know her well, but it comes from a place self-preservation, and not until the death of her brother have her powers come from her anger.

Physical Description: Evelyn is phisicaly fit, despite being only 5'5" and quite young. She dresses to impress and show off her beauty, usually wearing tight pants and shirts. Her hair is blonde, naturally curled and long, her eye's are deep green like the sea
Distinguishing Marks: Evelyn has a number of scars from her work, her left leg still bears the marks of a horrible burn she suffered during a race, another runs from her left shoulder to her waist, and her most recent is a matching pair on her right palm and the back of her hand.                                             Weapons: Her only weapons, and the only ones she needs mostly, are her hunting rifle, a specialized sniper disigned to take out large animals and thus  reduce the need for many hunts. She also caries a hatchet which she has used to survive in the wilderness, and never faught with.
Vehicles: The Authority is a modified Cloakshape fighter, disigned for speed and long flights. It lacks both shields and weapon, those areas having been re-fitted with coolents for the massive engine and Tesla coils for increased hyperdrive capacity.
Other Items: Evelyn lost most of her possesions during the sith attack, she has now only a suitcase with cloths and a pcture of her family.
Skills: Evelyn is a natural pilot, she loves to fly and is truely skilled at it, winning a number of races, mainly legal ones, across the galaxy. She is also good at sniping and surviving in the wilderness, as one of her many chores on thr farm was hunting. She has alnost no experiance fighting however, had didn't do well in her first fistfight, though she's optomistic about the second when it decides to show up.
Mother Ryma lune (Deceased)                                                     
Father Corbin Lune (Deceased)
Brother Iven Tiberis Lune (Deceased)
Uncle Randal Lune (Deceased)
All grandparents are either out of cantact or dead.
History: Evelyn has said many times that she Races to get away from home. When she's not in a race she is at the Family homestead, farming or trading or hanging out with friends. Since the age of four Evelyn has been protective of her little brother, using her talents to keep him safe and make their lives easier. As she grew she became more able, helping more with chores, her force gifts and intelegance were overshadowed by Iven's and she began to resent him. When at the age of 13 she watched her younger brother leave to become a Jedi she was happy for him, but also resented him more, feeling that it should have been her. Since then she has become almost the head of the Farm, her father, cripled during by one of the many machines that assisted him, taugh his daughter how to take over for him, and with the help of her uncle Randal, Evelyn kept things working until her brother returned.
Iven hadn't been back more then ten minutes when Evelyn realized how diferent he was, she couldn't make him angry anymore, or make him laugh, she tried to make it like old times but it wasn't. The next day Iven went to bolster the garison tothe west, another week and the Sith hit the planet.
Evelyn barely knew what was going on before her brother burst in and tried to help his family leave the planet, inadvertently leading the Sith right to his family. In the fighting that ensued Evelyn saw her family slaughtered and barely managed to escape herself, leaving them all to die. She recieved only one injury, as during her escape she was pinned to the wall by a knife through her hand, the knifes wielder would have killed her or worse but she assaulted his mind with the force and managed to pull the knife out while he was confused and stab it into his neck.
Then she fled, it to Authority and leaving the planet with sadness, emptyness, and hatred for the Sith all swirling around in her mind.
1. Nathan Sceptim, Friend from school and farm hand, ex-romantic interest.
2. Simon Hartin, Tradesman from town and old friend of the family.
3. Irene Coldwell, a buisness agent who has been keeping track of Evelyns impressive Racing career and often helps her handle lagistics for races.
1. Scott Farin, Illagitamit Son of a Mandolorian soldier, Scott was close friends With Evelyn into their early teens, at which time he started acting like his Father and the two stopped speaking.
2. Jared Vrail, Evelyn's main rival on the racetrack, the two have a solid respect for the others skills, but still smack-talk before and after any race.
3. Shoni Maru, a farm hand when Evelyn was born Shoni helped to deliver Evelyn into the world, she later left the Family and joined the Military, and has since been out of cantact.
1. Tobias Kelron, a dangerous and skilled Racer, Tobias has endangered many lives over the course of his career, Evelyn's included. He has almost no respect for humans, prefering his own people, the Dug, to any other.
2. Silventer "Skinner" Moloa, Leader of a small gang of pirates and marcs, Skinner was once deaply in love with Evelyn, but she rejected him for his lifestyle and foiled one of his jobs and the two have been enemies ever since.
3. Aldo Kermin, a dangrous and powerful buisnessman, Aldo has many strings to pull and has tried many times to gain the Lune Family farm, he is also secretly interested in Evelyn, though thirty years her senior.

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Re: Character Bios

Character Name: T3-J2
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': Can be referred to as simply ‘T3’
Age: New (A couple of months about)
Gender: None (Though often referred to as a ‘he’)
Species: Utility Droid
Faction: Obsidian Crew
Class: Expert Droid
Force Sensitive? No

Personality: Very stoic. Being a fresh, just off the line model, T3-J2 has very little personality to speak of. One thing, however, is T3-J2 has a small programming glitch. This glitch gives T3-J2 a very curious nature. It finds the actions of sentient creatures to be very interesting, and likes to watch them as they go about their business, finding their illogical actions very interesting. It has a very advanced memory core that allows it to learn and adapt. An interesting quirk it has is that when it’s listening in on something it finds interesting, it has a tendency to tilt its head to the side. It understands thousands of languages, but can only speak in binary.

Physical Description: Is a quadruped droid that moves around on four wheeled legs, of which the front two are attached to the droid's blocky chassis by rotating joints, allowing the droid to slide backwards and forwards to adjust the unit's height. It's flattened, cylindrical head features a large, blue main photoreceptor and two, orange secondary ones, a broadcast antenna and vocabulator that allow the droid to communicate in Droidspeak (Binary). It’s Silver in color and stands about .96 meters in height.

Distinguishing Marks: Is a new droid, so looks shiny and new with that new droid smell big_smile

Weapons: Equipped with a blaster pistol for self and ship defense. Also equipped with a stun ray and an ion ray.

Vehicles: Obsidian (Works on it.)

Other Items: Has a couple of logic upgrades to increase its skills in computer use and repair.

Skills: Expert in working with machines of any kind, making repairs, working with computers, and anything else of the like. Has been equipped with some combat protocols to know how to use blaster pistols. It can also display holographic images.

Family: Duwani Mechanical Products

A recent release of Duwani Mechanical Products, T3-J2 is a top of the line T3-series utility droid, designed for repairs and general maintenance. This particular model was purchased to assist in both internal and external repairs for the Obsidian. He’s also been equipped and programmed as a minor internal defense unit for the ship, programmed to not harm sentient creatures unless otherwise ordered by a ‘master’ or if T3-J2 perceives a passenger or crewmember of the ship to be threatened by an intruder. T3-J2 came with an unexplained discount, and several free accessories, including some logic upgrades. The reason behind this was because there was a slight defect in it’s programming that made it a very curios droid. It’s noted to have wandered around and been found watching some sentient creatures go about there business. The programmers couldn’t find the problem and memory wipes didn’t work, so they placed a discount on it, to make him easier to sell and get rid of. No refunds allowed on discounted purchases.

T3-J2 has spent very little time out in the world. It has only managed a couple of instances where it was able to go and view some interactions between humans. Nothing that would be overly exciting for any sentient creature, but to T3-J2 it was extremely fascinating. One instance involved a conversation where someone had ‘laughed’. T3-J2 had been most interested in that simple reaction; it didn’t quite understand what it was. It is what T3-J2 thinks about most these days, aside from its duties. Being a newly created droid, it doesn’t exactly have much more to dwell on and it had been a fascinating thing to see. T3-J2 is very eager to see much more things of this nature and try to figure out what they are.


1. Duwani Mechanical Products
2. It’s owner (Probably whoever’s in charge of repairs.)
3. The captain of the Obsidian (Who would be considered another ‘Master’, assuming that it isn’t the same person that’s in charge of repairs that is tongue)


1. The crew of the Obsidian
2. The passengers of the Obsidian
3. Other repair droids for the ship


1. Sith
2. Saboteurs
3. People who treat droids as simple tools (That’ll get annoying fast)

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Re: Character Bios

Character Name:  Elora

Titles/Nicknames/Aliases: Eloricia Zhan is her birth name, but she was renamed by her master at a young age (because he found her name hard to pronounce) and has forgotten this name. 

Age:  16

Gender:  Female

Species: Devaronian


Force Sensitive?  Definitely.  Elly was spotted by her master-to-be because he picked up on it before he even entered the house. 

Force abilities:  Elly was primarily trained in spying/manipulation, so I’d imagine things like: Empathy/Telepathy, Concealment/Stealth, Confusion, Listening/Seeing, Comprehension, and powers that enhance her own abilities.  She probably has no knowledge currently of Light Side-only powers and will know Dark powers, as well as Core Powers such as Sense, Push, Speed, Telekinesis etc.  She had little choice in what she was taught (see History) but may have done some illicit learning too. 

Personality: Elly has global amnesia, though she retains procedural memory, meaning that she still knows how to do things, but has no memory of learning them.  As a child she was bright, curious and cheerful.  Once she was enslaved however, she was forced from a young age to learn how to be devious, sneaky and to hide her true feelings of favour of showing whatever her master demanded, whether to please him or to succeed in a task he’d set her.  Only around Jade was she able to retain any semblance of her real nature, and that was risky.  Since being found she remembers nothing, not even her own name and is confused, not knowing what to do or how to respond to her surroundings or the people around her. 

Physical Description:  Elly is short, standing only 5’0” (1.5m) tall.  She is slim and a little ‘top-heavy’ for her small frame.  Her hair is sky-blue, matching her silky fur, and worn long.  This would cause her to stand out even among her own kind, as such colours are rare and seemingly caused by genetic mutations.  Her face is not furred and her hands have fur-free palms; the skin here is almost pure white, with a faint tinge of pink.  Like all Devaronian females, she has prominent canine teeth (think kitty).  Her eyes are violet and cat-like and she has pointed, tufty ears (like a lynx or caracal).  When found, she was wearing Sith apprentice robes. 

Distinguishing Marks:  Being a female Devaronian is enough to make her stand out, bearing in mind they almost never leave their home planet, and look nothing like a Devaronian male.  The average person would likely have no idea of her species and would find it hard to believe that she could be the same species as the horned and hairless Devaronian males that would be all they had seen before. 

Weapons:  Elly was trained to use a lightsaber and is competent, mostly due to her strong connection to the Force.  She has no liking for combat however and very little familiarity with other weapons, except perhaps just enough to carry it as part of a disguise. 

Vehicles:  Elly has no piloting skill.

Other Items: 

Skills:  Elly’s force talent is strong (see above), and she can wield a lightsaber, although primarily for defence and without much enthusiasm.  She was trained to act as a spy and information-gatherer and to read and manipulate people and situations to suit her master.  This would include stealth skills, maybe even a little security, but mostly ‘person skills’ such as deception, persuasion, and things like performance skills.  While not equal in skill to a trained twi’lek dancer, she can do similar things.  In her spying work she has picked up a certain amount of knowledge about the worlds and peoples of the galaxy.  Her treatment by her master has made her tougher than she looks, perceptive, and hard to surprise, because she is always expecting someone to try and hurt her.

Languages:  Languages are useful, especially when spying, so she probably speaks or at least understands at least a little of most languages commonly spoken around.  Not so much anything more obscure, unless from a specific mission.  In addition to Basic therefore, she might know Ryl, Huttese, and the languages of the most commonly-seen species.  She does of course have some Devaronese; she was taken from her home at four years old, and not taught, but she secretly learned what she could of Devaronese language and culture as an act of passive rebellion. 

Family:  Mother; Pyrala Zhan, father; Ahlen Zhan (b. Selvir).  Given that Devaronians are matriarchal, I would guess they are matrilineal as well.  Therefore Ahlen took the name of Zhan upon his marriage to Pyrala. 

History:  She was born Eloricia Zhan, to parents Pyrala and Ahlen.  She was their first, and as far as anyone knows, only child.  Ahlen left Devaron soon after their marriage, as is customary, and has only seen his daughter once since her birth.  On Devaron, the family worked together in the raising of children, so that mothers could work and leave their children safely with other relatives.  Children often spent much time with their cousins and other young relatives.  The family income is supplemented by money sent back by the roaming males of the species, who are often devoted, albeit absent fathers.  This arrangement suits the women well, as they can go about the important business of running the planet without fidgety men getting under their feet. 

Eloricia, or ‘Elly’ for short, was a happy child for the most part.  Devaron is a beautiful planet and generally left in peace by the rest of the galaxy, due to their draconian laws and dislike of visitors.  She spent time in childhood pursuits, loving music and dance in particular, with her cousins and the children of other nearby families.  She also enjoyed helping in the garden and spent hours talking to the plants, to the amusement of her relatives, who sometimes teased her about it, albeit lovingly. 

However, one day, that happiness was torn from her, and Eloricia torn from her home.  When she was just four years old, slavers came to Devaron.  How they got past planetary security is unknown, but they encountered Pyrala and little ‘Elly’ when they were on their way to visit friends.  Pyrala Zhan fought like a tigress to protect her child but was overpowered, and Eloricia was snatched even as her mother screamed for her to run.  The slavers knew they had valuable cargo, and didn’t especially mistreat the pair, but it was a terrifying journey for them, taken far from their home to face a future as slaves.

Generally, given the dangers inherent in trying to raid Devaron, the Devaronians were only taken ‘to order’.  On this occasion, a wealthy but thoroughly corrupt merchant named Ablamar Dezin had put in a ‘request’.  Having ‘ordered’ the female, he bought the child as well figuring it would be a useful way to keep his new possession in line.  Ablamar was delighted with his new acquisition, and when a powerful ‘customer’ came by, he couldn’t resist showing her off.  He summoned Pyrala to serve them and the child came too, clinging to her mother’s skirts.  Ablamar’s guest was a man who had considerable force powers, a Sith Lord in fact, and he had just picked up a new apprentice, although he had not brought her with him.  He had felt the unusual presences as soon as he had entered the vicinity of Ablamar’s home, and now he knew what he had sensed.  He smiled as a thought occurred to him.  “I will take the child,” he told Ablamar.  He compensated the man; Ablamar was useful to him, and took the terrified young child away, tearing her from her distraught mother’s arms.  Pyrala Zhan has never seen her daughter again. 

Darth Haas took his new acquisition back to the ship and continued on his journey.  Their destination was Onderon, a planet steeped in dark-side energy.  On the ship his new apprentice was waiting.  Jade was a human; her mother was related to the Sunriders, but had become estranged from her family and had a child by a man who was nothing more than a passing stranger.  She regarded her daughter as a nuisance, and when Darth Haas happened by, she sensed through her own Force sensitivity his power and at once offered to sell him her daughter.  He accepted; money to him was simply a means to an end, and took Jade away. 

The two girls met on the ship and Haas told them they would both be his apprentices.  Whichever one proved the stronger would one day succeed him, he said, amused by the idea of the two competing for his favour. 

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Darth Haas taught his apprentices the ways of the Sith, starting with the Code and its ramifications, and moving on to telling them how to use their passions, how to channel fear, anger and hate into powerful manifestations of Force energy.  As young children, the two girls clung to each other, which displeased Haas.  ‘Stand for yourselves,’ he told them.  ‘Be strong with your own power’.  He encouraged them to compete and punished them for showing signs of caring about each other.  ‘Caring is a weakness,’ he told them, ‘love is a soft and foolish emotion that will drain you of strength and power’.  He had however underestimated the determination and resourcefulness of his apprentices; they found ways to work around his rules and schemed in a way that would have made him proud – had it been against each other.  Instead, they cared for each other like sisters and planned to learn all they could, while always seeking a way to be free of their cruel master.  To Darth Haas, they acted as bitter rivals, constantly scheming to discredit the other.  Little did he know that they were actually helping each other with these schemes; most of the ways Jade used to wrong-foot Elly were ways Elly herself had recommended, and vice versa.  This was unpleasant and sometimes painful, but it enabled them to survive and learn.  They became experts in shielding their true feelings, and in projecting false ones, to protect themselves, and each other.  They knew the consequences would be horrific, were Haas to realise what they had been doing.  Their mutual hatred and fear of Haas enabled them to channel the force with great skill, although Jade proved the far more adept in combat techniques and wielding a lightsaber.  Elly was an expert at manipulating the perceptions and emotions of others. 

When the girls were approximately twelve years old – neither knew their birthday, so they had secretly designated a shared day for themselves – Darth Haas took them to Korriban.  Revan and Malak had opened a new Academy there and he wanted his apprentices to show their strength against other students.  They soon became embroiled in the vicious political struggles that all students undertook at the Academy, and their bond enabled them to leave many other students flat.  They were still forced to act as if they loathed each other, and were glad that as their talents lay in different areas, they were seldom pitted directly against each other by the Academy masters.  It did happen sometimes, and they suffered at each other’s hands, with the painful knowledge that it was nothing to how they would both suffer if reluctance to strike enabled others to discover their secret. They learned all they could, even managing to gain some knowledge of the Devaronese language, a tongue Elly had learned in childhood but had forgotten much of.  She studied it in secret, determined to retain and even increase her knowledge as a way of defying her master, by remembering where she came from and that once she’d been free.  That time was almost lost to her; she had only a few dim memories of her happy days on Devaron, but she clung fiercely to them and learned all she could of the planet and its people. 

About a year after the arrival on Korriban, Darth Haas called both of his apprentices to him.  He seemed in an unusually good mood and they wondered why.  He offered praise to both of them and little criticism, which bewildered them, although they accepted it as he apparently expected, fearing to act in any way that might break what they were sure was a façade.  He kept them both with him for some time discussing how well the war against the hated Jedi was going.  Soon, he said, the galaxy would be completely under the control of the Sith and the Jedi utterly destroyed, as their weakness and acceptance of their limitations condemned them.  Elly and Jade remained wary, wondering where this was going.  They were right to be; Haas had apparently decided that he had other uses for his apprentices.  He grabbed Elly around the waist as she refilled his drink and pulled her to him.  “Time for some entertainment,” he told her and proceeded to ‘entertain’ himself with her on one of the couches.  Jade had seen him hurt Elly before, but this was a new horror.  More was to come; as Jade tried to slip out, he ordered her to stay and watch.  Her hatred at a level that would delight her master, she did so; fear of what he might do to Elly was all that stopped her from trying to kill him then and there.  Once he had finished he told Elly to go and get some sleep and she fled to her room.  Jade was about to follow, but restrained herself; for both their sakes, she could not be seen to care. 

About an hour later Jade went to Elly.  Good as the pair were at shielding, they kept few secrets from each other, and Elly knew at once.  “You as well?” she whispered, and could sense it was true in Jade’s pain.  The two of them stayed huddled together for hours, offering comfort as well as they could, risk or no risk. 

It was not the last time Darth Haas used his apprentices for ‘entertainment’.  “You’re my favourite,” he would tell Elly, who grew to dread the words, knowing what was to come.  Success in her endeavours meant the ‘reward’ of being his favourite, while failure brought other torments, sometimes including torture with a medical droid that Haas had personally modified for the purpose. 

At the Academy, the girls had no friends, only rivals.  Sith had only temporary alliances, true friendship was reliance on and trust in another – folly to a Sith.  One rival of note was Veeko, a rodian who apparently decided after Elly had shown him up in a test that he would ‘take her down’.  Veeko was a skilled hunter and strong in the Force.  He was also a sore loser, and didn’t take it well when Elly continued to thwart his attempts to ‘deal with’ her outside class time.  Every student at the Academy was used to this; it was accepted, even encouraged that the students would take any opportunity to discredit, harm, or even kill each other if the opportunity arose.  One day he set a trap for her, hidden behind another, more obvious one.  Elly let him think her fooled and turned the trap against him, unleashing a force attack on his mind that left him a gibbering wreck for days.  Many said she should have finished him.  Elly made the excuse that she preferred to leave him alive to feel the humiliation.  He swore vengeance, but left Korriban soon after, supposedly to join Sith forces fighting the Jedi.  He didn’t return. 

By their reckoning, Elly and Jade were about sixteen when Darth Haas called them both to him.  They were to go on a journey, he told them, a journey that was to be their final test.  Whichever won, he told them, would be the one to become his ‘official’ apprentice, and learn all that he could teach her.  They didn’t bother asking what would happen to the one who lost.  They knew it was likely the ‘test’ would set them against each other, and that the victor would likely be expected to kill the loser; that was how it worked.  They were going off-planet for this test; it was their best chance yet to escape their master and be free at last.  “The force shall free us both!” they swore.  They had no idea where they were going when they boarded the Marauder, but they didn’t care.  They would break free at last, whatever it took. 

The year was 21097 AFR.  The galaxy was in the throes of war, with Sith advancing day by day, destroying as they went.  Malak’s armada seemed undefeatable and the Sith were confident of victory.  Few Jedi remained to oppose them and the Republic was rapidly losing ground in the face of the Sith assault. 

Only two days into the voyage, the Marauder came under attack.  “Repel boarders!” came the order, and they ran to obey, wondering who would have the temerity to attack the ship of someone as powerful as their master.  Someone who didn’t know who they were messing with, Elly thought as they headed towards a nearby airlock.  They sensed the attackers before they saw them and a short, fierce skirmish ensued.  A stray blaster shot deflected by a lightsaber caused an explosion; the enemies were killed in the blast, Elly was flung into the wall and knocked unconscious, and Jade’s right arm was left as nothing more than shreds of mangled flesh.  At that point Jade made a decision; this was the best chance they would have and she took it.  However, she acted in a way no true Sith would dream of, by refusing to abandon her companion.  Gritting her teeth against the searing pain, Jade grabbed Elly with her remaining arm and staggered with her to the escape pods.  They jettisoned and Jade looked back at the Marauder just as a massive explosion blew it into space debris.  Jade breathed a sigh of relief and allowed herself to slip into unconsciousness. 

Elly awoke... 

1.    Jade.  The two girls were raised together and defied the wrath of a powerful Sith to help each other survive. 
2.    Pyrala Zhan.  She hasn’t seen her daughter for 12 years, but not a day has gone past when she hasn’t thought about her. 
3.    Ahlen Zhan.  If still alive, he is roaming the galaxy searching for his kidnapped wife and child. 

Three close contacts/family members/etc. who would help your character out of a pickle, lend money, vouch for your character in a court of law, etc...


friends, workmates, more distant family members etc, who like you well enough, but are unlikely to stick their necks out far for your sake.

Elly does not have any of these, because being raised among Sith, everyone was a rival, a tool, or an outright enemy. 

1.    If Elly and Jade’s Sith master survived the destruction of the Marauder, he’ll be wanting his ‘property’ back. 
2.    The slavers who took Elly and her mother from Devaron.  If they ever turn up again, it won’t end well… 
3.    Veeko.  This rodian failed to defeat Elora in many clashes at the Academy; he was a sore loser.  He’s probably dead now.  Probably…

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Re: Character Bios

Character Name: Renya Botfodomo
Aliases/Nicknames/Titles: Called Ren informally
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Species: Ithorian
Faction: Horizon Wanderer Herd
Class: Nature Priest
Force Sensitive? Yes
Force abilities:
Lifeforce (including plants), Force growth assistance / Force healing, Force valour, Force empathy, Breath-control, Force bravery, Aura of calm and wisdom, Instinctual precognition
Renya is calm and slow, a ponderer. He is dedicated to the Ithorian religion, and believes all his powers are gifts from the Ithorian homeworld’s sacred Mother Jungle. He is unaware of the full strength of his powers and they often activate without conscious thought, especially those that benefit others around him.

Physical Description:
Height: 1.9m
Hair colour: N/A
Hair type: N/A
Eye colour: Brown
Build: Thin
Skin colour: Brown
Distinguishing Marks: None
Weapons: None
Vehicles: Currently his herd has hired the Coruscant-class Heavy Courier Dasher
Skills: Ecological recovery, healing and counselling of both flora and fauna.
Family: Herd aboard the Horizon Wanderer in low Ithorian orbit.

Renyar Botfodomo was born during one of the regular Herd Meets aboard the Herdship Horizon Wanderer in early 3,989 BBY. As a Pupa, an Ithorian youngling, he ranged within the travelling Jungle of the lower levels. One of the nursery-minders noticed an unusual phenomenon, when this particular pupa had been romping in a given area; the plants there either had a growth spurt or became more hardy and healthier.
After his metamorphosis, he was approached by the presiding priestess of the Herd. He began his training as a nature priest, and discovered many wondrous gifts from Mother Jungle, under the benign and patient tutelage of the Horizon Wanderer’s religious leader, Ju Mofan, the force-sensitive old woman who served as healer, spiritual advisor and conduit to Mother Jungle’s wisdom.

In time, Ju Mofan heard the call of Mother Jungle and became an Oracle, descending to the surface of Ithor to tend Mother Jungle for the rest of her life. Renyar inherited Ju Mofan’s position as herd nature healer at age 25 and five years later discovered another youngling who was also gifted by Mother Jungle with the powers of healing and new growth. Tenmaw Cotka was only sixteen when Renyar discovered him, but the youngster had a patience and wisdom that belied his young age.

Renyar was content to potter around the galaxy with the Horizon Wanderer, tending to the plants, meditating on Mother Jungle’s gifts, and teaching his acolyte.  However, the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars and the threat of Malak’s Sith armada meant that it was long no longer safe for the herd ships to continue roaming as widely as before. The community aboard the Horizon Wanderer decided to settle into a close orbit of Ithor for the duration of the conflict, with the intent of then travelling to worlds they knew were being ruined by war and the depredations carried out by both the Mandalorians and the Sith Empire.

The small Ithorian commune on Taris requested the presence of a nature priest at the 100th anniversary of the initial planting of the colony garden. Renyar and Tenmaw were sent, both to preach as part of the service at the celebration, and also to speak to the older priest there about the possibility of Tenmaw succeeding him in a decade or so. 

The herd hired a female Duros named Rana De Vookal as a pilot for the trip and soon Renyar and Tenmaw were aboard a battered-looking old Crescent-X9 courier vessel called the Dasher that she insisted had been upgraded and was now Coruscant-class. Neither Ithorian was particularly worried about the state of the technology aboard, but the lack of growing plants made the trip uncomfortable, despite Rana’s pleasant and polite company. Upon arrival at Taris however, the travellers were dismayed to find a Sith Fleet in orbit, bombarding the planet below.  Both Renyar and Tenmaw were staggered upon feeling the huge loss of life, whilst Rana desperately plotted a jump out of system as fast as she possibly could, by choosing the nearest system – Jebble – as a destination. 

Two Sith Interceptors pursued the Dasher, and several blaster bolts hit the old ship, severely damaging four of the six engines. Despite the confidence Rana was showing in her own ability, Renyar had a bad feeling, and suggested that Tenmaw and he waited in the escape pod whilst the battle raged outside. As they fled the living quarters were holed by blaster fire – Renyar’s feeling had been right. Suddenly the sound of blaster fire ceased; the ship had successfully made it to hyperspace.  Renyar and Tenmaw meditated during the short trip, and they recorded a message for transmission to the Horizon Wander once the courier vessel reached Jebble.

Thus, the two Ithorians were in the cockpit, transmission chip in hand, when the computer returned the ship to real-space… 

Time of Meeting
Ithorian Herdship
Nature Priest
Oracle (Ithorian)
Coruscant-class Heavy Courier

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Re: Character Bios

Character Name: Bardona Skirata
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': The Wolf of Corellia
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Species: Mandalorian
Faction: Neutral
Class: Acquisition Specialist (Bounty hunter)
Force Sensitive: Nope, not at all
Personality: Never one to mince words Bardona is nothing, if not direct. Getting straight to the point often, though she can maintain tact with even the most irritating politician or crime lord. As long they’ll hire her for their services, she is not much for flirting however. And she finds a hard time connecting with people on a personal level, which causes insecurity. 
Physical Description: Bardona is a tall and somewhat muscular girl, built like a martial artist, with eyes like a wolf. Pure blue and constantly watching for any weakness in all she sees, her hair is a dark, almost black brown that she keeps cut in a short fashion so that it doesn’t interfere with her fighting. Her clothes are similar in this fashion as well, not fashionable but pratical. Prefer tank tops to sleeves as her armor gets quite hot. Speaking of her armor, it itself is done in the traditional mandalorian pattern painted in black and tan to honour her father, and signify her search for vengeance.
Distinguishing Marks: (Can include, but is not limited to: Tattoos, scars, prosthetics, etc.) First thing people see when they notice Bardona is her left arm, which is not doing anything to not get itself noticed by any stretch of the imagination, as it is a combat spec cybernetic with a number of built in modifications including but not limited to: A Vibroblade, Singleshot blaster, and the ability to replicate biometric signatures. She also bears a number of traditional Mandalorian tattoos, which she covers up with either clothes, bandages or armor.
Weapons: 2 WL-959 Blaster pistols modified for quick draw and burst fire, one RLL-25 long range high power blaster rifle, several vibroblades of varying design, enough light explosives to bring down a star fort, and of course. Her armor is a weapon in itself
Vehicles: Mandalorian “Privateer” vessel: a corellian design bulk freighter converted to a sort of mobile prison for her, and a landspeeder that’s been through so many modifications she’s not even sure what it is any more
Other Items: Military grade personal comlink, Datapads which she calls war journals, ElectroBinoculars,T7 Astromech, and old Deactivated Juggernaut Droid, and an old lightsaber passed down between many of her family members
Skills: Weapons Handling and Repair, Marksmanship, Explosives Manufacture, Haggling, Intimidation, Speaks Huttese, Bocce, Shyriiwook.
Dak Skirata-Father(Deceased)
Mira Fett-Mother(Deceased)
Bard Skirata-Brother
History: Bardona was born to kill, and born to survive. Simply because she’s a mandalorian and war is in her blood. Her father himself was a vengeful man, who hated the Republic as a whole, but reserved a special place in his  black depthless soul for the Jedi who brought down his people. Her mother bore respect along with this hatred, and so young Bardona was unsure of what to do with her time and her life, instead just showing deathly fanatical obedience to her father who taught her to hate the galaxy and all it have given to her. Only getting worse with her mother’s fateful final battle with illness and uncertain circumstances. Which took her father only two years later

So, at the age of 13 Bardona found herself with no one but her older brother, who was too jaded to care for a girl who needed growing up. So she had to grow up fast, applying the few skills she learned to take odd jobs and advance herself into a hunter of bounties. Gaining fame slowly and surely as she started to take on harder and harder targets. But having her fame truly come to it’s fullest on her 21st birthday, when she pursued Galen Merek. A suicidal mercenary twice past his prime on a kamikaze run to go out in glorious battle. And battle was what he got, with a shootout worthy of the history books at its peak was the only thing that brought him down, and so Bardona gained the moniker and nickname of… The Wolf Of Correllia

Since then, her targets have only gotten easier, with even the most well dug in warboss, crime lord or running man falling to the wolf and her vibro claws. With her latest mission being that from a client of such great “worth” he would not have himself known, which sent her to a far off planet in search of a far off, long lost creature.

1.Bard Skirata-Brother
2.Lem Schapo- Arms Dealer Extraordinaire
3.Kaplin Er’tsa- Her “Face”
Three close contacts/family members/etc. who would help your character out of a pickle, lend money, vouch for your character in a court of law, etc...
Janus Skye- Fellow bounty hunter, they’ve worked a couple of jobs together
Cora Skirata-Cousin and former childhood friend
Ilya Wildstar- Bartender of one of her favorite hangouts
Previous friends, workmates, more distant family members etc, who like you well enough, but are unlikely to stick their necks out far for your sake.
Brava Colrodi-Former “partner” of sorts, they are now trying to kill eachother
Banus Kilwag- A former client who ripped her off and also happens to be a crime lord
Mak S’rani, Twi Lek who tricked her into letting him go

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Re: Character Bios

Character Name: Teroh Iisdaohl
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': Knight Captain, Terry
Age: 30
Species: Miralukan
Faction: Loyal to the Galactic Republic and the Jedi that protect it
Class: Jedi Battlemaster (Formerly) Jedi Sentinel (Currently
Force Sensitive?: Yes, Teroh’s sensitivity is like that of many of her ancestors, it allows her to “see” in the most traditional sense, but beyond that it makes her a valuable companion in battle as she can predict even the most subtle movement
Force Powers: The Core powers obviously, Comprehend Speech, Battle Meditation, Battle Precognition, Combustion, Force Storm,
Personality: Teroh has a gothic personality, preferring to speak in an older more poetic style of speech. When addressing her fellow Jedi of course, however when she addresses other parties she portrays herself as just your average girl, of course without eyes and trained in all forms of lightsaber combat. She has a lot of patience for nonsense as she used to work with padawans. And has been called a nice teacher by more than one
Physical Description: Teroh has long purple hair which she only puts into a topknot before she begins combat, her skin is tan like most of her race and clear. She is of an average height and weight, but her strength is not given away by her build. When not in her armor she will wear just about anything, as she prefers to not give herself away as a Jedi more than she already does.
Distinguishing Marks: Besides the lack of eyes, and heavy faceplate she wears to cover them, her only other distinguishing mark is the tattoo that runs down the length of her arm. Its meaning, she will not say, she also wears a cloth around her head when in battle. Covered in some ancient language. Which is to bring her luck
Weapons: A pair of matched lightsabers, a double bladed lightsaber (Her master’s), a simple scoped blaster pistol.
Vehicles: A small long range light bomber with provisions for her and one other, a speeder bike
Other Items: Comlink, Datapad, Magnoculars, Lightsaber repair and creation tools, a small armorers tool kit, a set of cortosis jedi battle armor that has seen many cycles of combat.
Skills: Lightsabre combat styles I through VI, including the skills required to wield a double bladed sabre, tactician, good with kids, starship piloting, battlefield medicine
Tungsuka- Father (Deceased)
Master Kavon Manus- Adoptive Mother/Jedi master Deceased
Kiryama-Mother Deceased

History: Teroh doesn’t remember much about her mother and father, only that they were kind people who died altogether too soon, but all the same. Without their deaths her master still would have taken her, as she was promised to her for the saving of their homes from a group of raiders. And while she originally refused the offer. She took the small girl with her after returning to the planet to find them gone and her alone in a locked room. And so as a penance of sorts, the Twi’Lek jedi brought up the girl, finding her to be exceptionally strong in the ways of the force even for a Miralukan, which gave her an excellent piece of metal to be forged into a fine tool for the Jedi Order and the Republic. Which Teroh took on with gusto. Of course, like most students she was eventually sent to the temple for training, but she went in with a fair bit more knowledge than most do. Excelling as a padawan in the physical aspects, but suffering somewhat in other aspects such as meditation and lightsaber craftsmanship in her earlier years. While she also garnered a reputation as reckless and fiery, which was shown in the creation of her first lightsaber, a long hilted purple saber which she wielded throughout most of her padawan and knighthood. Her time as a padawan and a knight was a time where her master’s tutelage and influence grew over her. Showing her alternate paths from what the order had taught her. Causing her to release her inner power, find her true potential, and grow. This was brought about along with her learning the modicum of lightsaber combat styles, everything from single bladed dueling to the strange styles of lightpike and dual bladed saber fighting. And even modifying some styles so they suited her unique vision constraints. Her master also imparted an inheritance upon her. A tome of knowledge, and some ancient bindings of a jedi order long lost to history. A group who saw the usage of the powers of both the light and darkside as an important path to truly understanding the force. Teroh herself took to these powers well, as though she learned only one. She perfected it to such a level that it became like herself, a fine tuned blade to be used in support of her lighter abilities. And so she fought many battles with her Master, and side by side they fought through the battlefields of the war. With Teroh being hailed as a walking tempest of war. A whirlwind of light gliding across the battlefield, it was in this time she forged her second and third lightsabers, retiring the original one for the new pair of matched blades, one a short blade of icey blue, and the other a standard blade of violet. These she took with her into Masterhood. Of course, her master status came with a price. In her first mission after being granted this vaunted status, her former Master was killed in front of her by a sith. Who them came after her, a great duel ensued which culminated with Teroh using her dark granted lightening against the sith. Tainting her…
So she returned to the temple where she became a battlemaster of padawans, a job she was suited for given her time spent studying the marital practices of the jedi. She stayed there in the temple for years, working with the padawans until she received a vision during one of her lectures. One of a great calling for her, a message to explore the galaxy again, and lend her blade to it’s balance once more. So, she immediately prepared a ship. Removed her Master’s lightsaber from it’s stasis field, and set off in search of a planet which would reveal itself to her when the time was right. Righting wrongs and bringing justice on the way. 
1.Master Thade, her confident among the Jedi Order
2. HX-119- A self aware old protocol droid
3. Ciaphas Cain- A republic army commander of great renown
Three close contacts/family members/etc. who would help your character out of a pickle, lend money, vouch for your character in a court of law, etc...
1. Tiberius Raege- A merchant whose skinned she’s saved who claims to be “in her debt”
2. Jaene Windrider- Former Republic pilot now working as a smuggler
3. Chazzir Bane- A former mercenary who was her companion for a short time
Previous friends, workmates, more distant family members etc, who like you well enough, but are unlikely to stick their necks out far for your sake.
Darth Magnus- A sith lord who she’s had many scraps with
The eastward Wardens- A small group of rebels who fight for the “freedom” of their peaceful system
Arturia Tarkus-Her rival from the order, currently has her old job

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