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I'm opening this topic for people to post their character backgrounds. This is only for people who Amanda has already accepted into the sim.

Character backgrounds should follow the appended format.


Star Wars - Character Generation

Character Name:
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': (Any titles such as Queen, Lord, Count, etc. or nicknames/aliases)
Species: (Your character's species – far too long a list to put here, but could include Human, Ewok, Gamorrean, Sith, Hutt, Ithorians, Mandalorian, Nikto, Tusken Raiders, Twi’lek, Ugnaughts, Whill or Wookie. For a full list please see
Faction: (Jedi, Empire, Rebellion, Neutral, Criminal, etc.)
For ideas please see … vernments,, or other similar sites to help explain these terms.
Class: (Soldier, mercenary, trader, etc.) Basically, what your character does for a living – or not!
Force Sensitive?
Please describe as best you can what force sensitivity your character has.

Force abilities

Force-sensitivity, a trait established at birth, is a condition where a life form possesses a natural connection to the Force. The Force is an energy field created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates living beings and binds the galaxy together. Throughout the series, characters exhibit various powers that rely on the Force.

The Force has a "dark side", which feeds on emotions such as anger and fear. The series' villains, the Sith, embrace the dark side in order to seize power. The Jedi employ a compassionate and selfless use of the Force.

Midichlorians are microscopic organisms that reside in living cells and communicate with the Force. A being's potential to use the Force is correlated with the number of these organisms residing in its blood.  The Jedi have learned how to listen to and coordinate the midichlorians. In order to be a Jedi or a Sith, one must have a high concentration of midichlorians in one's cells.

Within the Star Wars expanded universe, a number of other powers have been demonstrated, those include the ability to heal or drain the life-force of others, increase resistance to attack, dissipate energy attacks and warp space
Many characters throughout the series can sense a "disturbance in the Force" whenever something bad happens or is about to happen.

Force-sensitivity is partly genetic, and is also 'the will of the force', as in the case of Anakin Skywalker himself. While potential for force-sensitivity is established at birth, awareness, experience and training are necessary to harness the power of the force. Yoda implies that this training is most effective in childhood.

Force powers may include:

The Core powers are the first powers a Jedi learns, and directly affect his/her own body or objects without actually harming or benefiting anything (except for Push, which could be used against enemies).

Force Speed , Force Cloak, Force Concealment (Also known as Force Stealth), Force Sense, Farseeing, Force Empathy, Force Seeing, Telekinesis, Force Jump/Leap, Force Pull/Push, Telepathy

Universal powers are generic Force techniques which are associated with neither side of the Force.

Battle Meditation, Breath Control, Comprehend Speech, Force Bellow, Force Body, Force Comprehension, Force Confusion, Force Deflection, Force Listening.

Light side powers are the Force powers that the user accesess through the Force's light side. The Jedi use them for protection, increasing physical and mental capacities, and for defence. They can also inspire and increase the resolve of allies. Certain light side powers can also be used offensively, but do not directly cause physical harm.

Alter Environment, Animal Friendship, Battle Precognition, Combustion, Droid Disable, Electric Judgment, Force Blinding, Force Enlightenment, Force Healing, Force Ghost, Force Light, Force Orb, Force Projection, Protection Bubble, Force Stun, Force Stasis, Force Valor, Levitation, Force Persuasion.

Dark side powers are used to harm, debilitate, or kill. Some (like Rage or Drain) are used to benefit the user personally, akin to powers of the light side, with the difference that these are used at the expense of his or her own health or an other individual's Force reserve. The Dark Side draws its power from emotion, and while the intent behind their use may well have been good at the time, it is most likely to lead one to further spiritual corruption from overuse, without the proper self control and mindset. Continuous use of dark powers are shown to have a physically corrupting effect on the Force-user, regardless of intent, due to the body being unable to handle such power for long periods of time.

Deadly Sight, Drain Knowledge, Force Destruction, Force Drain, Force Fear, Force Horror (advanced version of Force Fear), Force Insanity (the most advanced version of Force Horror), Force Flight, Force Lightning (Organic limbs & extremities required), Chain Lightning variation of Force Lightning, Force Shock (variation of Force Lightning) Force Storm (advanced version of Force Lightning), Midichlorian Manipulation, Mind Control.

Personality: (At least 75 words.)
Physical Description: (Can include, but is not limited to: Hair/eye color, typical clothing style, height/weight, build)
Distinguishing Marks: (Can include, but is not limited to: Tattoos, scars, prosthetics, etc.)
Weapons: (Any ability with weapons your character has eg knives/guns/heavy weapons/explosives/lightsabers etc).
Vehicles: (Spacecraft, speeders, etc. Must be obtainable with rank and faction, i.e. A smuggler would not own an Imperial Star Destroyer)
Other Items: (Can include, but is not limited to: Comlinks, datapads, security tumblers, droids, etc.)
Skills: Things that your character excels in, such as droid repair, starship piloting, marksmanship, etc. What languages does she/he speak? Not only species but class may affect abilities.
Family: (Everyone has one, unless they're a droid, so please post names and if they are no longer living place "(deceased)" after the name)
History: (Must be at least 300 words in length.)

Three close contacts/family members/etc. who would help your character out of a pickle, lend money, vouch for your character in a court of law, etc...



Previous friends, workmates, more distant family members etc, who like you well enough, but are unlikely to stick their necks out far for your sake.


I'm not insisting on deathly nemeses here; perhaps an ex-lover who would make your character uncomfortable if he/she was expected to eat dinner with the ‘enemy’ in a group environment, or perhaps a former colleague who your character thwarted because they felt they should have received the promotion your character got... Or your character might have a deadly enemy; a crime lord, secret society, the Empire…

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Re: Character backgrounds

Invisec – Star Wars - Character Generation – Corban Adenn

Character Name: Corban Adenn
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': Corban te Udesiirlah (lit. Mando’a for ‘Corban the Retired’)
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Species: Mandalorian (Human)
Faction: Mandalorian, Clan Ordo, himself
Class: Mandalorian (Retired)
Force Sensitive? No

"In five millennia, the Mandalorians fought with and against a thousand armies on a thousand worlds. They learned to speak as many languages and absorbed weapons technology and tactics from every war. And yet, despite the overwhelming influence of alien cultures, and the absence of a true home world and even species, their own language not only survived but changed little; their way of life and their philosophy remained untouched; and their ideals and sense of family, of identity of nation, were only strengthened. Armor is not what makes a Mandalorian. Armor is simply a manifestation of an impenetrable, unassailable heart."

―Passage from "Mandalorians: Identity and Language"

There are six acts one must follow to be a Mandalorian, known as Resol'Nare. They consist of wearing armour, speaking Mando’a, defending oneself and family, raising children as Mandalorians, helping the clan succeed and sustain itself, and when called to arms by the Mandalore, rally to his cause.

Corban is trying to think of himself as a ‘retired’ Mandalorian, essentially taking some time out to re-think life, and his place in it. Asfar as he's concerned, he has laid his armour aside, but it’s not impossible that aspects of his personality and world-view will reveal him as Mandalorian to the well-informed. Given that he is ‘on sabatical’, he may seem world-weary, but Mandalorians are not unkind to others, except those who earn their animosity. Despite his rather gruff appearance and the notoriety of his people’s infamous style of combat, Corban is more sociable and considerate than you might expect. As long as individuals speak their mind, accept a meal when offered, look him straight in the eye, take off their boots when guests, pay their debts, never make a sexual or romantic pass at him (unless the individual plans to become part of the Mandalorian culture) and respect the elderly, anyone who encounters Corban is likely to be treated with decency.

The cultural strength of the Mandalorian philosophy is one of their most abiding victories. Despite the fact that he is troubled by current affairs, and unsure of how to respond, Corban is nevertheless an ardent believer that Mandalorian way of life is unassailable. He is simply attemtping to assess how best to apply the Mandalorian Way, given the circumstances.

Mention should also be made in this section on Corban’s personality of Manda, a mystical concept in Mandalorian philosophy akin to ‘Nirvana’ described as "a combination of the collective state of being, the essence of being Mandalorian, and an oversoul." To be part of ‘Manda’, a Mandalorian must understand their culture and truly live out its ideals. Otherwise, they would be a dar'manda–someone who was ignorant of their heritage, and thus soul-less.

Over time, the Mandalorians shifted from deeply seated literal interpretations of their religious myths to more philosophical interpretation of the same myths as allegorical. Corban is re-addressing his religious beliefs in light of the defeat of the CIS, the failure of the Republic, and the rise of the Empire. In Mandalorian religion, the sloth-god Arasuum# eternally fought the destroyer god Kad Ha’rangir, representing the constant struggle between stagnation, and the opportunity for change that stems from destruction. However, the fall of the stagnant Republic has led to the inception of an oppressive dictatorship that actively stifles change. It is essentially this issue that Corban is wrestling with.

Physical Description: Eyes: Grey, Height: 6’ 2, Weight: 220 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Mandalorian equipment, including the armour that he has for now laid aside (coloured black, signifying justice)

"Mandalorians don't make threats. We make promises."

―Canderous Ordo (Mandalore the Preserver)

Corban possesses his own handcrafted signature armor of the Mandalorians which includes several built-in items of weaponry: a BlasTech Dur-24 wrist laser installed in his right gauntlet above a Czerka ZX miniature flame projector. His left gauntlet has a Kelvarex Consolidated Arms MM9 mini concussion rocket, which utilizes computer target tracking. His gauntlets also have wristband blades, wrist mounted grappling hook, and his boots include toe-spikes, while his gloves have electromagnetic devices that enable him to attract his guns and similar objects from a short distance. He also carries a sonic beam weapon but is most often armed with Westar-34 twin Dallorian blasters, worn openly in hip-holsters at his sides.

Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur (lit. Today is a good day for someone else to die)

―Mandalorian Proverb

Vehicles: None. Corban is reliant on his own feet, and on paying for transport.
Other Items:

Verd ori'shya beskar'gam (lit. A warrior is more than his armor)

―Mandalorian Proverb

Corban’s armour and weaponry, apart from his Westar-34s, are stored in a wheeled case, which he is carrying around with him. It has a sensor-confusing magnetic field that suggests to most scanners that it contains only clothing. Of course, a visual inspection would rather reveal otherwise! He has papers granting his rights to movement under a special Act of the Senate, dating from his time as a Cuy’val Dar (see ‘History’). Furthermore, there is a chance that any Clone Trooper would recognise him as one of the Cuy’val Dar, or indeed identify him personally. This does not likely apply to non-clone Troopers.
He wears a slightly tatty All-Temperature Cloak, and a utility belt that houses his credit chip, datapad, glow rod, medpac, mesh tape, pistols’ licences (legitimate), (two) power packs for his pistols, a security kit, tool kit, (a one-pint) water canteen with built-in water purification system, and space for three-days’ supply of food capsules. His credit chip contains more than enough money to live on for several years – the Cuy’val Dar were well paid.


"Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade..." (lit. “Don't mess with Mandalorians”)

―Kal Skirata to Qibbu.

Acrobatics, Climb, Craft (Mandalorian Armour), Endurance, Gather Information, Initiative, Knowledge (Galactic Lore), Knowledge (Tactics), Perception, Persuasion, Pilot, Stealth, Survival, Swim, Use Computer.
He speaks Basic, and Mando’a.


Aliit ori'shya tal'din (lit. Family is more than blood)

―Mandalorian Proverb

Family bonds are a large part of the Mandalorian culture, and as a result they feel more comfortable around each other than they do around strangers.

Corban’s father was named Dral Adenn, and his mother was Vhonte Adenn (nee Vhett). Corban was an only child, and family is very important to the Mandalorians. Both Dral and Vhonte died before the Clone Wars, in civil unrest on Mandalore (see ‘History’).

Corban was raised by his mother up to his third birthday, and then by his father, as was the Mandalorian custom. Dral trained him in the art of war until Corban reached adulthood at the age of thirteen. At this point, he underwent the verd'goten, or ‘coming of age’.

At the age of 14 (in 49BBY), Corban married Briila Dala, a 13 year old epics’ singer, but she died in childbirth a year later (48BBY).


Early Years

"Home is where the armor is."

―Mando proverb

Corban was born in 63BBY, on Ordo Moon in Mandalore Sector.

In 60BBY (when Corban was three years old), Jaster Mereel, who had been recently made Mandalore, reformed the Mandalorian Code of Conduct by writing the Supercommando Codex. The goal of the Codex was to purge the (‘dishonorable’) mercenary ways that had become prevalent in Mandalorian culture. However, some clans opposed Mereel’s reforms and a group of Mandalorians rebelled against his leadership, desiring instead to embark on a new Mandalorian War and conquer the Galaxy.

Corban’s father Dral Adenn fought alongside the rebel ‘Mandalorian Death Watch’ against Mereel’s ‘True Mandalorians’# in the conflict that would become known as the ‘Mandalorian Civil War’. As Corban had reached the age at which it was customary for the father to take prime responsibility in raising a child, Dral took young Corban with him.

Despite superior numbers belonging to Mereel’s faction, the Death Watch were winning the war by 58BBY, when they cornered the already almost utterly defeated loyalists at a farmstead (the Fett farmstead) on Mereel’s homeworld, the pastoral planet of Concord Dawn. Here, the Death Watch apparently lost their charismatic leader, Vizsla when an eight-year-old Jango Fett destroyed Vizsla’s battle tank, but the Death Watch fought on and massacred the loyalists, including Fett’s family, who had offered Mereel shelter. Mereel fled, and adopted Fett as his son. (Corban was still a child, aged five, and undergoing training with his father).

Soon afterwards, with Mereel’s loyalists in full flight, Mereel himself was betrayed by his right-hand man Montross, on Korda 6. Vizsla returned, alive but horribly scarred, and killed Mereel personally. Montross attempted to usurp control of the True Mandalorians, but they supported Jango Fett, due to Montross’ duplicity, and the traitor slipped off into exile.

Haat, Ijaa, Haa'it (lit. Truth, Honor, Vision)

―Mandalorian formulae for sealing a pact.

Adolescence – Serving in the Death Watch

The ‘True Mandalorians’ fought on under the leadership of child-Mandalore Jango Fett. In 50BBY, Corban came of age (Mandalorians come of age at 13) and naturally joined the Death Watch; it was what his father had prepared him for those last ten years. Taking a brief leave from campaign in 49BBY, he married Vhonte Vhett, a singer with the Death Watch, but his young wife died the following year in childbirth. This was something of a disgrace, as the ideal Mandalorian woman was physically strong and resilient. To be dar’ad (without children) was also a disgrace (as the Mandalorian Way required a Mandalorian to raise his or her children as Mandalorians), but Corban did not remarry.

The civil war allowed Corban redemption from these shames, through combat prowess. He was recognised as a skilled warrior by his people, and for fifteen long years Corban battled the ‘True Mandalorians’ in theatres of combat that spanned the Galaxy.

However, both factions were largely destroyed by Republic intervention in the Battle of Galidraan in 34BBY (Corban was then 29). Viszla had told the Jedi that the ‘True Mandalorians’ were killing women and children, then he created ‘evidence’ to substantiate it. The Republic intervention was led by Jedi Master Dooku and his Padawan Komari Vosa, who were accompanied by other Jedi as well, many of whom perished against the Mandalorian veterans.

With the ‘True Mandalorians’ on Galidraan annihilated, Fett was trialed by the Galidraan Governor for ‘murdering political activists’, and was sold into slavery. Viszla remained free and the Death Watch, therefore, were victorious. But they were much depleted in number, and many deserted the army, returning to their homes. Dral and Corban did not, however – they remained in Viszla’s army, now fighting to consolidate his triumph.

However, two years later (in 32BBY), Fett escaped slavery and on Corellia he avenged Mereel’s death, having caught up with Viszla. In an epic battle, Fett slashed the rebel leader’s stomach open with a combat knife, despite having been injected with a lethargy-inducing poison by the rebel leader. The wounded Vizsla was then eaten by a pack of dire-cats#, who wouldn’t touch Fett because of the poison in his bloodstream. Leaderless, the Death Watch fled in disarray to the far corners of the Galaxy – some established pockets of Mandalorian settlement in places as far apart as Endor and Mandalore itself. Fett now left the (all but extinct) Mandalorians, beginning a career as a bounty hunter; “I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe”, as he later put it.

Corban and his father returned to Ordo moon. The rifts in Mandalorian society remained painful, and the civil war was certainly not considered resolved. The Adenn’s remained in a state of alertness, ready to resume their contest against the ‘True Mandalorians’, but almost 30 years of civil war had devastated Mandalorian economy. The family relocated to Capital City on Mandalore planet itself, to find work.

Mandalore Raids Her Neighbours

Sources are uncertain as to exactly when, but sometime before 32BBY [the year the Trade Federation invaded Naboo] the corrupt Governor of Mandalore, Vrox, started to send out members of the Mandalorian Armed Forces on sanctioned raids against worlds in nearby systems in order to plunder them and steal their riches. This was probably partly a move of necessity due to Mandalore Sector’s weakened state after about 30 years of civil war, but also partly an act of opportunity given the weakened state of lawful authority in the area. Corban dedicated himself to these raids, and continued to win renown as a warrior, serving under Commander Janx Ferro, a Mandalorian hero who was given control of Vox’s army by the Governor.

The Republic soon sent a task force along with several Jedi, including Voli Quana,# to bring an end to the raids and stop the production of the droids. The ensuing battle was bloody, and once again ended in the near annihilation of the Mandalorian forces, as well as the capture of Vrox. The worse news to Corban was that the seige weapons Vrox had ordered used on Republic forces had killed many civilians… among them, his own father and mother, Dral and Vhonte Adenn. Defeated by the Republic, robbed of his family, but still alive, Corban again returned to Ordo, intending revenge.

Becoming Cuy’val Dar

[Note: Corban is unaware of the events that led up to his hiring as a Cuy’val Dar, all he knows is that Fett hired him; see below.]

Later in 32BBY, Fett was hired by Darth Tyranus to be the ‘Prime Clone’, and from 32BBY to 22BBY, Fett took on fewer bounty hunting contracts, using the time instead to train his clones, including his ‘son’ Boba, on Kamino. To aid in this task, he hired one hundred training sergeants, seventy-five of whom were Mandalorian, who became known as Cuy’val Dar (lit. Mando’a for Those Who No Longer Exist). For some reason, one of these hand-picked tutors was Corban Ardenn (although he was not the only former member of the Death Watch to be hired, it should be pointed out, and it is certainly not unlikely that Fett would have been able to learn about Corban’s repute as a warrior).

"You can't breed soldiers with flash-learning and simulation. They must come face to face with death itself."

―Walon Vau, Cuy’val Dar

The Cuy’val Dar could not tell anyone they were on Kamino, and because they did not know when the army was going to be activated, they had no idea how long they would have to remain there. Those who had families (although the majority lived alone) just left them. As a 31-year-old widower, 16 years without a wife, Corban had few reasons to remain on Ordo moon. His father and mother were dead, and he had no other kin.

As far as everyone else was concerned, the Cuy’val Dar were dead or missing in action.
Presumably they each either needed the fee (which was generous) very badly, or they were insanely loyal to Jango, or they wanted to disappear for reasons best known to themselves.

"He cared what happened to us. He was one of us, pretty much. Not just there because he couldn't cope with not being in the army anymore, or had to disappear. No, he was a good man."

―RC-1309 on Kal Skirata, Cuy’val Dar

One of Fett’s duties under the contract whereby he became Prime Clone was to act as bodyguard to Count Dooku, and if he didn’t already know, by now he would have worked out that Master Dooku, who led the assault on Galidraan, and Darth Tyranus were the same person. The Cuy’val Dar who were well-informed on the Mandalorian Civl War would have concluded likewise.

On Kamino, Fett kept himself to himself, most likely because of Montross' betrayal, which had cost Jaster Mereel his life. He interacted very little with the Cuy’val Dar, and so over the ten years they were there, the 100 sergeants made their own social groups. Walon Vau and Kal Skirata clashed often over issues of policy – Vau’s training method’s came close to torture, while Skirata was a far softer touch. The other sergeants had similar splits and alliances, and Corban’s experience of the time there was diverse, making friends and enemies alike.

Shortly after the Battle of Geonosis in 22BBY, the Cuy’val Dar contracts expired, and they were free to leave Kamino. Fett had been slain defending Count Dooku by Jedi Master Mace Windu, but Fett’s clones told themselves a different story of his death: that he was unaware of Dooku's treason and unwilling to malign his honor by going back on his word, and killed twelve Jedi Masters before being killed himself. Although the real details of Fett’s death eventually became clear, the clones nonetheless continued to faithfully serve under the Jedi, even Windu.

Joining the Separatists

"If you need a job done, you can send one ARC trooper, one hundred clone troopers, or four clone commandos."

―Walon Vau

One clone trooper, however, an elite ARC trooper named  Alpha-Omega 2, nicknamed "Spar", ended up going rogue and changed the Mandalorians forever. He travelled to Mandalore and started rebuilding the Mandalorian supercommandos into the Mandalorian Protectors from 200 soldiers and officers of the law, and twelve former members of the Death Watch. Corban was one of these Death Watch veterans. Alpha-Omega 2 became Mandalore the Resurrector, and led his men alongside the Confederacy of Independent Systems against the Republic.

"The Republic cannot be fixed, m'lady. It is time to start over."

―Count Dooku to Padme Amidala

At last, Corban pressed his chance for revenge against the Republic, even fighting against the very Clone soldiers he himself had trained. Among his comrades in Mandalore the Resurrector’s army of just 212 Mandalorian Protectors were Tobbi Dala and Fenn Shysa, both of whom believed Alpha-Ø2 to be Boba Fett, son and heir to Jango’s True Mandalorians. The Mandalorian CIS contingent first saw action on their homeworld, where the Protectors helped capture the facilities of MandalMotors, forcing the company to commit its resources to aid the CIS. Following this engagement, and due to their limited numbers, the Protectors were constrained to covert missions.

Around this time, and perhaps during one of these covert missions, Shysa had a run in with C-3PX, a formidable assassin droid. Following the encounter, the droid gave Shysa and the Mandalorians the inspiration to acquisition a droid army for themselves. Using the Separatists' factories, the Protectors created a group of 1000 BL-series Battle Legionnaire droids# making them a fighting force to be reckoned with. With their new droid army, the Protectors charged into battle, executing devastating attacks on Null, Kamino, and New Bornalex.

Kote, darasuum kote. Te racin ka’ra juaan kote (lit. Glory, eternal glory. The stars pale beside our might)

–Mandalorian chant (taught to the Clone Troopers by the Cuy’val Dar)

However, in 20BBY, the Mandalorians were defeated at the Battle of New Holstice# by the Republic forces led by Jedi Aayla Secura and Commander CC-5052, although the Mandalorians inflicted around 60% casualties on their foes before the battle ended with the Mandalorians in full retreat. In this battle, Corban was seriously injured, and was unable to participate in the rest of the war. Instead, he convalesced on Ordo.

As the war reached its climax, the Mandalorian Protectors were selected for a special mission. Darth Sidious, the shadowy leader of the CIS, ordered the Mandalorian government to send the Protectors on a mission to Norval II in 19BBY. The group's objective was to capture Senator Padme Amidala, but after arriving they were ambushed by Jedi and Republic forces as part of a great deception engineered by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine – who was also the Separatists' Darth Sidious. The Mandalorians were almost entirely wiped out, including nearly all their Battle Legionnaire droids. Only three Mandalorians escaped the slaughter following the mission to Norval II; Shysa, Dala, and Alpha-Ø2, but Alpha-Ø2 was too shell-shocked from the war to be of use. The war itself ended shortly afterwards, and Shysa and Dala decided to return to Mandalore, now destitute due to the ravages of the conflict. Their commander disappeared to the Extricatarium Nebula, psychologically scarred and finding it difficult to reconcile his own memories with those of Jango Fett.

"Everyone dies. It is the final and only ever lasting justice. Evil exists; it is intelligence in the service of entropy. When the side of a mountain slides to kill a village, this is not evil, for evil requires intent. Should a sentient being cause that landslide, there is evil; and requires justice as a consequence, so that civilization can exist. There is no greater good than justice; and only if law serves justice is it a good law. It is said correctly that law exists not for the just but for the unjust, for the just carry the law in their hearts, and do not need to call it from afar. I bow to no one and give service only for cause."

―Boba Fett

While the Protectors were away, Palpatine had turned Mandalore into a slave-farm. The Mandalorian government had legalized slavery to recover their economic losses from the war, and the Empire sent slavers to sell people off-world.

"We found things had changed durin' our leave. Our homeworld had been overrun by slavers sanctioned by the Empire, an' they'd turned Mandalore into a conscription center fer slaves needed to work the fact'ries, farms an' mines what kept the Imperial war machine runnin'."

―Fenn Shysa

Shysa and Dala found themselves branded war criminals, and set about forming a resistance movement on Mandalore to combat the slavers [Note: their fight would last another 20 years].

Meanwhile, Corban had left Ordo moon (in 19BBY). Having recovered enough to return to combat, he set off towards Coruscant. He intended to lend his aid to the Separatist forces that were assembling for their offensive that culminated in the Battle of Coruscant. He arrived too late, however, and learned of the death of Count Dooku at the hands of Jedi Anakin Skywalker. Learning what little he could from the heavily censored news network, Corban concluded there was little reason to rush off and join any of the scattered hold-outs of Separatists around the Galaxy. He had seen enough of wars to know their endings, and so he settled on Coruscant itself, understanding rightly that he had witnessed the dawn of a new age.

He's trying to adjust to life as a civilian metal-smith in the Invisec market. He's managed to get into a few scrapes, though, including hunting down a bartender named Rora Deely for the Trandoshan who runs the Traveller's Rest, and bringing down a criminal enterprise for his new friend Ester.

Mhi draar bahrt’I meg’parhii’se, Kote lo’shebs’ul narit (lit. We never care who wins the war, so you can keep your fame)

–Mandalorian saying


1. Hew Ordo. (Note: I envision Hew as played by Hugh Jackman). Hew was actually from Concord Dawn, not Ordo Moon as his name might suggest. Hew and Corban served together in the Death Watch, and later in the CIS. Hew was surprised when the two reunited in the CIS, because for about a decade he’d thought Corban was dead (Corban was of course working for the Cuy’val Dar). Corban didn’t keep his reasons for vanishing secret – he told Hew he’d been training the very clone troopers they were now fighting to destroy, and Hew learnt great respect for both the clones and their trainers. Hew and Corban left the Mandalorian contingent of the CIS at around the same time and under similar circumstances. As such, they’ve not spoken for the last few months, and Corban doesn’t know what has come of Hew. (Note: I’m considering playing Hew when we expand)
2. Bhav Reno. One of the Cuy’val Dar, Bhav and Corban grew close during their time together on Kamino, and often ate, trained, worked, and relaxed together. A smart Mandalorian, Bhav sat out the Clone War, but is now roving the Galaxy working as a bodyguard for wealthy primaries.
3. Ester. Corban brought down the company that was chasing Ester, though he doesn't consider her to owe him any favours.


The Cuy’val Dar: B'arin Apma, Rav Bralor, Brolis (possibly), Cort Davin, Mij Gilamar, Dred Priest, Isabet Reau, (an unnamed) Female Sullustan cryptologist, Kal Skirata, Wad'e Tay'haai, Vhonte Tervho, Walon Vau (see Enemies), Llats Ward, and others.

Many of the Cuy’val Dar extended their service to leading the Clone Troopers into battle during the Clone Wars, and as such, those few who fought for the Separatists (such as Corban) would be ostracised by the rest. [Note: Kal Skirata and Walon Vau, at least, are apparently both dead by the outbreak of the Second Galactic War, but are possibly alive at the time O66 is set;,]


1. Boba Fett. Corban believed Alpha-Ø2 (Spar) to be Jango Fett’s unaltered clone, and hates him for leaving the Mandalorians to become a bounty hunter after Norvall II. [Note: In 19BBY, Fett is currently either working as a bounty hunter, or starting his brief attempt at married life on Corncord Dawn.]
2. Walon Vau. Vau was described as being tall and cadaverous. He seemed to be sociopathic, showing no empathy or sympathy to his fellow sentients. It seemed that the only living thing he truly loves was his pet strill, Lord Mirdalan, whom he affectionately called "Mird”. Their time together before the war as Cuy’val Dar left a lasting impression on Corban, though not because he disagreed on principal with any of Vau’s policies (like Kal Skirata did), but just because the two often quarreled. Indeed, Corban was a quiet supporter of Vau’s way, and noted with approval the statistic that after a year of war, only three of Vau’s clone troopers had died. After completing his contract with the Cuy’val Dar, Vau returned to civilian life with his Strill pet, Lord Mirdalan. Unknown to Corban, Vau was briefly recruited by Kal Skirata to work a black op against a CIS cell on Coruscant, but Vau and Skirata were both fully aware of Corban’s joining the CIS.
3. Trevelyan Den. A Coruscant human with influence, he is a fan of the performing arts. Corban and Den met one another soon after Corban arrived on Coruscant, and Corban was so singularly unpleasant to the man that Den has actually committed the Mandalorian’s name to memory and has occasionally considered reporting the incident to the law. The two somehow ended up arguing about culture and the arts, and would be loath to share company again.

Additional Mandalorian Resources

War Chants and Poems

Vode An! (Brothers all!)

Kandosii sa ka'rta, Vode an.
Mandalore a'den mhi, Vode an.
Bal kote, darasuum kote,
Jorso'ran kando a tome.
Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, Vode an.

Kandosii sa ka'rta, Vode an.
Mandalore a'den mhi, Vode an.

Motir ca'tra nau tracinya.
Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a.
Aruetyc runi cet slarycina solus cet o'r.
Motir ca'tra nau tracinya.
Gra'tua cuun hett su dralshy'a.
Aruetyc cet slarycina runi trattok'o
Sa kyr’am nau tracyn kad, Vode an!

One indomitable heart, Brothers all.
We, the wrath of Mandalore, Brothers all.
And glory, eternal glory,
We shall bear its weight together.
Forged like the saber in the fires of death, Brothers all.

One indomitable heart, Brothers all.
We, the wrath of Mandalore, Brothers all.

Those who stand before us light the night sky in flame.
Our vengeance burns brighter still.
Every last traitorous soul shall kneel.
Those who stand before us light the night sky in flame.
Our vengeance burns brighter still.
Every last traitorous soul shall fall.
Forged like the saber in the fires of death, Brothers all!)

Ka’rta Tor

Kandosii sa kyr’am ast,
Troan teroch Mando’ade a’den,
Duraan vi at ara’nov.
Vode an, ka’rta tor.

(As ruthless as Death itself,
The pitiless face of the Mandalorians’ wrath
Let us look down on all before us
Brothers all, one heart of justice.)

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Re: Character backgrounds

Invisec – Star Wars – Character Generation - Laszlo

Character Name: Cseri Laszlo Hedegynth
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': Laszlo
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak, Iridonian
Faction: Imperial Intelligence
Class: Civilian
Rank: None
Force Sensitive? No

Personality: Like most of his kind, Laszlo believes strongly in himself, and under Imperial influence, this is lending itself to perjorative feelings towards other species.
He is diverse and tough, but what marks him out from others of his race is his love of the Rodian people. As both Rodia and Iridoria are characterised by their inhospitable terrain and fierce predatory life, he sees similarities between them and his own people. He admires their art and spirit, especially their intense, violent, and compelling dramas, feeling a chord struck between their survivalist associations and his own people’s history.

Some other - more considered - beings might regard Laszlo as single-minded, which is not entirely unfair. As mentioned, a strong sense of self-assuredness fills everything he does and he is sometimes arrogantly confident of his worth to the Galaxy, and will seek to prove skeptics wrong. He will gladly discuss the acheivements of his own people with a pride bordering on self-satisfaction, but he tempers it with his (near-)equal passion for the Rodian race.
He was seeking to open a Rodian theatre troupe in Invisec, having been confined there due to the Empire’s humano-centric policies but was recruited by Imperial Intelligence and has been working for them ever since.

Physical Description: Zabrak resemble humans to some degree, being distinguished by patterns of vestigial horns atop their heads. Laszlo stands about 1.9 metres tall, which is not uncommon for his kind. His eyes are yellow, his skin tone is tan (some other Zabrak sub-species have peachy-white, yellow, red, brown, or black skin), and like all Zabrak he lacks eyelashes or facial hair. His facial tattoo’s reflect his family heritage and his being Iridorian (as opposed from one of the eight sovereign colonies).

Distinguishing Marks: Besides the features that mark him out first as a Zabrak, and then as an Iridorian Zabrak, Laszlo’s distinguishing features are most obviously his tattoo’s.

Weapons: Laszlo owns a pair of Zabrak combat gloves, and carries a simple Zabrak blaster at his side, but bears no other firearms except what his handlers allow him. He has a small assortment of prop weaponry that don’t do real damage, but appear very convincing.
Armour: None, although he has a small assortment of prop armour that would not stand up to any real punishment, but might fool an uncommitted inspection.
Vehicles: A swoop bike. It was impounded at the end of the war and he sought getting it back through the civilian channels. He had begun considering buying a rickshaw when Imperial Intelligence recruited him after he successfully identified the Jedi Turin Lor, and they released his swoop from impound.
Other Items: A commlink with video capacity – a gift from a former patron. Credit chip with his now substantial wealth - Intelligence have been paying him well. Datapad. Recording unit. Some textiles that he planned to use as props and costumes for his theatre troupe (100 credits worth), but these are now in storage. Toolkit for techie work. His most treasured ‘item’ was his pet dwarf Nuna bird, or ‘swamp turkey’ (see entry in … res#Nuna), called Geck, which was a parting gift from his Rodian friend, Wild Bha’al, but the cook at Gentes Tavern killed it and cooked it. In a fit of rage, Laszlo murdered the cook and was only spared prosecution by virtue of his association with Commander Valin.

Skills: Laszlo has a strong affinity for martial arts; a childhood requirement on his home planet. He practices these hand-to-hand combat kata’s as meditative techniques, with willing partners as a social activity, and also incorporates them within his theatre. If necessity demanded it, he would have no trouble employing these skills in genuine combat, and has done so before. He is also a capable actor (which lends itself to deception) and acrobat, both of which skills he has employed on stage to earn a living. He knows a little about a lot, but a lot about very little, though he can do a good job of feigning more knowledge than he actually has. He has limited mechanical knowledge from maintaining affordable swoop bikes, and cheap and faulty theatre equipment, and some minimal first aid abilities from treating injured actors (Rodian’s are pretty hardcore, though…) His ‘Use Computer’ is nothing above ordinary, and he’s not a brilliant shot, although as a Zabrak he has strong survival instincts, quick reactions, and good natural agility, fortitude, and willpower. He is capable at piloting land speeders, and better on a swoop bike. He has some essential leadership and influence skills, especially when working over cross-cultural divides.
Basic (fluent): The Galactic trade language.
Cerean (simple dialogue): A relic of his relationship with a young Cerean woman, Laszlo learned a little of her tongue out of respect.
Rodese (simple dialogue): Laszlo has learnt something of the language of the people he admires so much, and can hold his own in conversation with a (considerate) Rodian.
Zabrak (fluent): The language of his homeworld.

Family: Cseri Hideg Iridor, father, and Cseri Hidegne Yvani Iridor. They live in Cseri, near Malidris on Iridonia, and Laszlo and his parents were on good terms when last they spoke, although Hideg doesn’t wholly approve of Laszlo’s fondness for Rodian theatre, preferring him to express himself in more… Zabrak-like ways. With the war ended, the Empire is garrisoning the Zabrak worlds, abolishing their industrial bases, and raising taxes that are driving them all to near poverty, which will strain their restraint. If Hideg and Yvani found out about Laszlo's current line of work, there's a chance they might even disown him.

History: Laszlo was born to loving parents who encouraged his creativity as a natural aspect of Zabrak capability. He got into swoop bikes at a relatively early age, and spent much of his teens riding them on Iridonia. His other passion was awakened soon after he first learned of Rodians, and their racial mentality’s similarity with the Zabrak emphasis on the will to survive struck Laszlo powerfully. He set about learning all he could of the Rodians, and in his late-teens, he traveled with some companions to Rodia, and it was on this journey he encountered Ti-Dala, a Cerean woman who had left her homeworld in 27BBY in resistance to its conservative values. From 32 BBY (the time of the blockade of Naboo), Ti-Dala had been a supporter of the rhetorician Bron (, and an active member of the Band of Techrats ( When they met in 27BBY, Ti-Dala’s xenophilia and binary brain suited her well to comprehending Laszlo’s love of the Rodian’s, and the two became romantically involved. While on Rodia, they hit on the notion of a traveling Rodian theatre troupe, and hired a group of Rodian actors led by a Rodian named Bha’al, and traveled the mid-Rim for almost five years.

However, in early 22BBY, the Clone Wars (22BBY-19BBY) broke out, and the mid-Rim became an increasingly dangerous place to tour as more and more systems seceded from the Republic. The Troupe began winding their way in to the Core (which they believed would be safer and less lawless), and found the patronage of a Coruscant noble, Trevelyan Den. But in 21BBY, Ti-Dala was conscripted to the defence of the Republic and specifically Cerea. Laszlo began following the war closely on the HoloNet, and he learned to his dismay that Ti-Dala was one of the 1 million plus killed in the month-long Battle of Cerea. However, despite his grief, in the Republic dissent was suppressed, and so Laszlo remained actively loyal to the Republic cause. Those who second-guessed the Republic were looked upon with suspicion in those times of treachery, and loyalty had to be demonstrated, not assumed. He struggled with his lack of outlet over Ti-Dala’s loss, though, and by late-20BBY Wild Bha’al’s Rodian Theatre Troupe was on Coruscant and was disintegrating under Laszlo’s inconsistent leadership. They arrived just after Count Dooku’s attack on the Capital, but were nevertheless in time to watch the raising and training of the Clone Shock Troopers on Coruscant itself where these soldiers became a familiar sight, operating as martial police.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was by now regarded by most as indispensible to the Republic cause, and founded the War Council Advisory Panel ( … sory_Panel) and the Homeworld Security Command ( … ty_Command). These bodies were associated with the deporting of ‘enemy species’ from Corsucant. Especially painful for Laszlo was the public backlash against Rodians that followed the Battle of Duro in 20BBY. A Senate Bureau of Intelligence investigation after the defeat revealed that Rodian Senator Onaconda Farr had reassigned ships intended for Duro’s defence to Iseno, after being bribed by the Isenese Senator, and both Senators were forced to resign. The Supreme Chancellor was given dictatorial powers to conduct the war, and the humano-centric policies that would characterise the Empire really began to take hold. Rodians were deported from Coruscant in large numbers, and Laszlo’s theatre troupe was ended. Yet like most Republic citizens, Laszlo was possessed of a short-sightedness that allowed him to accept these policies and ‘reforms’.

Over the course of the war, the personification of the Republic’s nobility – the Jedi – allowed Laszlo a focus for his remaining loyalty to the Republic. They were larger than life heroes, especially the famous Kenobi and Skywalker, who ‘benefited’ from sensationalist HoloNet reports exagerating their acheivements. Furthermore, the prospect of subjugation under Confederate General Grievous’ Battle Droids fueled the attitude of fear on Coruscant that made possible Palpatines increasingly autocratic legislature.

As the war dragged on, optimism and morale had sunk while the Grand Army of the Republic seemed to be failing to hold of Grievous’ forces. Meanwhile, it was becoming known (on the streets, but not publicised on the censored HoloNet) that the Jedi were defecting in large numbers to the Seperatists, including such knights as Depa Billaba and Quinlan Vos. Indeed, the Seperatist commander Count Dooku had once been a Jedi!

Earlier this year (19BBY), Laszlo was among the many inhabitants of Coruscant made homeless and forced into governmental shelter programs when General Grievous launched his massive attack on the planet. Dooku of course was slain in the fighting and Grievous routed when General Kenobi and Commander Skywalker joined the rescue attempt on the captured Supreme Chancellor. With the Separatists driven off Coruscant and persued, defence measures on the capital were strengthened and Palpatine’s military police became an ever-more prevalent factor in day-to-day Coruscant life. As the Seperatists were being destroyed on Utapau and Kasyyyk, Palpatine revealed to the public that the Jedi were traitors to the Republic, and that he had acted to pre-empt a planned coup coordinated by the Order.

"Following Palpatine's declaration, major changes occurred in the fabric of the former Republic. Members of the Petition of 2000, delivered to Palpatine in the days prior to the establishment of the Empire, were arrested and charged with treason. The Commission for the Protection of the Republic, formed during the Clone Wars, was merged with the Imperial Security Bureau and renamed the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. The clone troopers were reorganized under the name Imperial stormtroopers. The assets of the Trade Federation, Commerce Guild, Corporate Alliance, Techno Union and Intergalactic Banking Clan were brought under the Empire's control. Such measures of nationalisation were welcomed by the public, who had suffered the divisive consequences of factionalism. The war machines of the Republic (such as the Acclamator-class transport and AT-TE) were retired from active service on the front lines in favor of new weapons of war such as the Imperial-class Star Destroyer and AT-AT. The captains of the Republic ships that participated in major conflicts of the Clone Wars (such as the Siege of Saleucami and recovery of the Rendili Dreadnaught-class cruisers) were given the credit for winning the battles, completely eliminating the Jedi's involvement” -

But despite the scars of war leaving a strong desire to find a scape-goat, and despite the rhetoric of the Emperor, Lazslo struggled to believe that the Jedi were the traitors Palpatine claimed them to be. However, the sudden deactivation of the droid army that so swiftly followed ‘Operation Knightfall’ against the Jedi Temple certainly seems to add to the evidence Palpatine brought before the Senate that the Jedi were really involved in the Separatist uprising that caused so much hurt.

Now, having been attacked personally by Jedi on at least three occassions, his heart is thoroughly hardened against them.


1. The Inquisitorius. Admittedly, this organisation is mainly using him as a pawn, but they're his current anchor.
2. Trevelyan Den. A Coruscant human with influence, he is a fan of the performing arts, and patronized Lazslo’s avant garde Rodian theatre. He is concerned about his former friend, but feels unable to show much support or offer any assistance, as to do so would risk his censure as an alien-lover.
Laszlo doesn't know the man is dead.
3. Wild Bha’al’s Rodian Theatre Troupe. Bha’al (the chief Rodian) and the theatre troupe have all now gone their separate ways, but after traveling together for some seven years, and through some interesting times and places, they share a tight bond of friendship.


1. Rodian’s. Laszlo is a xenophile who gets on well with most other races, but the Rodian people hold a special place in his heart. He knows and respects their ways, speaks some of their language, and is skilled at working with them and leading them.
2. Parents, Cseri Hideg Iridor and Cseri Hidegne Yvani Iridor. Laszlo hasn't been in touch with his folks recently - he's had other priorities.


1. The Jedi. At the end of the war, Laszlo wasn't quite convinced the Jedi were all that Palpatine claimed they were, but after what he's experienced in the last month, he's passionately hostile against them. They cost him his right hand.
2. Droids. Like many ex-Republic citizens, Laszlo learned a fear of droids from General Grievous and the Separatist army. Naturally, he doesn’t seek to destroy them on-sight, but his attitude will be hostile towards them until persuaded otherwise.
3. Ti-Dala’s parents. Lazslo’s ex-partner’s parents aren’t so misguided as to hold him responsible for their daughter’s rebellion and ultimate death, but they do see him as interconnected, and certainly believe that things might have been different for her (and them) had he not hooked up with her on the Rodian adventure.

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Re: Character backgrounds

Just thought I'd mention that character backgrounds don't have to be as in depth as Ash's marvellous creations above!


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Re: Character backgrounds

Character Name:  Samuel Eusanus
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': Has adopted many names through his life short life
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Faction: Jedi (Kind of)
Class: What ever he could get but wanderer could adequately describe him.
Force Sensitive: Moderate

His force powers are more concentrated round those which aid him, such as those for concealment or to sense others.
Personality:  A strange choice for a student of the force he is outspoken in his beliefs which are that there are times when certain courses of action are necessary to achieve goals, despite this he still possesses some sense of what the Jedi code represents and therefore believes in honor and duty but he also recognizes that in the current climate such ideals are a matter of perspective.

Physical Description: Of average build he doesn’t particularly stand out in a crowd. With sandy colored hair that possesses a mind of its own in its appearance, it being rarely groomed by Samuel, and a friendly face he does at least appear to be a friendly person. He normally prefers clothes he can move around well in, most normally a pair of brow hard wearing trousers (having learned that it’s good to have clothes that can last a long time when money is light) and a shirt of some sort. Plus a recent addition to his wardrobe, a comfortable flight jacket that helps hide the blaster he has holstered near his arm pit.
Distinguishing Marks: None but a friendly smile that can sometimes get him into trouble at inappropriate times.
Weapons: Began training with light sabers but never got the opportunity to build his own having left training rather suddenly. Also has learned the wonders of the humble blaster.

Vehicles: Well if you can start the thing its fair game right?

Other Items: Sometimes getting to where you want to be can mean ‘bending the rules’, so methods of getting through sealed doors are always a good thing in Samuel’s mind.

Skills: The force is always good at guiding those who listen so when needing to tinker he can sometimes achieve his goals though he is by no means a master. Perhaps one of his talents is being a smooth talker.
Family: Parents would be unknowns in Samuels’s life, but those he would consider family would be at least partly those of the Jedi order who took him in, though weather they would acknowledge him now would be questionable.

History: Coruscant is a big place and with all those people coming and going it is easy to miss a small bundle in the streets. As chance would have it the baby Samuel was picked up by a kind hearted woman who nurtured the boy, why? He would never know untill he began to grow and develop abilities that other people didn’t, this was he learned the force. His training, in secret was undertaken by a hidden group it was here that he would eventually encounter Gino Byrd, though his younger by a few years he did at least strike up a friendship with the boy, finding a connection in their hard backgrounds. Though their friendship was cut short by Samuel’s leaving.
Samuels abandonment of the training came about after he questioned the rules, Samuel believed that perhaps there were things worth doing if they achieved the right goals, he even used the example of the hidden teaching he and others underwent as such a thing. The result was clear, he and those that taught disagreed and Samuel left suddenly at 19. Leaving Coruscant he traveled for several years, the events of the Clone Wars making it somewhat difficult though not impossible. He earned a trade do what ever jobs he could find, sometimes his limited Jedi training helped. By the time the Clone Wars ended and the purge of the Jedi began Samuel decided to return to Coruscant to find out what became of those he once knew.
His last year away from Coruscant was spent aboard a trading ship under a Captain Hiratio Bannon, a man who may have recognized Samuels Jedi talents but didn’t say anything of the sort to Samuel. The two parted as friends, Hiratio giving him a flight jacket as a parting gift along with a name that could perhaps help him track down those who he sought.


1.  Gino Byrd
2.  Captain Hiratio Bannon (a trader upon who’s ship Samuel spent much of his time)
3.  Those he once knew as well as perhaps those he will soon meet.
Three close contacts/family members/etc. who would help your character out of a pickle, lend money, vouch for your character in a court of law, etc...


1.   Contacts within the trading business
2.  Gayle Leach

Previous friends, workmates, more distant family members etc, who like you well enough, but are unlikely to stick their necks out far for your sake.


1. Those Jedi who view his viewpoint as dangerous and radical
2. The Empire
3.  Kirstie Barker (you stand a girl up once and they hate you)

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Re: Character backgrounds

Character Name: Shulamith Rah
Titles/Nicknames/Aliases: Shula’mithrah  (Twi’lek name meaning ‘peaceful alliance’)
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Species: Twi’lek (Rutian - somewhere between dark blue and aquamarine)
Faction: Jedi
Class: Jedi Consular
Force Sensitive? Highly attuned

Force abilities
Shulamith is skilled in battle but preferred to study the mysteries of the Force rather than enter combat.  An excellent commander and strategist as a result, her Force abilities are highly developed, including:

Force Speed, Force Cloak, Force Concealment (Also known as Force Stealth), Force Sense, Force Empathy, Force Seeing, Telekinesis.
Battle Meditation, Breath Control, Force Comprehension.
Battle Precognition, Force Enlightenment, Force Projection, Force Persuasion

Personality: Very reflective and contemplative, wise beyond her years due to the intensive study of the Force since being taken as a padawan aged 5 to Jedi Master Kota Narekk, himself a seer.

Physical Description: A dark turquoise skin tone, athletic build, dresses in plain clothing, often decorated with Twi’lek jewellery.

Distinguishing Marks: Lekku are finely tattooed.

Weapons: Lightsaber, pearly white.

Vehicles: Speeder, plus access to ships through contacts at the docks.

Other Items: Has a small arsenal at locationsa cross Invisec, plus items of use such as communicators etc.

Skills: Languages: Ryl, Lekku, Basic, Huttese.  Negotiation, combat. Prefers to achieve things through words or the Force than violence.

Family: Mother Char’mithrah and father Tol’mithrah of the Mithrah clan on Ryloth, both Force-sensitive.  No siblings.


Shulamith was found to be strong in the Force when her parents brought her to the attention of the Jedi as a small child. She was taken from her home in the large subterranean city of Kala’uun on Ryloth and trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, though she kept cloe ties to Ryloth and those there. Kota Narekk chose her as his Padawan and became her mentor for 27 years, until his death at the hands of the 501st Legion in the Jedi Temple. Shulamith was in discussion with the monks on the Manarai Mountains regarding the prophecy of The Chosen One when Order 66 occurred.

One of the most experienced Jedi left alive, she immediately began a mission to create a safe place for Jedi to come together and regroup, hiding the new Hidden Temple in an upturrned Starship in the Lemelisk Salvage yard in Invisec.

Following the tough decision to send A-3SC on a mission on the triple Zero to seek out Jedi sympathies and sympathisers, she is rallying her support on Coruscant and strengthening her defences where she can, as well as relocating their base of operations to a new home within the sector.

She senses something very dark coming their way- but she cannot yet tell what shape or form this will take…


1. A-3SC, Battle Droid and CO of the Triple Zero.
2. Kaxa Muri (also Kax’amuri), Twi’lek Jedi sympathiser.
3. Gino Byrd, Padawan


1. Kelann Merrak, Bar owner on Invisec
2. Samuel Eusanus, Jedi (friend of Gino Byrd)
3. Mantell Bevenn, healer


1. Joph Xerun, Corrupt Police Chief of Invisec
2. Roganda Valin, Officer of the Inquisitorius
3. Sorren Kadri – though she is not aware of Kadri’s alignment and plans, Sorren regards her as the leader of the Jedi that have escaped the Purge and is so looking to bring her down. He is aiming to do this via corruption of the ship 000. However, he knows that she is strong in the Force and may well see past the Force Concealment he utilises to hide his alignment. Currently she senses something bad coming, but can’t pin down where it will come from – some of it will come from Sorren…

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Re: Character backgrounds

Mantell Bevenn

Mantell Bevenn

Character Name: Mantell Rafael Bevenn
Age: 24 (Year of birth: 43 BBY)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Faction: Jedi/Neutral
Class: Healer

Force Sensitive? Genetic potential force sensitivity. No formal training has been undertaken, and so that genetic disposition is innate.

Personality: Mantell is an intelligent and motivated young man. His primary desire is to help people, especially to heal them. He was mischievous in his younger years, but that has been curbed by determination to succeed in his chosen career. Yet he retains a good sense of humour in the appropriate circumstances, and is possessed of a loving and generous nature. He is compassionate, perhaps beyond his own limitations, and the losses he has suffered in his life make him keenly aware of the losses of others, whilst attempting to prevent further losses for himself and others. Deeply empathic, he can attune to the pain of others emotionally, as well as heal their physical hurts. He is generally given to trust; though his recent knowledge and status as a fugitive incline him to be less forthcoming with information and trust where strangers are concerned.

Physical Description: Olive-skinned, short black hair and deep brown eyes. Mantell is not built with strength in mind - his frame leans towards athletic and agile. The main concern for his body has been survival in a generally unfriendly world and for the most part this has worked. He is 5’9”, and weighs 154lbs (11 stone/70kg).

Distinguishing Marks: Scar on the left shoulder, scar on the lower right leg. 

Weapons: Sister’s lightsaber (hidden and unused), a standard blaster pistol.
Vehicles: None
Other Items: Stethoscope, small medical kit in addition to the supplies at the hospital, personal comm.
Skills: Healer, most experience with human patients, but a theoretical understanding of most common alien physiologies, alongside practical experience.
Family: Harley Gabriel Bevenn, father, 35, deceased; Leone Riasa Bevenn (née Siasia), mother, 34, deceased; Indira Rafinha Bevenn, sister, 26.


   Harley Bevenn was born in 64 BBY on Coruscant, not too far from the Senate Building. In the next year Leone Riasa Siasia was also born on Coruscant. Both had their early childhood in the relative peace and quiet that was upon the Republic at this time. They met in childhood, around 52 BBY. It was the same year that Palpatine of Naboo was elected to the Galactic Senate as representative of the Chommell Sector, after the assassination of Vidar Kim by an unknown gunman, firing from a passing airspeeder. This appointment was to bring a shadow over the Galactic Republic, and eventually, of course, lead to its fall.  Also the Battle of Kordo 6 was fought, the penultimate battle of the Mandalorian Civil War, which saw Jaster Mereel, Mandalore of the Mandolorians killed in an ambush by the Death Watch, and the succession of Jango Fett to the position of Mandalore. The course that these events would take was, of course, unknown at that time, and Harley and Leone had little idea about Galactic politics, being only 10 and 9 years old respectively. They struck a friendship at that time, and though they had little time to spend with each other due to schooling and the like, they maintained that friendship. As they reached their adolescent years they felt the pull of nature, as it were. It was 46 BBY, Padmé Naberrie, later Queen Amidala of Naboo, had just been born, and against the advice and wishes of their parents Harley and Leone eloped to another part of Coruscant, and married at the tender ages of 17 and 16. Often a marriage with two people of such a young age would not last, but for whatever reason, either the complexity of chemical attraction and love, or the will of the Force, the marriage lasted, and two years later it was blessed with a female child. They called her Indira Rafinha, and not all that long after her birth some Jedi came from the Temple, explaining that Indira had a high Force Sensitivity potential, and that they would like her to enter the Temple to become a Jedi. Harley and Leone, even though this was their only child at the time and they were naturally staggered by the news, were also pleased. The Jedi Order being the guardians of peace in the galaxy, and well respected by the Bevenns, they agreed that Indira should enter the Temple and become a Youngling (or Jedi Initiate). They also knew that they may not see her for a very long time, if at all, and though it pained them, they still agreed, and so Indira left the Bevenn family to become a Jedi. Meanwhile, Harley Bevenn had gained a job in the CoCo District, working as part of the HoloNet agency.
   Though they missed their daughter, the Bevenn’s knew that they had done the right thing for her – to have taken her from that potential would have been too harsh. Of course, they also slightly mourned the loss of a daughter, and things at home were troubled for a while. It was a rough two years for the Bevenn family, but things picked up when Leone learned that she was pregnant with another child. In 41 BBY Leone gave birth to a son, whom they called Mantell. By this time Palpatine had been in the Senate for ten years, having replaced Vidar Kim as the representative of the Chommell Sector and Jorus C’Boath had been appointed Palpatine’s personal adviser.
   The Bevenn family were pleased with their new child, and in some ways Mantell’s brith helped to mend the rift that Indira’s leaving had caused. It gave Harley and Leone a focus for their love, and reminded them why they had married in the first place. One of the questions that an outside commentator would ask about Mantell’s history might be that given his sister possessed a high midi-chlorian count, why Mantell was not tested, and why the Jedi did not return to the Bevenn family home. Perhaps the Bevenns could not stand to give up their second child. Perhaps the Jedi knew of Mantell, but foresaw that he would not possess the ability to become a Padawan and so would be doomed either to leave the Order or become part of one of the lesser groups attached to the Jedi Temple, such as the MedCorps, and feared that if that were so Mantell seeing his sister as a full Jedi Knight would fall prey to jealousy and fall to the Dark Side. Perhaps there was a simple mistake, and his potential was never spotted. Mantell himself does not even know he possesses any potential in the Force, and has put down any extension of natural ability either to instinct and gut feeling, or simple miraculous intervention from some higher order. He knows that his sister is a Jedi, of course, but this has always been put down to a freak of the Force, or simply a one-off incident in the family genetic code. But whatever the reason, Mantell was not accepted into the Jedi Temple, and stayed at home, growing up like any normal child.
   He spent much of his time around the place where his parents lived – he was restricted in his activities by his parents who worried for him, but he managed to escape their watchful supervision from time to time and stray further afield than was necessarily wise. All such trips were made with the company of his best friend Niall Frosach, the child of a family that lived on the same street. Some of the time they spent merely wandering the streets, whilst other times they would sneak into various shops and supply depots, normally being chased away by disgruntled guards. This got them into real trouble just the once, when they climbed a chainlink fence on a supply depot, and were greeted by some guard dogs, which performed their duty and attacked the two explorers. Whilst attempting to escape by climbing the fence once more one of the dogs leapt and managed to catch hold of Mantell’s right leg and pulled him to the floor. Fortunately, a guard had been alerted by the sound of the dogs’ barking and came over just in time to save Mantell from a more severe bite. Nevertheless, this episode caused a slight curb in the ambition of Mantell and Niall to cause mischief and go where they shouldn’t, and taught Mantell the invaluable lesson of looking before leaping, something that he carried with him ever afterward, along with the visual reminder of a scar on his lower right leg from the dog’s bite.
   It was also after this episode that Mantell began his fascination with medical sciences. The dog’s bite had been pretty bad, and necessitated a trip to a healer. The healer on duty was called Medr Finghin. He was a kind and patient man, and seemed to be confident in his talents. A mere dog bite seemed nothing to him, and yet he treated Mantell as if he were the most important patient in the entire galaxy. Mantell was fascinated by his manner, and also by the procedure he followed, and could not stop himself asking questions about every single step. It was a relatively simple procedure, and Medr happily explained it all – he’d used Numb-Spray, a spray-on anaesthetic, to numb the area of the bite, so that it could be properly cleaned whilst causing minimal pain. Following that he’d applied Salve – a gelatinous substance that cleaned and healed minor injuries. He described how the skin would reform under the Salve and would repair itself, leaving only a small scar. Medr also allowed Mantell to assist with some of the easier procedures, and laughingly recommended that Mantell follow a career in healing. Mantell rather took this to heart, and thinking about it took the edge of the shouting that followed when his parents arrived. Throughout the next years this was a source of hope for Mantell, and the inspiration Medr provided allowed Mantell to find the drive to work hard for that which he wanted, despite the emotional upheaval that was to come.
   That emotional upheaval would occur in 29 BBY. In other parts of the galaxy Han Solo was born on Corellia and most of the people of Djun murdered each other having been driven insane by Viscount Malreaux’s experiments with midi-chlorians. On Coruscant, Mantell was twelve and Indira was fourteen. Harley and Leone Bevenn were out one night at the CoCo District Theater enjoying a show. They had returned to their cruiser, which was parked nearby, and as they got into it a group of thugs turned up and pulled blaster pistols on them. The demanded the keys to the cruiser, as well as money and jewellery. The chain of events were confused, but ultimately one of thugs fired his blaster killing Harley as he bodily protected his wife, who was shot immediately afterwards. Their bodies were dumped on the street and the cruiser taken. The killers were never found. Mantell and Indira were informed in due course, and Indira took some time out from her training as a Jedi Padawan, the rank to which she had risen, to be with Mantell. Of course, Indira could not take too much time away – she was in a key part of her Padawan training. She thought about volunteering to do so, but once again it seemed like the will of the Force was determined to keep Indira in the Temple. The Frosachs, the parents of Mantell’s best friend, offered to take Mantell into their own home. Indira, relieved, had to return to the Temple and Mantell did not begrudge her returning to something that she had worked so hard for. The death of their parents, however, forged a bond between the two, that had never existed before. As she had inherited most of her parents’ effects, monies and estates, Indira took it upon herself to aid the Frosachs in raising Mantell, paying for everything he needed. It was her money, their parents’ money, and Mantell’s hard work that allowed Mantell to go to the University of Coruscant to study medicine.
   Mantell’s decision to study medicine had seemingly been made from the day he had been in hospital for a dog bite, but it did mark the relative end of his friendship with Niall. Niall went to work with his father, and because Mantell had moved into his own apartment they had little contact, especially when Mantell started classes, for he was very busy. He was, of course, eternally grateful to the Frosachs, who had treated him as if he were their own son following his parents’ death, but it is the way of things that childhood friends take different paths and so grow apart. Nevertheless, the two remained in as much contact as they could, and though they aren’t close, there is still a bond there.
   Mantell’s attendance at the University of Coruscant reunited him with Medr Finghin, who, in addition to practicing medicine in hospitals, also gave some time to teaching at the university’s medical facility. For Mantell it was a happy reunion, and Mantell used Medr as a role model. Medr himself saw great potential in Mantell, and was happy that Mantell had followed his recommendation and pursued a career in medicine. Another two positives about Mantell starting university was the friendship of two other students there – another male human called Dún Deglan and a female Rutian Twi’lek from Ryloth by the name of Kaxa Muri (Twi’leki Kax’amuri). Dún Deglan and Mantell (known to him as Manny) struck up an immediate bond, meeting on the first day, after they were the only ones to answer questions asked by Medr Finghin in an introductory seminar. They met at their next class, and from that single moment developed a friendship. They became inseparable, as Niall and Mantell had been in the past. The other friendship, with Kaxa Muri was to be a little more complex. They also met at the university through their classes, and it soon became clear to Mantell that there was something more than friendship in their bonds. Apparently it had become clear to Kaxa too, and despite a nervous start, they eventually struck up a relationship that would sustain the both of them throughout the trials and sacrifices demanded by medical school. The three became a solid unit, co-operating on papers, and aiding each other in their work, as well as spending time together outside of university, whenever they had the opportunity. The three showed themselves to be exceptional students, and were the best in their year for every year of medical school. Medr Finghin had also developed a mentor-protégé relationship with Mantell, and it was this relationship that furthered Mantell’s desire to excel.
   The only negative influence in medical school was a human by the name Molkain Kalidiin. He, too, was an exceptional student, but he resented the bonds that Mantell had formed with fellow students, especially with the pretty Twi’lek Kaxa Muri. Himself an outsider, Molkain was driven to work hard, and was particularly drawn to the study of the effects of neuro-toxins. He was almost disturbingly fascinated with their effects, and this along with his general demeanour continued to keep him an outsider. He kept up a rivalry with Mantell, each vying to be the better student, and this was also expressed through determined exchanges of hatred outside of classes, and attempts by Molkain to sabotage Mantell’s work. Of course, with both Dún and Kaxa looking out for him Mantell was fairly safe from Molkain’s attempts. It all came to a head during the final exams, when Mantell discovered that Molkain was using mnemiotics, drugs designed to boost memory capacity and recall, which were against the rules of the university. Certain that this had been the way Molkain was achieving such high test scores throughout university, and driven by the trust Medr Finghin placed in him, Mantell told Medr Finghin what he had discovered. Medr passed this on to other university authorities, who, upon investigation, confirmed that Molkain had been using the mnemiotics for much of his university career, and subsequently Molkain was expelled from the university. Molkain managed to find out that it was Mantell that found out his secret, and, therefore, Mantell who was responsible for his expulsion. The hatred that Molkain had for Mantell increased to breaking point and he swore revenge on Mantell.
   It was unfortunate for Mantell that the joy of finishing medical school and being given a glowing reference by his tutor Medr Finghin was overshadowed by the news that Kaxa Muri would be leaving to return to Ryloth. Both were torn apart by the reality of this, but there was little they could do to change it. Mantell had been offered a place at one of the best medical facilities on Coruscant, a position that no one in their right mind would turn down, and Kaxa Muri had to return to her parents. Mantell considered following her to Ryloth, but she convinced him to remain, and not to throw away a bright future, assuring him that they would meet again if it were destined. Neither relished their parting, and it was the second saddest day of Mantell’s life when he waved her off from the Coruscant docks.
   Mantell took up his position at the medical facility, and worked hard, greatly impressing his superiors. The Republic itself was in its dying years, and the Clone War, started at the Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY, raged on. Mantell spent a lot of time treating victims of the conflicts that had been brought back to Coruscant, as well as treating the wide range of illnesses that affected the people of the city. Mantell was fortunate in that Dún had also been offered a position at the same medical facility, so he had someone to support him whilst he attempted to move on from the loss of Kaxa Muri. During his time working at the medical facility Mantell encoutered the Jedi Eva Ryyn, who made frequent trips out of the Temple to aid the healers in the city. She used a combination of medical practice and the Force to assist in the healing of her patients, and Mantell admired her dedication. The two became friends though Mantell did not see her very often, and they worked effectively together.
   Things seemed to move by very quickly in the following years and soon Mantell and Dún had finished their resident training and were fully-fledged healers. Similarly things have moved on in the political world – Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and the Senate declared Coruscant under a state of martial law, and the Jedi Temple was reportedly under military lockdown. It was then that Indira sought out Mantell at his apartment. She was clearly very panicked, and it showed, even though she strode hard to control it with her Jedi training. She talked of how the Jedi had been betrayed by one of their own, and that almost all the Jedi at the Temple had been slaughtered, from Younglings to Masters. Shaak Ti had managed to escape, and she had gone with him. For safety they has separated immediately, and Indira had come straight to Mantell. She told him that he was not safe – for as soon as they discovered that she had escaped they would doubtless come to him to find her location. She knew that it was hard for him to give up everything he had worked to gain, but he must flee to somewhere else on Coruscant, somewhere he would be unknown, and he had to take her lightsaber. Firstly, she said that she would not need it where she was going, and secondly, because he would know that she would return to collect it from him. She seemed to want to say something else concerning it, but the only other things she said were that she was proud of him, that mum and dad would be proud of him, and that he should keep himself safe. Mantell found yet another parting painful, but understood the urgency behind it, and as soon as Indira had left he immediately set about disappearing, leaving his apartment, jobs and friends behind. He had Indira’s lightsaber hidden in his personal medkit, until he could find a better place for it. He had also purchased a blaster pistol, so as to ward off any potential criminals, though it was more for show. Give Mantell a laser scalpel and he had great aim, he just hoped that he could transfer that skill to the pistol. Now he finds himself in the newly established APZ, also known as Invisec, the last place that anyone would look for a brilliant young human healer, who could profit from the Empire’s pro-human policies. Mantell knew that there was a medical facility here – understaffed and poorly equipped, but at least here he could practice his trade and hopefully help people, until it was safe for him and for his sister.


1. Indira Rafinha Bevenn: Mantell’s sister, and a Jedi. As far as Mantell knows Indira is in hiding following Order 66, just as Mantell himself has gone off-radar into Invisec, which is why Mantell has her lightsaber. She has promised to return to collect it.

2. Dún Deglan: Mantell’s best friend from medical school and work at the medical facility, Mantell has explained to Dún his decision to leave and advised he do the same. But if Dún would come looking for help, Mantell would help him in a heartbeat, as he knew Dún would for him.

3. Shulamith Rah: Having become connected with her, she having restored Kaxamuri to him, Mantell has come to regard her as close. He is also now the guardian of her daughter.


1. Medr Finghin – Mantell’s tutor at medical school, and the reason Mantell pursued the medical sciences, Medr has been a profound influence on Mantell’s life, and is still a role model for the young healer.

2. Niall Frosach – childhood friend of Mantell’s, the two have become separated by taking different paths in life. Still, that friendship was strong, and Mantell owes the Frosach family a great debt for having taken him in following his parents’ death.

3. Kaxa Muri (also Kax’amuri): a beautiful Rutian Twi’lek, she was Mantell’s first and only love. She left shortly after they finished medical school for her home planet of Ryloth. The two parted on good terms, and that love might yet be rekindled if the two were reunited.


1. Molkain Kalidiin: Mantell’s rival at medical school, Mantell discovered that Molkain had been cheating on examinations, and talked to the authorities, who had Molkain expelled. Naturally, Molkain blames Mantell for this, and has sworn vengeance on Mantell.

2. The Empire: Mantell and Indira believe that the new Imperial forces will stop at nothing to kill all the Jedi, and, as such, Mantell may well become a target if they discover Indira lives. It is for this reason that he has come to the Invisec, and she has gone into hiding.

3. The Thugs: Persons unknown, who murdered Mantell’s father and mother in the CoCo District. Mantell has no idea who they might be, but if he were to know them he would not be answerable for the consequences.

~Dovie'andi se tovya sagain~

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Re: Character backgrounds

Order 66 – Star Wars - Character Generation

”Do I look like a good girl?” – Sans Serif, The Spirit

Character Name: Zofi
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': Zofi’Zira is her full name Most people know her only as Zofi. Zofi dropped the tribal part of her name when her Uncle sold her into slavery.
Gender: Female
Species: Twi’lek
Faction:Criminal, Rebellion
Class: Dancer, Messenger
Force Sensitive?
Barely. Her only force ability is Force Sense, where she can sense disturbances in the force. Considering it a deep intuition, she is hard to surprise with an ambush because it of it.
Force Powers? Force perception – she can sense disturbances in the force, giving her some ability to avoid surprise, sense enemies, and detection emotion and influence. She’s not trained, so often times this ability is clouded by her own emotions.  A latent ability to move objects is growing stronger, the stress of the current times bringing it to light.

Personality: Zofi has dropped the illusion for being the errand girl for a crime boss. After disposing of her previous employer  and taking control of his gang of petty crooks,  Zofi is determined to do more than simply sit by while the Empire slowly kills off those who live in the slums.  She was a slave once and learned it is far better to die on one's feet than on one's knees. 

Still, one has to be smart about this - charging into battle against Storm Troopers does not help the orphans and it does not help those who do not have food on the table.

Plagued now by the feeling she is on a dark path she cannot change, she seeks to do good with what time she has left - but she's not afraid to be bad to do good.

Physical Description: Her burnt orange skin is dotted with dark freckles down her lekku. Grey eyes looks out from a face with high cheekbones and a slight upturned nose. Her figure is a dancer’s figure, strong and lean. Knowing full well what her value is, she rarely dresses in more than it takes to cover her private parts. When it’s cold, she throws a cloak over the outfit.
Distinguishing Marks: Her lekku are freckled and some would say her trademark smirk of a smile is a distinguishing mark. 
Weapons: Whip, small blasters – she is no attack twi’lek but she could hold her own.
Vehicles:She can pilot Dash’s speed bike, when he is not using it, but otherwise she has to take rickshaws and the like.
Other Items: Comlink to her gang, and a pocket scrambler. A video recorder, mesh tape 
Skills: Dancing, gambling, seduction, some ability with a blaster pistol and a whip, some whip tricks. Languages: Basic, Ryl, and a smattering of Huttese
Family:See history
History: In 39 BBY Ryhi’zir and Fyr’zir celebrated the birth of their youngest child, Zofi’zir. Zofi was bright orange, with bright blue eyes, and an easy laugh. Her parents would smile as she followed after her older brother, Zin’zir, wanting to go everywhere he went. The two were inseparable and seemed to have a silent communication between them – one that went beyond even the normal language involving the lekku.

The Force was with the siblings – and the Force was found strongest in Zin. Zin by the age of six had learned how to levitate objects with the Force on his own. A Jedi came to visit the Zir household. Zofi remembers him only as a male human, with a kind face and an easy smile.  Her parents were sad to let Zin go, but they knew he would have a far better life at the Jedi Temple than they could provide for him.  Zin took his sister outside, before he left and pointed up to the stars.

“See up there Zofi, I’m going to be out there. On a planet called Coruscant, that’s where I’ll be,” Zin pointed excited, at a star that was not a planet, nor Coruscant, but it did not matter.

“Zin, you’re leaving me!” Zofi wailed.

“Don’t cry, I’ll come and find you when I am a Jedi,” Zin promised Zofi.  Zofi would ever forget that promise, even when she was old enough to know which star was which and that life was not quite so simple.

In 30 BBY, Zofi as well as most of Ryloth would find their world turned upside down. 
Ryhi’zir and Fyr’zir would be killed in the attempted coup by Kh’aris Fenn on the Twi’lek Clan Council.  Zofi’s uncle would then claim guardianship of her. Mev’zira had been working for some time with off world smugglers, and unfortunately, had some debts he had not quite paid in full.  A nine year old girl twi’lek went a long way towards settling accounts.

Zofi probably would have ended up another death stick addicted dancer, if she had not saved Tabs Malhoon from a very nasty run in with law enforcement, thanks to her Force sense. Tabs may or may not be aware of Zofi’s abilities coming from the Force, but he knew that having early warning about any trouble was a very good thing to have.  Tabs rewards his favorite dancer with dresses and pretty baubles, and for her part Zofi tries to enjoy the life style of a gangs favorite dancer as best as she can.  She’s embraced a troubled life by being a girl who liked trouble.

Zofi in time gave up her dream of seeing her brother again – she only hoped wherever he was, he was happy. Sometimes, in her deepest dreams she thought she could see him as a Jedi Knight but dreams being what they were  she never gave it too much thought.

After Order 66 and what she believes to be the probable death of her brother, Zofi’s hatred of the Empire was sealed. Regardless of his traitorous intentions against the Empire (a claim which Zofi believes whole heartedly) he was still her brother.  She has no loyalty to the Empire or the former Republic.   

Update since in play

A mysterious bounty hunter came and offered Zofi a deal - get him access to the Malhoon base and she would be free. He would get her to safety.  Taking a chance, she offered him access and Tabs Malhoon ended up very dead. 

The bounty hunter disappeared before he got Zofi to safety. She should have expected that, but it still hurt.

Zofi now had blood on her hands and part of her mourned the loss of Tabs even while a greater part of her relished in the freedom that his death now brought.  With Tabs gone and no clear successor, a short and violent fight for control erupted. Zofi knew this had to be kept short, otherwise the Malhoon's would lose all their power that they currently had and many more would be killed than just gang members.

The former dancer claimed control of gang leadership, negotiating a truce between the three who could vie for power. The large and intimidating  Sarak, a Lepi who had been Tabs main enforcer. Jor Al'Dira, the twi'lek  who had control of the swoop racing and other swoop gang activities involving the modification of bikes and the sale of illegal vehicles.  Finally the Gran, Vixur Sett, who was in charge of their spice production and sale.   She convinced the men that more profit was to be made by working together, than separately. When Sarak tried to have one of his men kill her, Zofi shot Sarak to prove she was serious and killed the men who were sent after her to kill her. The Lepi had to admit the girl had spine and relented.  Jor Al'Dira she convinced that without a strong gang arm (that Sarak provided) and without the cash flow that Vixar's trade would bring in, that the shop couldn't support itself. Profit would always drive Jor Al'Dira and fortunately it was a language that Zofi could speak.  Vixur of the three had been the first to relent to Zofi suggesting herself as the head of the gang, which caused both Sarak and Jor to roll their eyes. 

"They'll never accept you as head you know," Sarak pointed out.  "You're a dancer - wasn't so long ago when Tabs told you to kneel, you knelt."

"Yet you three know I know this business as well as anyone,"  Zofi said with a nod.  "One of you will be the public face of the gang. Right now Vixur is the best liked out of all of us. Had he put himself forward with Tabs death, you two wouldn't have been able to fight for control."  She looked between Sarak and Jor pointedly. "Besides, right now we need someone the Empire would trust. They know we deal in Spice, I would rather keep them out of the rest of our affairs. Besides, if the Malhoon gang is to take control of this section we are going to need a strong muslce arm and a swoop shop that can make do with the fact the Empire is going to starve this sector of goods sooner or later - I need both of you right where you are, if we're to succeed. "

"Very well," Jor would wave his hand.  "I agree to the truce."
"For now this is acceptable," Sarak would nod. "I agree to the truce as well."

While rumors have that Zofi has moved to a new position of prominence, Vixur is the public face. He's well liked among the gang and while he had a regrettable aversion to violence, Sarak as his second has no problem filing in where the Gran needs help.  Jor was given control of the swoop shop and was given permission to expand their racing and chop shop operations.  Zofi anticipates that Jor will make a move against Vixur first, and has decided to let things play out as they see fit.


1. Zin’zira – if the Twi’lek Jedi is still alive, he’s Zofi’s older brother and promised to protect her.  Zofi has not seen him (except in dreams) since he left to train in the Jedi order.   Whether or not he survived Order 66 remains unclear.
2. Ta Moorheart – a kindly human female bartender at the Gentes Cantina.  She laughs at Zofi’s antics, and feels bad the girl is trapped in pretty much “the crappiest place in the entire galaxy”.  Sort of a mother figure to Zofi. 
3.  Lesa Tum’hog – an escaped  twi’lek dancer from Tabs Malhoon. Lesa was Zofi’s best friend, though the two haven’t seen each other since Lesa’s escape.   
4. Sarak, the Lepi enforcer for Tabs Malhoon, he's a deadly warrior and an intimidating strong arm. One of the trio of power, she trusts him the most because at least if the Cathar wants her dead he'll kill her while she's facing him.  He is number two to the public face of the gang, Vixur. 
5. Vixur, the Gran who is in charge of spice produce for Malhoon's gang and currently presented as the leader. He's popular with most of the gang members, being a gregarious fellow. Fond of drinks, good spice (he considers himself a connoisseur) and beautiful women. Vixur is probably the most loyal to Zofi who can calm him when his mental ticks get the better of him because of the herd instinct of his people.  Sadly, he's not the strongest willed nor the most ruthless, but the others of the triumvirate that Zofi has formed more than make up for his weakness. In charge of their spice trade.
6. Jor Al'Dira, the twi'lek leader of the swoop gang that makes up the bulk of Malhoon's lower echelons. Sarak and Jor both had men loyal to them, and some of the disagreements over leadership had come to violence.  Jor considers Zofi's management to be good for business, and finds himself loyal to the twi'lek who has managed to broker peace between the factions within the gang. While Jor might prefer to be the one in charge, Vixur being the face means that the target is on the Gran and not on himself.


1.  Zofi knows a lot of criminals who might give her a favor for a favor in return.
2.  Rora – She provided a safehouse for Zofi, but the motives remain unclear. 
3. Laszlo – he’s a great guy, fun to talk to. The two have met casually in the bar scene. 
4. Kalle Erah - the Anomid shop supervisor for the Malhoon gang, who has been with the gang forever and a day. Deals with the swoop bike aspect of the business.


1. Kino Krann – a Balthosar who operates with Tab Malhoon and who did his best to make Zofi miserable, when she was just a dancer. Now that she has asserted control of the gang, the tension between the two is mounting and it's only a matter of time before the two come to a violent disagreement.
2.  Mev’zira – Her Twi’lek uncle involved in the slave trade. Responsible for selling Zofi into slavery.
3. Eiko Chin’ra – A fellow dancer who is jealous Zofi gets so much attention and tries to get Zofi in trouble with Tabs as much as possible. Zofi thinks she’s killed her, although Eiko actually didn’t get her throat crushed.  Currently Eiko is in hiding.
4. Joph Xerun - Corrupt Police Chief of Invisec, he ordered Zofi to kill Eiko and she entertained him at Tabs request.
5. Tabs Malhoon – The former owner of Zofi. Deceased.
6. The Empire

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Re: Character backgrounds

Nice bios, all. Amanda, I'll email you about Zofi's development as discussed...


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Re: Character backgrounds

OOC: I fixed as many grammatical errors as I could from the original draft, phew, that took a minute. And now, the moment we've all been waiting for!

Character Name: Ver
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': "Fuur"
Age: Unknown
Gender:  Male
Species: Yuzzem
Faction: Neutral, though he supports rebellious action, as Imperials are xenophobic and the reason the majority of his family are dead. 

Class: Soldier/Teräs Käsi Martial Artist. 

Force Sensitive?: Maybe? How would he know?

Personality: Ver is much like his race, except for his fascination with space. As a result of his training Ver has come down from his racial penchant for a quick and hot temper, if only just a little. Insults, jeers, and taunts still get his bantha, though he attempts to control it.

He is still very honor-bound, and takes debts seriously which is something he, coincidentally, takes pride in. Though he doesn't hate all humans, he considers them all untrustworthy, equating them to the Empire until such time as they prove him otherwise. In all other instances being in Invisec, his intuition has almost always been right.

He gets along well with all other races that aren't interested in conning his credit out from under him, he detests Sabacc as a game of cheating and swindling, and thus dishonorable. He's a fan of drinking only for substance, he's had too many incidents where he drank himself into a stupor and had hang-overs that were days long. On first impression, Ver comes off as a hard-dealer, especially in the case of humans, sometimes insulting them until they leave. He also enjoys playing enforcer, when drunk or annoying bar flies start problems. He's there in an instant to dissuade any further altercations from happening, it's made him a favorite of the Ryloth Cantina, especially since he doesn't ask for payment.

He loves conversation, and makes acquaintances easily, but he doesn't make friends as well, those he considers trustworthy enough to be friends, he considers family, and he'll defend his family with his life.

Physical Description: As Ver is a Yuzzem, he stands about 2.5 meters(8'2") in height, broad in his build. Unlike the Yuzzem norm, his muscle bulk is much larger from training in Teräs Käsi. His fur is standard brown, his eyes opaque black spheres, tusks and his pronounced muzzle, all standard traits of the Yuzzem. He is however not as quickly moved as others, as his large size, both of muscle and meat, permits him more ponderous movements. His body is built better for taking hits than dodging them. He covers himself modestly with an over-sized black tattered skirt that acts like a loin cloth for garments, other than that, a set of leathery bracer-gloves made of hawk-bat skin and duraplast strips double as his combat gloves and ornamentation.

Distinguishing Marks: Dyed fur, purple, in vertical stripes on his shoulders and horizontal lines over his eyebrows. He has one chipped tusk.

Weapons: Besides his fists, claws, and teeth, he knows that not every battle will call for close combat, however he doesn't have the resources to buy blasters as of yet.

Vehicles: None, on Coruscant indefinitely.

Other Items: Ver doesn't carry a lot of items on his person, mostly because clothing and armor don't come in his size or shape. He wears a large utility belt he fashioned out of two worn belts in standard size, colored the same as his fur. The utility belts were mostly trashed with nothing of value in them. He keeps his credits in his front pouches, the rest are filled with items that he considers of value, including a SoroSuub C2 semi-headset comlink, a glowrod, 2 energy cells, 6-day supply of food capsules, a power recharger for his energy cells, an all-temperature cloak that acts more than a wearable blanket than anything else, and a basic datapad.

Skills: He originally just spoke Yuzz, but eventually came to learn Basic, even going far enough to be able to read and write it. As a Yuzzem, he is a very proficient climber especially with the aid of his claws, his acute sense of smell complements his perception perfectly, even in total darkness he can smell creatures within 10 meters. Being quite comfortable in combat, his reflexes are very honed to expect trouble; his training has also kept him in shape, which heightens his ability to endure much longer in regards to taxing physical trials. Being of tall and wide stature makes Ver quite intimidating, able to scare even a person with the upper hand and a blaster without saying anything, in this same case Ver is not easily scared of other creatures. Though the Yuzzem have many abilities they've been born with through evolution, Ver is training in Teräs Käsi as a martial art with the help of Lef Klee.. With his prior arrangement helping a small band of renegade anti-Imperialists, he is well versed in how to use a pistol, provided it's large enough for him not get to his hands stuck.

Kai - mother - (Deceased)
Ger - father - (Deceased)
Sar - brother - Still on Ragna III.


   Like all of his race at the time, Ver's story begins on his home planet. He and his family lived in the trees of Ragna III, part of a pride that his father created, and since then had taken charge of. Though Yuzzems tend to be large, the beasts and predators of Ragna III were still much larger, consigning the Yuzzems to subsist in the treetops of their world, forming their nomadic prides. Ver and his younger brother Sar were the most able warriors, taking after their father in many respects. The events of his life up until his mark for leadership of the pride was spent training, hunting in the brutal and dangerous lands underneath the treetops. Though he was powerful and intelligent, his brother was his opposite, quick in both action and wit, they made an excellent team. However, with his wit, his brother was unfortunately more prone to letting his quick temper get the best of him, not only to add to the problem, but he was envious of Ver's standing with his father, obviously the one Ger would choose to succeed him.
Like their distant cousins, the Wookies, the Yuzzems were a mark for slave labor by the Empire. Prides would be in constant apprehension of the "birds with white ghost hatchlings, and blue fire." One early morning in the treetops, it was Sar's watch, there he heard the distant rumbling of that which was the precursor to these birds, and he knew that if he woke the rest of the pride, he would most certainly lose a rare chance at his father's leadership position. So he stole away into the early morning, across the treetops, away from the danger he had sworn to protect the pride from. Ver arose to the sound of what he knew to be blue fire, and the sound the bird made when it was close. He jumped into action, moving through the droves of females that fled the early signs of combat, not a single warning, he feared his brother already dead as he rallied the rest of his warriors to fight. He found his mother unconscious on a large limb, and his father defending against the hatchlings in white nearby, they were no doubt escaping when the ghosts had set upon them. He moved to aid his father. Blue fire flew out into the dim morning tree cover, the glow in constant strobe, lit up the canopy. Many of his fellow prides-men easily destroyed the invaders, using the trees as cover climbing up and around the hatchlings until they could drop down and better defend themselves against the white ghosts. In the midst of fighting his father was shot multiple times after he left himself open trying to guard Kai's limp body against the ghosts that would take her to the mouth of the great bird and swallow her whole. He too felt the sting of the blue fire and fell over, but down his father went into the under brush, where all manner of creatures stirred with his passing, a final sound sent a large predator in action, and Ver knew if his father had survived, he now, was no more.

Most of the other prides-men had retreated to see to their kindred, or were limp in silent wait for the hovering monstrosity to finish them. Ver was still standing for the moment, he was strong and resilient, the blue fire had an effect on him, but it was a small trifle for defending his mother. But he was slower than slow now, the ghosts moving impossibly fast in his mind, repeatedly lashing at him with their strange weapons, until finally, his vision blurred and he could feel the tightening of his arms and legs as his mind betrayed him, calling for him to sleep a final time.

He awoke in the belly of the beast numerous times before the ghosts had put him into what he knew now was a forced sleep, his body ached with a thousand days of climbing trees, and his mind was a blur each time before the blue fire sent him under once more. Until he was shaken into consciousness by a fellow prides-man. They sat within a great cage of bars stronger than trees, and ghosts outside, but by no means had he been devoured, in fact besides the forced sleep he, his mother, and his prides-men were still well and healthy. In the days that followed, he knew what it was to survive at the hands of the hatchlings, at first he was as defiant as they all were, but with time and punishment, they grew to grudgingly accept their fate for the time being, the little ghosts shouting their quick language at them, expecting them to comply or understand. He was forced to dig, dig in a hole underneath the trees, he had never seen soil except for its passing underneath his feet while stalking a meal. Here Ver was underneath the ground, digging and lifting, for what, he didn't know for certain, but it was his new title and position, leading only his feet to move one step at a time and nothing more. He spent what was considered 5 galactic standard years within that underground prison, and in that time he picked up the basics of Basic, he learned they called themselves Imperials, they called him what were referred to as numbers even though his name was Ver, and he would never forget that, no matter how much they beat him in line. What was left of his pride were not the only prisoners in this labor camp, there were many other races, even humans among them. Though his human captors were cruel, these other veil-less ghosts called themselves humans too, going to great lengths to prove that not all of them were as bad as the Imperial ghosts. He wasn't much convinced, as all they had were words, and even then, he didn't understand most of it. Though these humans were the main reason he learned Basic, he also learned of the Galactic Civil War, and of the possibility of escape which interested him the most. Unlike all of the other inmates, he and his prides-men were the most adept at defending themselves, and therefore, were the obvious choice for beginning the escape.

Ver had taken care of his mother, Kai, for the mainstay of their internment, though she was a capable female, he forced the guards to pass her punishments onto him, he did double the work so his mother could take breaks, and when it came down to the time of their escape, he made sure she was fit and able to fight. She was strong-willed and was very much against the thought of not participating in the plans, knowing full well she was not useless, Ver conceded and allowed her position amongst his prides-men for the battle. It was scheduled around the exchange of shifts so that a good portion of all the prisoners were free of their shackles. It started with a sudden scream on the three trams back to the locker rooms, he was on the first tram back so that all guards would have an eye on him in case Ver or his other prides-men got out of hand. On the second tram, one of the humans, had been feigning illness, which on any other occasion would isolate him away from the others in solitary. It was the sign that today was the day, the guards on that cart were lax, they all were, these other prisoners were considered broken to their Imperial will, and this was their downfall. The scream came from one of the guards that had disappeared under the cart, and it was the cue that things were happening, and happening quickly. These broken slaves were quick to shove off their weariness, death or freedom was a choice they were to make, but staying a slave was not one of them. The other carts were too concentrated on their own problems to deal with Ver and his warriors. His cart was the first to be dispatched of living guards, leaving the cart pilots alive but as hostages for the time being, and then he sent his warriors to jump the other carts. When the transports reached the end of the line, the battle was short and sweet and they had gained the upper hand, as they perceived. While at the other end, the blaster shots had signalled the next group to spring into action, his other prides-men waiting for their shift, easily overpowered their guards with minimal casualties. As the insurrection drew to a close, nearly one-third of the slaves were dead, but all of the guards in the work camp subdued or dead, and acceptable rate of casualties. Even with the taking of the guard's weapons, the journey out was by far more taxing. With the help of a “persuaded” guard, they discovered the route they needed for the final stage to get themselves to the hanger bay, and blasted their way to it. Ver and his band of escaped prisoners were victorious but among the dead were half of his prides-men, including his mother, which if her death had not happened he would have never been able to move with such rage-filled speed and taken over an E-Web emplacement before they had time to set up. Luckily, two of the prisoners had previous experience flying spacecraft, however spotty their record was, and in no short order they had the two Lambda-class shuttles up in space. With that, Ver was introduced to the truly spectacular sight of hyperspace on their way to a planet where they could all part ways.
He spent his next few years working with anti-Imperial factions for credits, until such time as he could accumulate enough to transport himself out of their service. He still couldn't stand the thought of working for humans again, even with the noblest of intentions. His first days there, the accommodations were inadequate to his size which made sleeping arrangements awkward. Not only the cramped quarters, but the concept of hygiene was also placed before him. He saw no reason to consider such a daily function until one officer fainted due to the strong odor he presented in her company. He quickly ratified his previous judgement and took to the refresher daily as to avert any other social complications, as well his lack of clothing. He learned many things while with the outlaw convoys, such as his need to broaden his knowledge of the human language, which on many occasions, had frustrated him to no end. While barely fluent in Basic by most standards, he was awash with its written form, and took to advancing his knowledge of it with aid from the computers and their data banks, which he too had to learn how to use, large paws not withstanding. Social graces were by far the most difficult to master, and truly, he found it more appeasing to speak plainly and without pleasantries, it was in one conversation he had managed to insult an officer plainly by insulting his "copious girth" and while others found it amusing, if not endearing, he was sent to the brig for the remainder of the night. Ver never did get to elaborate upon its importance. For credit, he hired himself out as a soldier first and foremost, further learning of the importance of blasters, as well as hand-to-hand combat which he saw as a true expression of prowess and ability. He took to those teachings well and quickly though sparing partners, he found, were in a much shorter supply. He settled with practicing in the field. While learning basic writing and reading, he also took it upon himself to learn more of the art of unarmed combat, which in turn brought him upon the subject of Teräs Käsi, from the information he divulged from the computers, he found it to be the hardest and most potent fighting style to learn, and that piqued his curiosity ten fold.
  Upon his gathering of enough credit to purchase travel to other planets, he said farewell to his other prides-men as they were comfortable in these habitations and grew to enjoy the company and camaraderie that the each group offered, especially with the need of their services. They were no longer his prides-men, but family, and warriors he'd seen many adventures with, and should the situation place him in their company again, they would stay that way. Family. He set out upon a trade ship working the space lanes to bring cargo to a convoy of trader ships, buying his passage to the planet they were to set off to next, Coruscant. The pilots warned that Coruscant was an Imperial-controlled planet, but his faulty reasoning was sure that he was more than capable enough to deal with the prides of these men, perhaps even liberating the planet himself... But once he arrived, it was entirely another matter all together.

The pilots took to visiting Invisec where they bartered for their illegal goods and weapons. Ver was confident in tagging along, to reconnoiter how many Imperial prides this expansive concrete jungle withheld. He was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of them, and immediately reconsidered his conquest, instead taking in the dismal sights of Invisec. Crowds were thick that day, and he lost track of the two human traders, and found himself alone within a plaza not too far away from the north gate. He intended that this was not the best planet for him to settle on yet, so he took to retracing his steps back to the gate he came through. Originally, he had no trouble getting into this place because of his affiliation with the humans, producing papers and any fuss was avoided when they were cleared to enter. However, on his return trip he found that the guards were very insistent on his inability to exit, which he contested by throwing one of the guards into the wall. The other ghost was quick in raising his blaster, and shot one searing bolt over his right shoulder, singeing his fur. He recognized his mistake as a traveling pride Imperial ghosts responded to the outburst and started moving quickly towards the gate. Knowing he would be overpowered soon, especially considering he was unarmed, he ran back into Invisec to disappear. He ducked into a cantina, where he squeezed into a corner. This was the time that fate had decided to throw him an interesting turn of events. Within the bar, there was a commotion which had garnered his attention, a middle-aged alien sat at a table quietly drinking a lomin-ale when a group of thugs "petitioned" for his booth, he refused. They became angry and infuriated, bringing vibroblades to bear, and still no reaction. When it came to the point, that ugliness was about to ensue, Ver found himself compelled to help the honorable Kel Dor, minding his ale, while these unscrupulous criminals were stacking a large sum of cards against him. When one of the gang attempted to slash at the Kel Dor, he moved with a the initiative of a powerful dragonsnake, he moved fluidly, with every blow of his fist, ruptured armor bent as is if made of nothing more than woven fabrics. Ver was impressed, this display not unlike what he had read about Teräs Käsi... He took it upon himself to win at least some of the Kel Dor's favor, to inquire about this ability. He moved forward towards one of the gang members. A Nikto, having produced a blaster pistol, and too far out of range from the Kel Dor to be stopped, it was a perfectly timed introduction to the combat, as Ver slammed a meaty fist down onto the Nikto's head. Slumping to the floor in a most unappealing fashion, Ver was sure he would not be up any time soon, the large Yuzzem stepped triumphantly forward over the unconscious criminal, meeting the Kel-Dor's masked gaze as the martial warrior sat back in his booth. The Kel Dor thanked him for his action, and offered him a seat, realizing too late that Ver was a bit too large for the seat all together. Ver refused, in the haste of fresh interest, the Yuzzem immediately questioned him about his art. To which he was elated to find out that the art HAD been Teräs Käsi, Ver had been correct in his assumption. Ver asked the Kel Dor if he could teach him this style, eagerly anticipating the upcoming training, having totally forgotten his misfortune at the gate.   Ver was outraged to find himself quickly rebuffed, throwing back in the Kel Dor's face that he had saved his life, in reply to hasty dismissal. The Kel Dor was not quick in his second reply, instead, detailing the reasons he believed Ver to not be of able size to effectively use Teräs Käsi to much better effect than smashing the Nikto's head in. Ver thought it over, it was true that he was fairly brutal in hand-to-hand combat on his own, but a thought occurred to him. Ver replied back, requesting a spar with the Kel Dor, explaining that he had been without a sparring partner for a long time, to which he could not truly test out if he was as good a unarmed combat master or not. He suggested, that if he did not beat the Kel Dor, he did truly have need of the Kel Dor's technique, if Ver won, he obviously did not need Teräs Käsi to be at full mastery, and in that would bother the Kel-Dor no more. Needless to say, the he was taken aback by Ver's competence, as well as his skewed proposition. As puzzled as he was, he accepted, if not in an attempt to test his abilities as well. Needless to say, the Kel Dor defeated Ver soundly.

At the end, both combatants were exhausted, and physically racked. Though he lacked speed, Ver was strong, and when he hit, he hit hard. The Kel Dor was quick and potent, which wore down Ver's movements. Nigh unconscious, Ver conceded that the Kel Dor was the better fighter, and that he needed Teräs Käsi as a means of bettering himself in hand-to-hand combat. The Kel-Dor agreed after awhile, to teach Ver what he knew, and offered him a place for the night healing his wounds, the least the Kel Dor could do for inflicting such damage upon him.

Ver ended up rooming with the Kel Dor, which to his surprise had found out, though he assumed him a male was in fact a female Kel Dor. While the Yuzzem pride males hunted and fought wars, females were home bodies but quite able to defend each other, especially with younglings and the family's possessions at stake. When he introduced himself as Ver, his use of basic allowed a mispronunciation. She chuckled, re-confirming she had heard him correctly. Fuur. He was taken back, it sounded the same, but yet was not his. He attempted to correct his mistake, each time, his name came out the same. He gave up after the sixth attempt, nodding his head. All the while, she found herself amused. She eventually returned in reply, after a bout of strange breathy gurgling he would come to know her laughter, that her name was Lef Klee.

Ver still resides with the Kel Dor, however, permanent arrangements are still unsure, for however long the Empire stays on Coruscant, Ver is most certainly there to stay until such a miracle could happen. Currently working in one of the spaceports moving freight and cargo, he has excelled considerably with his lifting capabilities. He has established himself a job he would be hard-pressed to be rid of, and because of his time there, he at least started earning a decent wage. Other than that, he is an alien on a xenophobic planet, he is in no less horrible straits, the same as all others in Invisec.


1. Lef Klee -Kel Dor female - Neutral - Roommate/Martial Artist

2. Lelan Ors - Human male – Anti-Imperial Agent

3. Saala Green - Zeltron female - Good friend/Activity partner


1. Teres Jirel - Clawdite female - Drinking partner

2. Simas Cresdo -Devaronian male - Information broker

3. Volox Kyyar - Anx male - Martial Artist Loremaster

1. The Empire (Ex-slave, one DNA imprint away from identification)

2. Sina Gor'Yerino - Balosar female - Ex-drug dealer (Put out of business)

3. Raol Varog - Houk male - Professional extortionist (Put out of window)

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Re: Character backgrounds

Character Name: Seelee, full name: Meedahseeleeveedahlee
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': Boatswain of the Frugal Fortune, Squib Reclamation Fleet
Age: 32 in Squib years
Gender: Male
Species: Squib
Faction: Squib Merchandising Consortium, Squib Reclamation Fleet
Class: Trader/Inventor
Force Sensitive? Not that he’s aware.
Personality: Like other Squibs he can be quite friendly and chatty. Due to the nature of his work and his new situation in Invisec, he has learned to tone down his tendencies, though speaking habits are difficult to break as sometimes his Basic comes out with a few Squib expressions. He’s very enthusiastic about what he does, and very dedicated to anything he puts his mind to. Sometimes he gets trapped in his work and forgets that he has company, or that it’s time for dinner. Seelee’s also fond of meeting koovy new people, you bet.
Physical Description: 1.1m tall, 22kg
Distinguishing Marks: He has a scar running lengthwise down his lower left leg which is mostly concealed by his fur.
Weapons: A standard Clone Trooper blaster, a Tensor Rifle built from a Clone Trooper’s blaster, Tensor Pistol, Squib Battering Ram
Vehicles: Other than the needle ship the Frugal Fortune, which is currently grounded and not truly “his”, none
Other Items: Modified Clone Trooper Suit and Jetpack, and heaps of “junk” stored at his home.
Skills: Tinkering – put him in front of a mechanical or electrical device and he’ll figure out the inner workings quickly. How does he do it? A combination of luck, skill, experience, and an inherited understanding of complex devices inherent to his species. He’s also really good at bargaining and selling; by Squib standards he’s an above average salesman, you bet.

Also he’s good at being an authority figure – the reason he was assigned to be boatswain. He has a commanding voice and can talk people down.

Family: His closest family was the captain and crew of the Frugal Fortune. Iimu, the Captain was much like a brother to him. As far as Seelee knew, Iimu was arrested. Seelee is always discretely looking for clues as to where the Captain was sent. His last lead was what brought him to Invisec.

History: Seelee was the Boatswain of the Frugal Fortune, a ship in the Squib Reclamation Fleet (SRF). On a previous salvage op, he found a battered suit from a dead Clone Trooper and, after some digging, managed to get the trooper's identity (RX597). The things they couldn't sell, such as the body of a dead Clone Trooper, were completely destroyed. But Seelee decided to keep the Clone Trooper outfit to fiddle with and make modifications. He installed old droid parts into the boots and forearms of the outfit and refitted them so that a smaller size creature like himself could climb inside and have full command of the droid limbs and jetpack which he refurbished. He also fitted a voice changer in the helmet to match the pitch and tonalities of a male human. In this way, he sounds more convincingly like a Clone Trooper – the idea being to blend in.

The next time they landed, Seelee decided to go mess with other clone troopers to see if it was really convincing. It turns out it was, but his ship has been grounded by authorities and shortly thereafter some of the crew was arrested and the rest were all killed, all except for him.

Managing to keep up the guise of being a Clone Trooper, Seelee scouted out Invisec as the ideal place to take up residence, especially while in search of Iimu, but he didn't like the idea of being "stuck" in one place. As such, he found no home that appealed to him, so instead he fashioned one from shielding from old ships and by "digging" an underground tunnel to bypass the wall separating Invisec from the outside world. He built entrances on both ends though ultimately the home is purely underground. The entrances are heavily fortified with security systems and lots and lots of traps, not to mention they are difficult to locate since he built the entrances into maintenance shafts. While the Empire may have blocked passage through the maintenance shafts from one side of the wall to the other, they didn't foresee Seelee building a home between the two. The doors are unmarked, though Seelee knows where they are located.

The most critical traps which guard the entrances were already there before Seelee began building, they just needed a little persuasion to behave more trap-like, and the right triggers to make them go off when needed. They consist of pipes carrying hot steam, live wires, and flammable gasses which "burst" should someone fail to speak the password at the door. Beyond each of the doors, there is a series of traps which trigger if one doesn't know where to step or where the buttons are or which buttons to touch. Seelee on occasion has gotten himself stuck at times where he can't recall how he rigged a certain trap and ends up spending hours, even days in the same corridor trying to read into his own work so that he can pass.

Not wanting to be caught, he wears the clone trooper suit everywhere except inside his home. While he's out, he sometimes brings koovy junk back to his place and tinkers with it, repairing or expanding his security systems.

1. Iimu – Captain of the Frugal Fortune.


1. Ugors,
2. Ugors,
3. The Empire,
4. and Ugors.

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Re: Character backgrounds

Character Name: Lowthar
Titles/Nicknames/Alias: Master Lowthar
Age: 314
Gender: Male
Species: Wookiee
Faction: Jedi
Class: Trader at a store dedicated to Wookiees.
Force Sensitive?

Force abilities: Force Jump, Force Push, Battle Meditation,

Personality: Lowthar is a calm contemplative creature, who likes playing the violin, repairing vehicles and jogging.  Most of the time, he is gentle despite his scary appearance as a Wookiee, greeting friends and strangers alike, unless they are Imperial people. He is also kind towards non-sentient creatures; his bug catcher keeps bugs alive for later release outside. He takes a personal pride in good service, even if this is not immediately obvious to people who don’t understand him.
In combat, Lowthar is a strong, but compassionate warrior. He aims to end the combat as quickly as possible while causing a minimum of suffering – if he has to kill someone; he aims to ensure he does it as quickly as possible.

Physical Description: A brown-furred Wookiee of average height for that race, usually wearing a webbing pack and a belt.
Distinguishing Marks: Long black stripe of fur on his back.
Weapons: Lightsaber (currently hidden in his home), large club.
Vehicles: Air car
Other Items: Protocol droid R184DC, comm system, personal data system
Skills: Guitar playing, lightsaber use, bartering and haggling,
Family: Father (deceased), mother, three brothers - all nowhere near Coruscant

The members of the ranks of the Jedi that are tall and covered in fur are not very many, as a lot of them are incapable of speaking Basic and few Jedi want to have to relay all their teaching through a protocol droid (one way at least).

However, Master Yoda, always one to recognise potential, did manage to discover that there were a number of potential Jedi on Kashyyyk and found one Jedi willing to train one up about five hundred years previously, hoping that ‘Project Wookiee’ as it became dubbed on the council, would provide future Wookiee trainers and expand the racial diversity of the Jedi.

The project had mixed success to begin with, but eventually a small cadre of regular trainers set themselves up on the planet, spotting younglings with the potential for Jedi training. Even the Sith got involved, although that plan ended quickly when the first Sith master on the planet was killed in a bar fight (never argue with a Wookiee).

Lowthar, the son of a trader couple, was spotted by one of the Wookiee Jedi masters at the age of five and after much debate, was allowed to go to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to conduct his training. He did very well, becoming a Padawan and eventually became a full Jedi Knight, joining the other trainers of Project Wookiee.

Lowthar’s training role continued until the bubbling up of the Clone Wars, where he fought with his fellow Jedi in a number of operations. As Palpatine’s power built up, Lowthar received a tip of a young potential Wookiee Jedi on Coruscant and headed there – but he was too late.

Arriving just after Order 66 was implemented; Lowthar found his potential recruit’s broken body and knew he was in danger too. He hid his lightsaber and set up shop as a trader in his own store.


1. Stass Gredfar, staff nurse at the med centre. Very good with his species.
2. Samuel Eusanus, a human Jedi fugitive. Once they've met at any rate
3. Slipher Vesto, a rakririan salvage yard manager. Gets a lot of stock from there.


1. Ta Moorheart
2. Han Luger, his barber. Well, Wookiees do have a lot of hair
3. kindly human publican at Gentes Tavern


1. Willem Ellot, an aleena gunhand (and Hester, his can-cel mount)
2. Joph Xerun, a corrupt human Sector Police chief
3. Vixur, a gran crime boss, presents as leader of Zofi's gang

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Re: Character backgrounds

Character Name: Mrrarrl
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': Murry
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Togorian
Faction: Neutral but with SOME rebellious leanings
Class: Mercenary/Bodyguard
Force Sensitive: Yes, but mildly so. He cannot do any spectacular feats.
Force abilities
Force Sense, but only in the most basic of sorts. He has about a ½ second jump on things, which helps him in combat.
Personality: Generally amiable he gets along with most sapient races. Like the Wookies however, he does not get along with nor does he trust the Trandoshans. On occasion he does become violently angry. This happens after he has one too many drinks and sees a Trandoshan in the bar. Not coincidentally, this has led to his arrest in more than one instance. He does exhibit a soft spot to children of most races and will defend them if they are in any danger. His strong sense of honor makes it almost mandatory.
Physical Description: A giant humanoid feline approximately 2.75 meters tall. His Fur is dark gray with lighter gray stripes.
Distinguishing Marks: Across his back one can see a bald stripe from a vibrowhip.
Weapons: Sc’rath (Togorian scimitar) and 1 SSK-7 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Vehicles: None
Other Items: Comlink, cargo pants and vest, Multitool
Skills: Sc’rath fighting and crafting, Speeder Mechanic, Bodyguard. He speaks Shyriiwook, Common, and Twi’Leki; understands Rodian, Trandoshan, and Huttese
Family: He is of the same clan as Mrrov and Murrgh (Han Solo Trilogy)
History: As a young kit he was always getting into trouble until the day that he first picked up a sc’rath. From that point on he was hooked. That scimitar became his life. He practiced the forms daily and frequently into the night. When he was old enough he apprenticed himself to one of the Mastercrafters in the clan. Mrrarrl believed that in order to truly become the master swordsman, he must be able to craft his own weapon. For years he worked at his craft until he was given the title of crafter. About two years afterwards he began to notice an attractive female with a fine white-gray pelt. He hunted and stalked with her and eventually took her for his mate. That wonderful female was named Shrrna. They mated and eventually gave birth to a daughter. When she was one, he was forced to leave Togoria. Apparently a Trandoshan slaver had been hired by the Hutts to acquire an exotic “pet” This slaver  “kidnapped” his daughter and murdered his mate. His quest to find this scum has led him through many different sectors, to include Nar Shadda, Hutta, Trandosha (which was a painful experience), and finally to Coruscant. He believes the Trandoshan slaver, Pekt is responsible for both of the crimes, but has yet been able to confirm it. Shortly after arriving on Coruscant he acquired work as a bodyguard for some of the upper level dwellers, as well as some highly placed Imperials. After witnessing some of the atrocities they committed and blessed off on regularly, he left their service taking up shop as a speeder mechanic. He is not proud of the life he has led recently but understands he has been forced to live this way for a purpose; to find his daughter. Recently he has heard rumors of plans for rebellion against Palpatine. While he hasn’t actively participated in any of these actions, he hasn’t tried to distance himself either.
1.    Dux Pike (Epicanthix Fighter – Deceased)
2.Mrrov (Togorian Female)
3.Murrgh (Togorian Male)
1. Zan Pike
2. Zu Pike
3. Ver
1. Pekt
2. Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo (Hutt crimelord)

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Re: Character backgrounds

Character Name: ZZ-2AC
Titles/Nicknames/Aliases: Too-ack
Age: Great Peace of the Republic era - Constructed 312 BBY, so 293 years old
Gender: Droid
Species: GV-Z1 Butler Droid
Faction: Neutral
Class: Butler Droid.
Force-sensitivity: None

Droid brain
Lint-scope (left eye)
Nightvision (right eye)
Odd quirk: Something in his chest cavity MAY detect as a lifeform in the force – pm me to ask.

The GV-Z1 series Butler Droids were the must have accessory in 310 BBY (690 ARR) and the Den family were at the height of their commercial power. The young head of the house had a new droid manservant, who accompanied him everywhere, advising in a cultured High-Coruscanti (British) accent. Loyal, refined, and the gentleman’s gentleman, the shiny liveried droid became more than just a fashion statement, but an indication of class and good breeding amongst the human elite.

Physical Description: A GV-Z1 series Butler Droid – serial number ZZ-2AC.
Droid body
Distinguishing Marks: ZZ-2AC was painted with the Den livery of golden yellow with a red border, but the years in the scrapyard have built up an obscuring layer of dirt and grime.

Weapons: His fingers contain injectors for the purpose of healing, and providing he can restock his ruined drug supply he can provide sedatives, hangover remedies or ease the sleep of his masters.

Vehicles: The droid has skill packages to fly the Den’s fleet of landspeeders and to pilot a yacht. However starship design and cockpit layout have changed enough to make adapting to the modern era difficult.

Other Items: Internal Comlink, Lint-scope left eye, Nightvision right eye.

Ancient starship piloting, History (upto 256 BBY), Politics (700 - 256 BBY), Cleaning, Valeting, Droid and computer management, Hacking, Remote surveillance and control.

Languages: High-Coruscanti accented common, a language package of 10,000 languages known to the Republic in 260 BBY.

No living acquaintances.

Constructed in 312 BBY, ZZ-2AC was the Den family’s pride and was the one asset the family would never sell.
Then one day in 256 BBY, the star-yacht upon which he and his master was travelling suddenly decompressed, just after a particularly heated negotiations with a salvage merchant in his orbital habitat around the junk world of Raxus Prime sending the droid tumbling through space along with the body of the current Den family head and his court. The head left a son and heir however, and the droids programming drives him to seek out the heir and restore to him his inheritance.
The drifting came to a sudden end after almost 5 years, when his course coincided with the course of a ballistic waste barge sent from the habitat. The collision could have been much worse, all the leg servomotors broke, but the limbs remained attached. The power system was threatening to surge - his power pack exploded, frying the droid body’s power system and shorting out the droid’s logic circuitry. A sleep that would last over half that again…237 years… until 19 BBY.

(Expecting these to be FOIP - Find out in Play, but some ideas)
1. Salvager who restores the droid?
2. Descendants of the Den family (if I can locate them)
3. Another junked droid?
(current ones all deceased - at least I believe so)
1. Anyone who connects me to the Den family legend?
2. Jawas / other droid salvagers
3. Thugs who object to my high class accent, or droids in general.

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Re: Character backgrounds

I like Too-Ack!

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Re: Character backgrounds

Character Name:  Karis Durante

Titles/Nicknames/Aliases: With a noble title and as a medical graduate with a pending doctorate, Karis can style herself as either ‘Lady’ or ‘Doctor’ Karis Durante, should she choose to do so. 

Age:  24

Gender:  Female


Class:  Noble/Medical Researcher

Faction:  Noble

Force Sensitive?  Karis has no knowledge of any ability in this area

Force Abilities:  None known

Personality:  Karis is very much an academic and student, with a great deal of curiosity, both intellectually and otherwise.  She is patient and dedicated in her approach to whatever she is currently engaged in.  She can seem absent-minded, being the type to forget about things such as eating and sleep when she is engrossed in her research, but is organized enough to have set reminders for herself to make sure she doesn’t miss things she needs to attend. As a noble, she was well-raised in the sense that her family recognize and adhere to the idea of ‘noblesse oblige’ believing that those of the upper classes have a duty to attend to the welfare of those below them in social status.  Karis also has a great deal of compassion and has mixed with many academics and philosophers, so she sees things a little differently.  She believes that her birth makes her more fortunate, rather than actually better than those born to less affluent families.  She will help anyone who needs help, regardless of social position or similar factors.  However, the wish to please her parents does mean she tends to try and do so inconspicuously, almost as an ‘anonymous benefactor’.  Theoretically at least, Karis has excellent social and diplomatic skills, being trained in them almost since birth.  However, she dislikes socializing and would much rather be left to get on with her studies or read a good book.  She tends to play the ‘wallflower’ at parties; she can socialize and knows how to, but much prefers to observe others rather than joining in. 

Physical Description:  Karis is a statuesque 5’10” (1.75m) tall, and finds it rather embarrassing.  She is slender for her height at 147 lbs.  Her hair is dark brown in colour; she wears it long, but generally braided to keep it tidy and out of her face.  Her eyes are somewhere between green and grey, depending on the light.  Karis commonly wears lab-coats and other garments suitable for research.  Outside of her work she dresses as appropriate for the occasion but seldom wears anything low-cut or otherwise revealing.  She tries to look neat and tidy, but otherwise doesn’t concern herself with her appearance unless necessary. 

Distinguishing Marks:  Karis has VERY long hair; it is almost down to her ankles.  Karis also has the bearing of a noble and even in scruffy overalls this shows. 

Weapons:  Karis shies away from violence and has only learned a little self-defence and the rudiments of how to shoot.  She is not at all comfortable with weapons. 

Vehicles:  As a daughter of nobles, Karis owns a small M31 air-speeder and often drives by herself just for the comparative peace and quiet.

Other Items:  Karis always carries medical supplies with her, including tools for diagnosis and emergency treatment, and equipment for taking samples.  She also has a comlink and datapad that she carries with her at all times.

Skills:  Karis has the skills taught to her as the daughter of a noble family on Coruscant and has not forgotten these skills.  However, as an extremely bright young woman, who felt a need to do more with her life than look pretty and enunciate, she studied the sciences extensively.  Her specialisms are medicine and a certain amount of psychology, particularly in relation to mental disorders.  She is familiar with computers and uses them a lot in her work.  As both a noble and a scholar she is also used to dealing with bureaucracy and paper-pushing stuff.  Karis keeps fit for the sake of her health, but is not any sort of gym-bunny.  She favours dance as a form of exercise, since it fulfils the twin purposes of pleasing her parents (as a ‘ladylike accomplishment’) and being good for her.  Thanks to her mother, Karis is also remarkably creative when it comes to hair-styling. 

Languages:  Basic, plus High-Coruscanti for old medical texts.  She can speak a little of various languages of races commonly found on Coruscant (pre-Empire that is).  She was close to a Cerean and an Ithorian from childhood, so has a reasonable degree of fluency in those languages. 

Family:  Mother; Abigail Durante (née Sarifa).  Father; Nicolas Durante.  Karis is an only child, as are both her parents and she not aware of any living relatives apart from her grandmothers; her grandfathers are both deceased. 

  Karis was born to the noble Durante family of Coruscant.  She lived with her parents in the Anteuil District of the wealthy Sector known as Vésinet.  She was raised as a Lady and expected to behave as one from an early age.  She could not exactly claim to dislike living in the comparative luxury that her family’s wealth and status granted, but she found the expectations placed upon her to be suffocating.  To young Karis, being a lady meant a lot of being told what to do and say, and really wasn’t much fun. 
Even as a child Karis was remarkably intelligent and learned fast.  She was also a book-worm and spent most of her time buried in a book.  She excelled in the sciences and her teachers were pleased.  Fortunately her parents saw the value of having a daughter who was educated and could hold a conversation, so they were happy to encourage her studies.  They were not quite so pleased however when they realised she would rather stay at home reading than socialise and make useful connections and in fact was doing so often, without telling them.  A row ensued.  Fed up of her parents, and especially her mother constantly fussing over her appearance, Karis cut off her own hair and gave away all of her dresses. 

When Karis was in her early teens, her family once again became concerned that she was studying to the exclusion of the political and social endeavours that they wanted her to undertake.  They spoke to her about it and she told them that she felt awkward and unsure of herself around other nobles and the like, and frankly preferred a good book any day.  Her parents loved her and wanted her to be happy, but they also had their social standing and position to think of.  They told her that she really needed to make more effort.  It would come with practice, they told her; a little shyness was perfectly understandable.  Her father added that some men preferred a little bit of ladylike bashfulness in their women, a remark which caused Karis to blush, and her mother to exclaim at his lack of tact.  Karis did her best to please her family, but still felt like a prize wallflower at social events.  When upset or wanting peace and quiet, Karis would often go alone to the Bois de Guimet, a quiet and beautiful park where she could sit and read by the lake.  Her parents disagreed with her ‘wandering off alone’ as they put it; Karis argued that there was no point in dragging out a bodyguard or chaperone just to sit there as she read.  Karis’ mother Abigail made a deal with her daughter; she would try her utmost to see to it that Karis was allowed to continue studying as she wished with minimal interference from her father and the rest of the family, if Karis promised she would never cut her hair, or have it cut,  again.  So far both sides of the bargain have been kept; Karis’ studies have continued mostly unhindered, and her hair now reaches almost to her ankles. 
Karis qualified for Medical School and during her studies there she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in research, rather than general practice or a clinical specialism.  To this end she applied for and gained a research position at a facility that dealt with Pathology and Neurophysiology. 

Until a few years ago aliens were a common sight all over Coruscant and Karis mingled with many different species.  One of her closest friends was Mi-Tal, a Cerean from a prominent diplomatic family and another was Omala, an Ithorian who encouraged her to follow the path that led her to the study of diseases and biological research.  Karis found the differences between different species fascinating and it was one of the few aspects of socializing that she actually liked. 

Karis has never had a serious relationship, preferring to focus on her studies and work.  While she has been sincerely fond of men she has known, she has always chosen to prioritize her academic career.  She once dated a fellow student called Pierron Toval for several months, but they broke up amicably and have remained friends. 

In the past few years Karis’ world has become a very different place.  At first there were just the news reports of fighting in this system or that.  The Jedi, formerly aloof and mysterious figures, had been hailed as heroes, saving the Republic from the machinations of the Separatists.  There had been soldiers about in the streets and more security checks than had been the norm, but Karis had accepted this as part of the price civilians had to pay to be safe.  She hadn’t really seen much of the Clone Troopers who were fighting for the Republic alongside the Jedi and the rest of the military, but like most, was glad they were there to do so.  A few months ago though, had come the shocking news that the Jedi had turned against the Republic and tried to assassinate Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.  He was Emperor Palpatine now of course.  Karis had, like most of those she knew, been utterly bewildered by this turn of events.  The Jedi were now almost all dead, so reports said, and those who might still live had fled after the failure of their attempted coup and the resulting purge.  The Jedi temple had been aflame and was now ruins, and the Senate building itself had suffered extensive damage, although that had been repaired in the intervening months.  The temple had been left to stand as a reminder to all who would consider betraying the New Order, so it was said.  Karis didn’t understand why the Jedi had turned traitor; they had been heroes.  What had made them suddenly want to destroy what they had been fighting for?  Rumours had been many and varied of course; it seemed everyone had a theory.  Most however seemed to believe it was simply a case of the power they had going to their heads, but weren’t Jedi supposed to be above that sort of thing?  Maybe that was just what they wanted people to believe, but Karis just couldn’t make sense of it all.  As she’d seen the news footage of the speech that brought about the birth of the Galactic Empire, something had just felt- wrong.

Since the defeat of the Separatists and the end of the War, Karis has witnessed the decline in the status of aliens.  Suspicion and mistrust have attached to anyone not a human in the wake of the Separatists’ attempt to take power.  ‘The Separatists were all aliens; you can’t trust them’.  Karis has heard this phrase repeated everywhere, and the results of the sentiment’s popularity.  Karis remains unconvinced; it seems to her to be a hysterical reaction to the war and she has been hoping it would subside once people came to their senses and realised that not every alien was a Separatist.  However, it seems to be getting worse, not better.  At first it was just mutterings and sidelong glances, but it has become much more.  Even otherwise sensible and intelligent people seem to be buying into the notion that aliens are innately untrustworthy, or secretly in league with either surviving Separatists, or even Jedi.  Shops are charging aliens double, or not serving them at all, accommodation and jobs are being denied to them, or offered only at ridiculous rates a human would laugh at.  Recently, it has become even worse, with reports of aliens being abused and even attacked.  Many aliens have left, others are afraid to go out after dark – or at all.  What is worse, the Imperial authorities seem to be condoning, even encouraging it.  Aliens are being arrested daily now it seems for some crime or another.  Most of the alien news channels have ceased broadcasting, with rumours afoot that they were encouraging sedition.  The holonet, supposedly closed to civilians during the war for security purposes, has not been released. 

It seems wrong to Karis that all aliens are being persecuted for the actions of a few, and part of her is secretly wondering if the same is true of the Jedi.  She has been wary of expressing such sentiments; even humans have been arrested for ‘conspiracy’ or similar, and most of them were people who spoke out against Imperial policy.  Karis really doesn’t know what to do; she is afraid of what will happen if she speaks out, but her conscience won’t let her stand by and do nothing while innocent people are victimized just for being who and what they are.  Her family are strongly against any form of resistance; they don’t like what’s going on but feel it’s better to just keep their heads down and survive.  Many aliens have reportedly fled to the Alien Protection Zone.  Karis’ Cerean friend Mi-Tal has been missing, with her entire family, for the past three months, and Karis is deeply worried that they have driven out by the Empire’s alienist policies, or worse.  One of her other closest friends, the Ithorian Omala, is still working with other researchers in the Department of Hydroponics Technological Development.  However, an Imperial ‘Administrator’ has taken over the department recently and the last correspondence Karis had from Omala made it obvious that she was afraid for her job, and even hinted that she feared for her safety. 

Karis has just submitted her thesis on the subject of ‘Unifying Social and Biological Approaches in the Detection and Treatment of Neurological Disorders’ and has spent much of the past few months in discussions with various people as regards her future.  Karis wants to continue her research, which has centred on those few neurological afflictions that are still incurable by current means.  Many of these have mental health aspects, as opposed to being purely physical afflictions.  Many of Karis’ acquaintance support this goal, particularly her university friends, who are in more of a position to appreciate her talent.  The Durantes however, feel differently.  Karis is an only child and the family know enough about politics to know that if they do not work actively to keep their position in society, and preferably to advance it, they will lose out.  Out of sight is out of mind and out of mind is out of favour.  The idea of being usurped by some new upstarts appals them and they feel it is a priority to bring Karis back into society, from which she has been far too absent during the past few months of her post-graduate studies.  Karis knows how important this is to her family and wants to make them happy, but doesn’t believe she has the required mind-set and would rather work on what could one day be life-saving research. 

1.  Mi-Tal.  This Cerean’s family were good friends with the Durantes before the declaration of the New Order and Mi-Tal was one of the few people Karis felt comfortable with in the upper-class world the families inhabited. 
2.  Omala.  This Ithorian female encouraged Karis to continue her studies and to be herself, even when Karis’ parents were telling her she should focus on her family’s needs. 
3.  Abigail and Nicolas Durante.  Karis’ parents love her and are acting out of a genuine desire to protect her, as well to avoid trouble from the Imperialists who are now running things. 

1.  Pierron Toval.  This ex of Karis’ once cared deeply for her and still considers her a friend, but they have grown somewhat apart in recent years. 
2.  Allia Firen.  This human female and Karis were classmates during their undergraduate days and still correspond semi-regularly. 
3.  Mitua Hallon.  Karis has often worked with Mitua in her research, and they get on well, even socialising together sometimes, but in Karis’ eyes, Mitua’s view that the mistreatment of aliens ‘isn’t something that it’s worth getting worked up about’ precludes a close friendship. 

1.  Vharon Jatel.  A fellow undergraduate student, Vharon was jealous of Karis’ abilities and accused her of receiving favouritism because of her family’s wealth and status.  Karis treated his behaviour with the contempt it deserved and decided that graduating with honours was revenge enough. 
2.  Family rivals.  The Durantes are wealthy and influential and are therefore bound to have offended a few people, or trodden on a few toes.  To such social rivals/enemies, Karis would be ‘guilty by association’. 
3.  FOIP?

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Re: Character backgrounds

Atrus D'Rilo

Character Name: Atrus D’Rilo (Ay-Trus De-rill-o)

Titles/Nicknames/Alias': The Grey Wanderer (this is Atrus’ alternate identity that he uses)

Age: Appears to be 35 (Jedi tended to visibly age more slowly than others of their race, as is the case with Atrus who in truth is closer to 50)

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Faction: Ex-Jedi / Jensaarai (Neutral with a strong sense of Justice)

Class: Vigilante/Mercenary and Jensaarai Defender (prefers to think of himself as a Vigilante)

Force Sensitive – Yes

His Universal Force abilities were a part of growing up as a Force sensitive and being trained by the Jedi, as well as the Jensaarai.
•    Force Persuasion – This ability is primarily used for the purposes of investigation
•    Force Stealth – This ability is active regularly to mask his force abilities
•    Force Cloak – This ability is employed for the purposes of investigation and combat
•    Force Sense – This ability is used for combat, investigation, and interrogation (when applicable)
•    Farseeing – This ability is primarily employed for combat
•    Force Seeing – This ability is primarily used for combat and investigation
•    Telepathy – This ability is primarily used for communication with the Jensaarai and to maintain his guise

His Light-Side Force abilities were a part of his studies as a Jedi, and are employed primarily for combat tactics to bolster his combat prowess or for defense as needed.
•    Battle Precognition – This ability is primarily employed for combat
•    Droid Disable – This ability is primarily employed for various non-combat instances
•    Force Healing – This ability is primarily employed for out-of-combat instances
•    Force Valor – This ability is primarily employed for combat, limited to self

His Dark-Side Force abilities were a part of his studies as a Jensaarai, and are employed primarily for combat tactics to either resist wielders of the Force or to quickly end or prevent combat.
•    Force Drain (Trained specifically to feed upon Force Energy used against him) – he primarily uses Force Drain as a defensive ability when the Force is used against him
•    Force Lightning (Trained specifically to create small bursts to render victims unconscious) – this ability is trained for three reasons, the first being so that a targeted criminal (or other wrong-doer) would be quickly subdued for transportation or interrogation, the second being to impress upon others that he wields great power (Force Lightning being a very powerful ability, though he restrains himself in his use of this power), and third so that he can quickly short circuit electrical equipment when needed

Practitioner of Form III Lightsaber Combat: Soresu – studied and mastered while a Jedi.
Practitioner of Form VII Lightsaber Combat: Juyo – studied through the holocron.

His extensive study and training in both forms allows him to swap forms mid-combat, to take advantage of his opponent’s weakness or fatigue when switching to Juyo, or to relax and regain his strength when switching to Soresu.

Personality: Atrus generally keeps to himself, rarely says anything unless necessary, and for his chosen guise of a B’omarr this works exceptionally well. He prefers to communicate via Telepathy as it is the only secure channel across which he can share any information about himself. Atrus prefers to use his chosen alternate identity of “The Grey Wanderer” – a name he himself fabricated so that he didn’t have to use his true name (to protect his family). Atrus is very particular about the company he keeps too, when he keeps the company of others that is.

Physical Description: Eye Color: Brown, Hair Color: Black with Grey Streaks, Height: 6’0” / 1.83m.

Distinguishing Marks: A scar across his face, cutting from his right cheek to his hair line.

He wields a lightsaber with a curved hilt, granting him improved precision in his strikes, and an Ossus Dueling Lens, further improving the weapon’s precision and compensating for the curved design of the hilt when dealing with blaster fire – he prefers this design for combat finesse. He uses an Eralam crystal for its slight white, but mostly clear appearance – in his mind, a metaphor for the purity of justice.
In addition, he has a laser carbine, modified for long range use as a sniper rifle, which he keeps disassembled and strapped to his legs until the time arises when he needs it.

Vehicles: None

Other Items:
B’omarr robes, shades, a few B’omarr religious texts (in a sack attached to his belt), and a walking stick – being a Jensaarai, especially far away from home is risky business and not to be taken lightly. Utilizing this disguise, as well as his Force abilities, he passes himself off as a B’omarr near enlightenment. B’omarr clothing tends towards the simple, though they are known to occasionally wear religious symbols – the ornamental shoulder pad on his left shoulder is fashioned in the likeness of such a symbol of the B’omarr.

As with other Jensaarai, he wears armor that he crafted himself. The armor has a smoky-grey, camouflage style color, over which he wears B’omarr robes to disguise his true nature. His armor is fashioned to the likeness of the Snow Falcon of Rhinnal – an animal from stories his master told him, passed down from master to student over years, considered to be a predator of explosive change – docile one moment, and diving for prey only a moment later. The nature of the Snow Falcon’s swift change to and from the offense mirrored his style of lightsaber combat and so it was his chosen animal. Similarly to other Jensaarai, his armor is light and highly flexible, which allowed him to shape his armor much slimmer than other contemporary armors so that it can remain hidden under his B’omarr robes without adding much apparent change to his true physique. His armor has built-in Macrobinoculars that are built into the neck-line of his armor that would extend and line up with his eyes, and would detect and accommodate a moderate amount of head movement. His armor covers all but his head when it is fully equipped. He generally does not wear the gauntlets nor the boots since these would be visible despite his B’omarr robes, so these are disassembled into smaller pieces (which can be easily reassembled), and kept in his bag along with his religious texts.

Skills: He is a highly skilled sniper, knowledgeable in the B’omarr Order’s customs and practices (which mostly consist of keeping to oneself and thinking deeply about the Universe – something Atrus need not struggle to do), a highly capable gun, armor, and lightsaber smith, and has some experience with working on droids (which ties in with his Macrobinoculars which require a small amount of programming to fully function apart from the mechanical aspect, as well as the B’omarr designed BT-16 perimeter droids), and healing (in both the medical and Force-oriented notions).

What languages does he know?
Written and Spoken:
•    Galactic Standard, Caamasi, High Galactic, and the Sith Language (I couldn’t find information on the languages commonly used by the B’omarr in their religious texts or otherwise, though such languages would fall into Atrus’ knowledge of written and spoken languages)
Spoken Only:
•    Rodese

Family: Atrus isn’t familiar with his parents as he was taken from them at an early age to train as a Jensaarai along with his twin brother Saavedro. To the best of Atrus’ knowledge, his parents are still alive, though his interests in his biological family stop there, after years of training with the Jensaarai who developed into his new ‘family’.

History: As was often told amongst Force users – twins who master telepathy can contact one another, no matter how far apart they may be, and Atrus and Saavedro were living proof. The Jedi Council took Atrus and Saavedro under their wing at an early age when the two had already been using telepathy to communicate for some time and with little difficulty. The Jedi Masters took great pride in the talent displayed by the two, and so Atrus and Saavedro lived very good lives studying the ways of the Jedi.

In 32 BBY, a Jedi task force was sent to Baltizaar to fight the Bando Gora, a fight which few would survive. The Jedi council dispatched this task force along with Atrus to act as a communications officer as he and his twin brother Saavedro have mastered Telepathy, and the Jedi wished to have direct communication with the task force. Near the end of the fight, the last message transmitted by Atrus was one of agony and death – a ruse, but it was useful for the founding members of the Jensaarai to fake their deaths so that they could found their order.

About 6 months after the battle on Baltizaar, Atrus contacted Saavedro, revealing that he had not died but that the Jedi had deceived them, and that he has seen evidence of their deceit. He invited his brother to come alone to Susevfi – the planet the Jensaarai had settled on for a home base. Saavedro obediently left the Jedi without a word to them and rejoined his brother and became a member of the Jensaarai.

As the world outside Susevfi was continually changing and the Jensaarai found themselves quite limited in their knowledge of the outside world, but even more disastrous being their inability to acquire resources off-planet (whether in the form of friends or goods) due to recent events on their home planet.

The plan was simple: the Jensaarai wished to keep a silent surveillance of the outside world with the hopes that they would discover resources useful in to their order – with the potential of recruiting new Jensaarai, wherever they may be. Between Atrus and Saavedro, Atrus was selected to be the outside informant, whereas Saavedro was chosen to stay on Susevfi to relay Atrus’ reports to the rest of the Jensaarai. Atrus’ identity was to be kept hidden from all others, even prospective apprentices. Instead, Atrus would coordinate with the Jensaarai the recruitment of new apprentices without taking such action himself – such an objective often led Atrus to following potential recruits across the galaxy, which made matters difficult, though Atrus maintained a profession as the mercenary: “The Grey Wanderer,” a mercenary so dangerous that his name could only be spoken in hushed tones (again, fabricated by Atrus).

He contacts his prospective employers by telepathically informing someone else of his identity – this ‘host’ was often chosen based on criminal activity – they needed enough of a record to warrant possible aggressive action, but they needed to be small time enough that they posed little threat to his guise. “The Grey Wanderer” would ask the host to speak to his future employer on his behalf – in exchange (should the host be resistant) “The Grey Wanderer” would promise not to shoot through the host’s skull – an empty threat, though most people felt obligated the moment they began hearing a very real voice in their head.

As such, “The Grey Wanderer” is somewhat of an Urban Legend. Authorities have no criminal records of him (naturally, given that his identity is fabricated) and additionally have no real charges on which to pursue him since he is very particular about how he chooses his ‘hosts’.

Disguise: As the B’omarr Order is poorly understood by most, if at all, maintaining his disguise isn’t a difficult task for him – though those who do know of the B’omarr might be familiar with their Telepathic abilities. This guise is even more perfect in that for over 600 years, nearly 700 years, the B’omarr are rarely encountered outside of their monastery on Tatooine, let alone off of Tatooine, though they did have a couple other monasteries that were in use years ago (his excuse for his travels is the search for a new place for a monastery). He keeps his lightsaber hidden beneath the ornamental shoulder pad above his left shoulder, a place from which it can be quickly drawn and then later easily concealed. As B’omarr robes are generally quite loose-fitting, his armor is safely hidden underneath.

Allies – None, really. His brother of course, and the Jensaarai but no others of note.

Associates – None, really – except maybe B’omarr monks should they ever turn up. Jabba the Hutt and those who work for him would also be applicable here, as he owes a great debt to the B'omarr monks for providing him and other Hutts a safe haven for their criminal underworlds in their few monasteries across the galaxy.

Enemies – Sith and the Empire (who attempted to exterminate the Jensaarai), possibly Jedi (who also attempted to exterminate the Jensaarai, "possibly" because they were thought to have been wiped out by the Empire), and perhaps a few bounty hunters and a few angry criminals. No enemies in particular however, though it wouldn’t be surprising if there were a few people interested in finding him despite how little they have to aid their attempts. Only the Sith and the Jedi would know Atrus' true name (or perhaps more accurately "could" know Atrus' true name, more probable for the Jedi to know it and the Sith to have learned it from the Jedi), the rest would only know him as The Grey Wanderer.

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Re: Character backgrounds

Character Name: Quinn Loneblade
Titles/Nicknames/Alias': Detective Superintendent
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Faction: Law enforcement – Imperial Sector Rangers (formerly Sector Rangers under the Republic)
Class: Detective
Force Sensitive: Very Mild, this is only an ember compared to a jedi’s flame. This means that much of his talent manifests as ‘gut-feelings'.
Personality: A no-nonsense man Quinn has seen both sides of the law, having served in undercover operations he is aware that sometimes ‘by the book’ just doesn't get the job done, he can sometimes get frustrated with those who refuse to use violence even as a last resort and is therefore considered somewhat a rouge cannon. Given the Galactic upheaval that has occurred Quinn has been largely unaffected, criminals are still criminals no matter who is in charge. Still Quinn knows that there is a careful balance between law, order and justice and walks a fine line between the them finding those who are really guilty of crimes.
Physical Description: A large man with a round face and hair that has receded leaving a bald patch on his crown that Quinn has made no attempt to conceal.
Distinguishing Marks: None apart from a graying red beard
Weapons: SSk-7 Heavy Blaster
Vehicles: Arrived on Coruscant in an Imperial Patrol Ship
Other Items: Commlink, various tools of the trade
Skills: Languages: Basic, Bocce, Huttese. Extremely skilled marksman with his SSK-7 heavy blaster and has shown aptitude in his chosen career obviously resulting in his current position.
Family: Agatha and Alan Loneblade (PARENTS, DECEASED)
Maragret Loneblade (Wife, Killed in the Separatist attack on Coruscant)
History: Quinn grew up with a normal life and steadily rose in the ranks of law enforcement and it was only a matter of time until he was appointed as part of the Sector Rangers and the rank of Detective Superintendent that he eventually gained furthered his ambitions. Appointed as a Special Enforcement Officer with greater and wider powers of investigation and arrest just prior to the Clone Wars allowed Quinn to pursue criminals with greater vigor, now Quinn is on the tail of a murderer, a Cathar known as Longeye who is reported to have shot an Imperial Officer and several troopers amongst many other unlawful killings that the Cathar has committed; now Quinn follows the bounty hunter to Coruscant.

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