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Opening this topic for people to post their character bios and images. I'll post Colton Ling's in a minute. But first here's a a summary of what I like bios to look like:

[Character Name] Bio and 3x3

Personal Information:
Place of birth:
Eye colour:
Hair colour:
Known Relatives: (Name, relationship to player character, age; Name, relationship to player character, age; Name, relationship to character, age…)

Demeanour: (How the character comes across to others)
Motivation: (What are the character’s goals and objectives)
Quote: (A pithy quote that sums up the character)


Prose bio (one paragraph minimum) relating the character’s history up to this point. You may also want to include their attitudes and personality traits.

Skills and feats

What is your character good at? What is your character exceptional at?


Three close contacts/friends/family members/etc. who would help your character out of a pickle, vouch for your character in court, etc...


Thee previous friends/comrades/and more distant family members/etc, who like your character well enough, but are unlikely to stick their necks out far for your character’s sake.


I'm not insisting on deathly nemeses here; perhaps an ex-lover who would make your character uncomfortable if he/she was expected to eat dinner with the ‘enemy’ in a group environment, or perhaps a former comrade who your character thwarted because you got the promotion they felt they should have received... Or then again, your character might have a deadly enemy!


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Re: Character bios and images

Colton Ling

Personal Information:
Name: Colton Ling
Born: (2487)
Place of birth: Athens
Age: (32)
Height: 5' 11”
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Status: Single
Known Relatives: Alfred Ling (father, aged 63), Yvonne Ling (nee Day, mother, aged 65), Savannah Ling (sister, aged 35)
Religion: None. Tried Christianity and Buddhism, but abandoned them both.

Quote: “Everybody dies alone.” Malcolm Reynolds.

What the crew know about Captain Ling:

Colton Ling was working as a hunter/trapper on a border moon when he came into town one day and met a girl named Ember Rose and a tinkerer called Flash heading into the saloon. The three found themselves forced together in a bar fight that spilled over in to a shoot out on Main Street, and they essentially partnered up there and then.

Ember and Ling spent the night in gaol, but were released the next morning by the Governor. They went looking for Flash and, relying on Ember’s uncanny intuition, found him at Dr Wen Li Malley’s doctor's clinic near the edge of town. Ling was surprised to recognise Dr Malley from Athens… they’d met during the war when some men in the unit he served with back then burst into her surgery back on Athens and murdered her husband. At the time, Ling had been fighting for the Alliance, and Wen Li’s husband had been revealed as a collaborator working for the Browncoats, so Wen Li and Ling didn't get off to such a good start.

Some things had happened, though, that Ling doesn’t much like to talk about, and the young Lieutenant found reason to change sides. He fought for the Independents just as it became a foregone conclusion they’d loose. Didn’t stop ‘em trying, mind.

Ling dodged the Alliance at the end of the war, hence he wound up hunting rabbits on a border moon, staying out of sight.

It was also on that same border moon, soon after a tense re-introduction to Wen Li, that Ling was reunited with his University lecturer, Professor Hiram Vorhees. The academic had tutored Ling way back when, and the two were happy to be reacquainted. They went on to… well, that’s classified.

Somehow, they wound up with a shuttle, and the shuttle led them to a ship, and the Professor elected to stay behind on the border moon to continue his archaeological studies.

The ship the fledgling crew had found was called The Elemental, a Scorpion II salvage vessel, and was stocked with a cargo destined for Whitefall. They flew her to the destination - some 30 years behind schedule, but better late than never - and actually managed to sell the stuff to the local power, woman named Patience. Enroute to Whitefall, though, they encountered a derelict singleship and Ember took her leave to go on a soul quest, and Flash went crazy and called some pirates to attack the ship. They killed the pirates but Ling was left rudderless with Ember gone and Wen Li fought not to how her own sadness at what had happened with Flash. Ling sent him on his way when they made landfall - a merciful fate, considering.

There was some happiness aboard, though. The Secruity Chief they'd hired on the border moon, a man called Long Tom, and their Majordomo Roxie Fraser who they'd taken aboard at the same time really hit it off and they got married under the Captain's auspices while on board. They left on Whitefall to see about starting a new life together, and the remaining crew waved them off then killed some bandits as a job for the locals.

So, Ling and Wen Li were left on Whitefall alone. Oh wait, no, there was the stowaway kid Julian. When did he come on board exactly? Anyway, the skeleton crew were on Whitefall but they found some new gunhands, a new engineer, and Ling hit upon the notion to have the ship retrofitted as a mercenary outfit.

They took flight to Athens collecting their shuttle on the way (turns out one of the crew had mutinied in her, less said about that the better) to a scrapyard run by a war buddy of Ling's - Todd Wilkinson - and... that's pretty much where things are right now.


Ling was born and raised on Athens – his parents migrated there from Dyton Colony when his mum was pregnant. He has an older sister, Savannah, who has moved to Persephone with her boyfriend. They haven’t spoken since the war.

His upbringing on Athens was one of gradually improved socio-economic status. The Ling’s had moved there following a promotion in Alfred’s work as a LAU (Local Authority Unit) civil servant. They had escaped the poverty of Dyton, and were determined to make a life for themselves.

Sadly, the pursuit of happiness was to tear them apart. By the time Colton was 16 (2503), his parents had grown dissatisfied with their relationship, believing they could find something better elsewhere. The inevitable happened. His mum was the first to stray, finding comfort with Alfred’s close friend Stefan. The break-up happened while Alfred, Yvonne, and Colton were on holiday in Santo, just three years before the outbreak of war (Savannah was by now living with her partner on Persephone). Alfred discovered his wife’s infidelity by reading her cortex waves, and after a very public argument, the marriage essentially ended. Defiant, the three remained on their holiday until their scheduled flight home, instead of booking earlier passage, and as such spent an uncomfortable ten days falling out.

When they returned home, Alfred promptly filed for divorce, Yvonne left to live with Stefan, and Colton found out he’d excelled in his end of school exams, marked while they’d been away. Desperate to escape the negative environment of his broken home, Ling moved to college, emigrating to the city of New Dunsmuir on Beaumonde, distant from his childhood home. Over the following three years, contact with his parents and his sister dwindled and died, and he forged a place for himself on what little resources he’d left with.

For the next three years, he studied, worked, and studied, graduating with well above average further education qualifications that he could be proud of, given his self-made situation. His Professor of Archaeology, Hiram Vorhees, had been seminal in his attaining the grades.

That year, 2506, war came to Athens. The only Rim World to actively support Unification, his homeworld soon found itself besieged by the locally numerically superior Independent Faction. Without hesitation, Ling signed up to defend Athens against the Browncoats, and returned from Beaumonde. His dedication, loyalty, and academic qualifications saw him bumped to Lieutenant rank in short order, and his intellect got him the command of 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company, 52nd Airborne.

The 52nd was mostly kept back from combat, undergoing extensive training and garrisoning more secure parts of disputed cities, ready to assist more experienced units in resisting hostile land forces where required. After successful participation in a few skirmishes (this would have been when Ling and the Drs Malley first ‘met’, and also an attack against a hospital the boiler-rooms of which were occupied by Independent soldiers, which is where Fluffy Musgrave and Ling nearly met …), the 52nd was employed in the epic Thessaloniki Campaign, centred on the harbour-city of Beck’s Rise. The Battle of Beck’s Rise was largely insignificant in wider strategic terms, but it forms a pivotal part in Ling’s story. Cut off from Allied forces, Beck's Rise had been bloody, desperate and generally fatal for the 3rd Platoon of Charlie Company, 52nd Airborne (see ‘Classified’ notes on Colton Ling). Ling managed to get himself and just two men through it; Corporal Tolliver and Private McKinsie.

The final action took place in the Trade Embassy Building, and by a super-human effort, the Lt, Cpl, and Pvt were the sole survivors from both sides in the entire city of Beck’s. Beck’s had been essentially levelled by Alliance aerial bombardment - the few survivors of his platoon not killed by the Browncoats were killed or horribly wounded by their own sides' bombardment. His parents were both killed or listed missing in the bombardments around this time.

Ling was now 22. He and the three other survivors had all been carrying serious injuries from about a week of relentless combat. The Alliance medics that evac’d the survivors from Beck’s Hill (“Beck’s Hell” as they affectionately knew it) took them direct to a remote R&D facility, a fringe element of the Entropy Program designed to research the creation of super-soldiers with fanatical loyalty to ‘The Cause’.

The experiments were likely horrific – he’d have scars if it weren’t for the fact that they altered his metabolism so he heals inhumanly fast. He has no memory of his escape, given the deeply medicated state they kept him in, but somehow he broke out, and found his way back to the front lines. He found a brown coat to put on, a rifle to fight with, and some purple bellies to kill. He also discovered he’d acquired a mascot – a lab rat from the facility who he named Badger. And he learned that it was 2510; he was 23. As mentioned above, the Alliance, running low on manpower and weary of ground battles on this otherwise minor rock, had taken to bombing Athen’s major cities to drive out the Browncoats. Piles of dead civilians and heaps more hurt and homeless that lost everything characterised Ling’s experience of the final year of the war.

In May, Ling heard about the Independent defeat at the Battle of Serenity Valley, and knew the end was nigh. He hid himself in a forest on Athens, far from the action around the cities, and Unification Day proved his fears correct in late May, 2511, with the Alliance victory ratified by treaty. Ling hadn’t physically aged since he was 22, although this wasn’t something he noticed yet – he felt like he’d aged about 20 years. The first giveaway of his apparent eternal youth was revealed by the fact that his little mascot Badger – who was clearly a mature rat when he found her in 2510, perhaps three years old – didn’t die. She has also been genetically and chemically tampered in a side study pursuing eternal youth.

He managed to stay hidden from the Alliance, fleeing on a refugee ship heading nowhere in particular, and adopting an ‘inventive’ alias – Dalton Ming.

In the years between the war’s end, and his meeting what would become the crew of the Elemental on a border moon, ‘Dalton’ kept himself to himself, hiring out as a hunter and trapper rather than using the skills as a historian or lieutenant that might make him recognisable to anyone that was looking for him. But he just can’t seem to sit still – it may be a consequence of the work done at the facility, or just restlessness at losing the war.

He arrived on the border moon in mid-2518 (around the time the movie Serenity is set – August), habitually moving to avoid detection. But his body had been slowly breaking down, his insides playing up. He suffers seizures, stomach cramps, numbness, tingling, or occassionally paralysis, migraines, and bouts of paranoia and other mental instabilities. His inner monologue is extensive, and he'd talk out loud to himself if he wasn't so stoic. He guessed the physical deterioration was a consequence of whatever they did to him in the facility. Until now, he has worked on the principle that if he goes to a doctor to have his symptoms seen to, there's a good chance they'll discover he's far from normal, and may report him to or send him back to the Alliance scientists who messed him up in the first place. This already nearly happened once, when he was discovered passed out in a ditch by a Core-trained doctor.

However, soon after hearing the Miranda Wave he decided that, if his days were numbered, he might as well do something with them, and resolved to revert to using his real name, and to making himself known to the ‘verse one more. So far, he’s not been accosted by the Alliance. Maybe they’re not looking for him – maybe they think he’s dead. Maybe they’ve found him, and are just watching. Maybe they have bigger fish to fry… for now, at least.

Attitude to alcohol:

Ling is fond of the taste of whiskey, but there are few spirits that have any impact at all on his efficient metabolism.

Attitude to languages and expression:

Ling tends to slip into Mandarin when stressed. It’s his mother tongue, and comes more naturally than English, sometimes. He also speaks Greek, and several dialects (‘Cretan’, ‘Cypriot’) due to their predominance in the area of Athens where he grew up. His English is accented after the fashion of his father (and sister) – Dyton Colony.


Ling doesn’t know it, but Private McKinsie had a similar experience to him – in fact, he escaped several months before Ling did. However, McKinsie took to hiding, and basically sat out the rest of the war, and has excelled at hiding ever since. The Alliance probably believe him to be dead. If McKinsie and Ling were to learn about each others’ existence and experiences, they would be as good as blood brothers.

Ling has formed no lasting healthy relationships since the war, and has lost or severed his ties with all those that predate the war. His meeting of Hiram was a serendipitous change from past performance. If the Professor finds anything unnatural in Ling’s youthful appearance, he hasn’t said so. However, Hiram has passed up the opportunity to travel with Ling on the Elemental, remaining instead with Mrs Fisher in the Athabasca Colony on the border moon.

One other buddy Ling can count on is Todd Wilkinson, a supply sergeant he knew in the war. Todd oversaw the retrofit of the Elemental on Athens, and is a reliable friend.


There will be several individuals who Ling met, while using his alias Ming, that he wouldn’t be immediately hostile to. I’ll flesh out these NPCs at a later date – I’m considering writing in an old flame, for example.


Anyone involved in the Entropy Program. Ling has already killed Corporal Tolliver, who happened to be in town on the border moon the day Ling decided to return to his real identity. He noted that Tolliver hadn’t aged at all, either (but was still fiercely loyal to the Alliance, if not more so than he had been when they last met). Ling would certainly be inclined to shoot Private McKinsie on sight (until he learns of McKinsie’s experience since the Program), and likely anyone else that he learned was connected to the people who stole his life.

With the exceptions in ‘Associates’ above, Ling would likely consider anyone who knows him as ‘Dalton Ming’ an enemy. He certainly wouldn’t kill such an individual, but he’d be pretty anxious if his alias and his real life met. Fortunately, this isn’t hugely likely – he was a solitary type under his pseudonym. And knowing Ling, if he did meet someone who’d call him Dalton, he’d just roll with it, and try and blag his way through.

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Re: Character bios and images

08/12/10 - On behalf of Ash who plays the Captain of the Elemental and myself, Amanda, who is the GM, we would like to welcome Liu Mei-Ling as a member of the crew! I encourage you to find a picture for your character, whether an illustration or a picture of an actor like some of us use.
Look for updates and RP beginning around 08/21/10

08/19/20 - Thanks! Image uploaded. big_smile

Liu Mei-Ling

Upbringing: Ariel 

Age: 33 
(DOB: 2486)
Height: 1.65m (5' 5")

Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Known relatives: Liu Jin (father, deceased); Dr. Liu Xiu (mother)

Job History
2504 - Graduated with honors from secondary school. Enlisted in military training.
2506 - Graduated from military training, with badges in sniper and stealth specialities. Assigned to an Alliance Victoria-class Corvette.
- Requests and is granted leave of absence due to her father's death. She is shortly after charged with treason and desertion. The treason charges are dropped, cited due lack of evidence. Dishonorably discharged due to desertion.
- Unification War begins. Joins the Independent side.
2511 - Unification War ends. Begins looking for work around the Border worlds as a mercenary.

Personal Information
** spoilers ahead **

Born 2486 on Ariel.

Mei-Ling enjoyed a happy childhood, growing up in a wealthy family. Her mother was a prestigious doctor who had earned much respect in her career. Her father was a Federal officer. She was treated to a good education and wanted for nothing. Being an only child, her parents doted on her - she was spoiled. Despite that, her parents also instilled in her a strong work ethic by setting an example for her. As she grew older, she craved to travel among the stars, perhaps as a pilot. When she saw the magnificence of an Alliance cruiser for the first time, she knew that she wanted to be aboard one of those ships. When she was 18, she joined the military, where she found she had the steady hands of her mother and the sharp eyes of her father - perfect for a pilot, but that was not to be. She couldn't seem to wrap her head around the science required for a pilot to navigate among the stars. Her instructors instead pushed her a different direction where her assets could be fully utilized - she specialized in stealth and sniper rifles. After training and schooling for two years, she was assigned to an alliance ship patrolling the space between Beaumonde and Ariel, not as a pilot as she had originally thought, but as a deadly soldier in the ranks.

Several months into her tour, she learned that her father and mother had traveled to Beaumonde for reasons unknown, and that her father was killed there. Her temporary leave was approved by her commander, and she traveled to Beaumonde to find her mother.

There she discovered that her father had been on a job undercover, a job that would have toppled the entire Blue Sun organization. Somehow his cover had been blown, her mother told her, likely due to someone on the inside that her father had trusted turning on him. Handing Mei what information her father had left behind, her mother stayed on Beaumonde to help the many ill people due to the pollution in the air. Mei didn't know at the time that her mother had nothing to return to on Ariel - the family's assets were seized and her mother's reputation as a doctor destroyed through false allegations of misconduct and malpractice.

Mei continued her father's investigation, but the eyes and ears of the Blue Sun are vast, and eventually her intentions were revealed. One of the Blue Sun operatives gave her a warning - stop her investigations or follow her father to the grave. At first, she ignored the warning, so bent on avenging her father. It wasn't until her leave was cut short without notice that she realized just how vast the corruption was not only in the Blue Sun, but throughout the political and military structures of the Alliance. With charges of treason and desertion against her, she made plans to flee to Paquin, where at least the corruption was on the surface and easy to recognize. Before she left, she meet with an official of Blue Sun, where she handed over the information she and her father had gathered in return for them leaving her and her mother alone. Even though the information was not much of a concern for Blue Sun (according to the official), the charges of treason had been falsely brought against her were dropped and she was dishonorably discharged from the military for desertion. The official also "requested" she never return to Beaumonde. Disgusted with everything, including herself, she boarded her transport and left to try to make a new life on Paquin.

When the Unification War broke out six months later, that bitter pill was still fresh in her mouth. She signed up immediately, seeing an opportunity to pay the Alliance back a bit for the death of her father and destroying the life of her family. She served in a special ops team throughout the war, taking out strategic targets and using her stealth training and knowledge of the Alliance military processes to best advantage - usually operating behind enemy lines and occasionally posing as an Alliance soldier to get near her targets.

After the War, she wandered about the border worlds, taking on mercenary jobs both on and off planet, wherever she was needed. Despite the Blue Sun official's warning, she has returned to Beaumonde several times for jobs, and to visit her mother. It seems the corporation has bigger things to worry about than an ex-communicated Alliance soldier turned browncoat.

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Re: Character bios and images

Due to losing my character's bio, this is a WIP until it is rewritten. Some facts may have changed due to faulty player memory
Wen Li Malley
Born: 2487
Place of birth: Sihnon
Age: 32
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 125
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: black
Rank/Profession: Doctor
Known Relatives:  (Note: Written in Western style with the family name last) Jian Zhu Zhang – brother, 30. Ling Zhang – father, age 60. Lan Chen Zhang – Mother, age 57.
Joseph Malley – husband, deceased.
Yaozu Zhang – grandfather, deceased.

Demeanour: Wen Li had been comfortable in previous positions aboard other ships in playing the aloof and distant doctor, a woman from the Core who looked down on others for their lack of education and manners. Of course, that wasn't the real Wen Li, but it worked well to keep people at arm's distance.  Any of her patients though would know that beneath the almost cold demeanor was a woman who cared very deeply about people, who wanted nothing more to take care of them.

On the Elemental though, if they are to keep any crew, Wen Li cannot be cold and distant. Because the Captain is the one who is gruff and stern, she has to counter balance him. Consequently, she finds herself attached to people before they are even officially crew. The constant rotating crew is beginning to take it's toll on her, but she can't stop being empathetic.

Skills and feats
Wen Li Malley is trained in both traditional medicine which is the use of herbs and acupuncture to treat the body’s unbalance in it’s qi or lifeforce and in modern medicine, which uses medications and diagnosis to treat disease. She’s a good general practitioner, although she is the first to admit when something is out of her skill range (such as neurology or brain surgery).
She is competent with a gun, although she is better with a bow and arrow due to extensive archery lessons as a child.  She has studied martial arts, particularly Tai Chi and can handle herself at least for a bit in a hand to hand fight.


Madame Molly Mick of The Gilded Cage Whorehouse on Santo. That’s right, our good doctor worked for a time in a whore house – she was the resident doctor on staff. Even though the pay was far beneath what she could of made elsewhere, Wen Li worked in the Shaded Lilly treating the girls and boys who worked there. It was the first place she worked after the war ended and while she ended up taking to the stars, she can always expect a warm welcome on Santo from Madame Molly.

Colton Ling, Captain of the Elemental. Despite the Captain’s best attempts at driving everyone away, Wen Li is loyal to him almost to a fault. She believes that their meeting on a dusty moon was no accident and that somehow their destinies are intertwined. Right now Wen Li is very concerned about the Captain’s health, knowing that he is hiding whatever ails him. She often plays the Yin to his Yang, balancing him out.

Dr Lloyd Essner, Phd. Professor of Integrated Medicine, on Osiris. Wen Li’s mentor while she was in school and the man responsible for partner her with her future husband for a lab assignment, the two have remained in contact in spite of everything. If a medical problem is beyond Wen Li’s help, she can often send the professor a wave and see if he knows anything that can help her.

Callum McWatt, XO of the Jericho. Despite his having gone AWOL from the Elemental it is quite possible that Wen Li and Callum might help each other out - at least she remembers how Callum offered to help her with the migraines she suffered and for her part she wasn't the one threatening to shoot him.  She doesn't know that he's XO of a ship right now, but she'd probably wish him luck.

Two more to go...

Jian Zhu Zhang. Wen Li’s younger brother is an Alliance military officer.  He is a senior officer who has worked in intelligence and has managed to keep track of his older sister over the years with a surprising amount of efficiency. The two were close as children and teens, but after the death of Wen Li’s husband, Jian Zhu accused his sister of trying to drown her sorrow in blood (An accusation which has some merit to it). When she joined the Independents, her family disowned her – leading Wen Li to often claim she was an only child. Jian Zhu isn’t out to kill his sister, instead he tries to take care of her (which is far worse in the doctor’s opinion). Taking care of Wen Li usually means causing her problems so that she’ll admit her life out in the black is awful and make her go home to Sihnon.

Jasper Gover. He was Wen Li’s commanding officer in the Brown Coats from Athens and there is one incident in particular that made these two enemies. Wen Li was overwhelmed by the number of injured after a battle. Working alongside one other doctor they were doing what they could – be the trauma was serious and they could only work so fast. Wen Li had to make the judgement call on who they were going to treat and who they weren’t  Jasper Grover’s brother, Wade, had been hit through the neck. Had Wen Li had a full staff and Core World supplies, she could have saved him. They both know that and to this day, Jasper blames Wen Li for his brother’s death. He’s living on Athens as a cattle baron.

The Alliance Military. Her anger is so great at  her husband's death, that she still holds a lot of hostility for the purple bellies.

Wen Li grew up a child of the social elite on Shinon. A smart girl, but painfully shy, her best friends were books and her grandfather Yaozu Zhang, a man who practiced acupuncture and the traditional medicine of the study of qi or the energy within the body. A high intelligence, a love of reading, and the patience attention of her grandfather meant that Wen Li was placed in gifted programs throughout school. She desired nothing more than to be a doctor like her grandfather, even though her parents reminded her that being in medicine meant she would have to work with people.  Yaozu reminded his son and his daughter in law that being socially outgoing was a requirement of a companion, not of medicine.

With her excellent academic scores, Wen Li was accepted into medical school on Ariel. The quiet girl, away from the pressures of being the eldest child of a socially prominent family, actually started to come out of her shell and make friends. Of course, she was as surprised as any one when Joseph Malley, a fellow medical student who was considered one of the handsomest in her class asked her out. Wen Li refused, knowing that Joseph had a reputation as being a bit of a ladies man. For months, Joseph would find different events to ask her to, find ways to be her lab partner, and do anything to just spend time with her.  She politely turned him down at every turn, not because she wasn’t attracted to him, but because she didn’t really want to be considered just another conquest of the dashing and irritatingly brilliant medical student.

Finally, Joseph managed to surprise Wen Li with a date by arranging to have dinner  delivered while they were working late in the biology lab. Well, she could hardly skip out of any work they had done and was pleasantly surprised to find that she could relax around Joseph.  So, when he asked if she would like a real date that weekend, she said yes. Soon the entire school knew that Wen Li and Joseph were a couple. When Joseph proposed three years later, before their graduation, the Zhang family was quite pleased.

For years, the Malleys did seem like they lived a charmed life. Joseph, having a taste for adventure and a bit of wanderlust, coaxed Wen Li into living out in the Rim. She convinced him to settle for ‘near civilization’ of the Rim. They chose Athens, a world that was rough enough for Joseph and yet had certain comforts of the Core World for his wife. They opened up their own practice, using money they received as a wedding present and it quickly was very successful. While Joseph was gregarious, a well spoken man who could talk to any stranger, Wen Li was a calm and serene presence within their practice. They balanced each other well and even as war loomed on the horizon, Joseph and Wen Li started planning a family.

When war struck, Wen Li and Joseph agreed to stay neutral as the world supported unification but many residents supported independence. Quietly though, Joseph supported the Browncoats and began helping them out covertly – not even telling his beloved wife of his involvement. An altercation between Joseph and some ‘purple bellies’ who suspected his secret involvement led to Wen Li crossing paths with the future Captain of the Elemental.  Colton Ling came on the scene, discovering the body of Dr. Joseph Malley who the other soldiers had killed in their eagerness to obtain the truth about the Browncoat forces on the planet. Wen Li, seeing the body of her husband laying on the ground in a pool of his blood, came to the erroneous conclusion that Colton Ling had killed him. A blast near them would prevent the confrontation between the new widow and the young commander from becoming deadly.

Wen Li went to the Brown Coats and tried to get revenge in order to fill the gaping hole that Joseph’s death had left in her life. She served with the “Silver Knights” a medical brigade in the Independents who saw plenty of action. Outmanned and often under supplied, Wen Li learned to be detached as she tried to treat the injured. She saved those she could, but there were many more that she did not save because she would lose more patients while she worked so hard to save the one.

After the war, Wen Li went to Santo and applied for a position as house doctor for one of the more prosperous brothels on Santo. It was actually one of the better things that the doctor could have done as the women and men of the place wouldn’t let the doctor be the recluse that she longed to be.

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Re: Character bios and images

Wyatt Steele

Personal Information:

Born: July 20, 2491
Place of Birth: Paquin
Age: 27
Height: 6’2
Weight: 215 lbs.
Status: Single
Position: Prize fighter at the Steele Carnival, 2505-2509, Paquin Bounty Hunter, 2509-2519; Member of the Prinz Eugen Fire Team, 2519-2519, Elemental hired gun, 2519-present
Known Relatives: (All living on Paquin) Father: Corliss Steele, age 54; Mother: Sirena Florens-Steele, age 50; Brother: Tait Steele, age 31; Grandparents: Angus Steele, deceased; Etna Steele, deceased; Hubert Florens, deceased; Salomea Florens, deceased

Demeanor: Wyatt isn’t overly friendly and would sooner punch someone out than start up a conversation with them, especially if he is sober. He defiantly has a drinking problem, though he tends to be more relaxed and can sometimes even be down right friendly if he’s got a whiskey bottle in his hand.

Motivation: Wyatt is trying to get back home to Paquin in order to clear his name. In the mean time he has decided it is safer on the move and has offered his services to the Elemental. Whether he has any real loyalty or if he will just up and leave the crew if and when he finds a way to clear his name is up for debate, but for know he follows the captain’s orders with only minor grumbling.

Skills and feats: Wyatt is an exceptional unarmed grappler having spent his teen years fighting for money. He is also skilled in the use of most weapons, though small arms and knives are his forte. He also has skills in tracking and stealth tactics as well as minor technical skills such as hacking and disabling security devices.


Wyatt Steele was born and raised in a carnival on Paquin run by his family. Education was not a high priority for him and his brother. His parents were too focused on running a successful business and keeping the carnival up to the family’s standards. Not to mention they assumed the boys would follow in their footsteps and one day take over the carnival and too much education was not necessary, as long as the boys knew how to read and write, the rest would be learned by doing.

Tait was happy with the idea of one day following in the family business, but Wyatt had no desire to work in a carnival his entire life. It wasn’t long before Wyatt found himself the outcast of the family. From a young age it was apparent he had a tendency for violence, getting into fights just for the fun of it, sometimes with children twice his age. Eventually it got to the point where his parents decided if they couldn’t stop him from fighting they could at least make some money off of it. When Wyatt was 13 they set up a ring and began charging 3 platinum to anyone who thought they could beat him, doubling their money if successful. Not many were.

At the age of 17 Wyatt was still fighting for money (the bet had reached 50 platinum) when a man stepped up to accept the challenge. He was a known and feared bounty hunter and when Wyatt accepted the challenge it drew hundreds of onlookers to see the fight. Wyatt won handily, catching the attention of two men in the audience; Bao Fu Hong and Albin Torvald, business partners and the defeated bounty hunters primary source of business. After the fight they approached Wyatt with an offer; to leave the carnival and come work for them where they would train him to be a bounty hunter. Wyatt accepted, glad to have an excuse to leave the carnival. This greatly upset his parents as Wyatt had become their primary source of income.

Not long after beginning with Hong and Torvald, Wyatt accepted his first bounty. The bounty was wanted alive but Wyatt’s inexperience forced him to kill them or be killed himself. It was the first person Wyatt had ever killed and while he didn’t necessarily enjoy it he knew that this was his calling. As time went on he became better and better, reaching a point where he was the most feared man on Paquin by those who had crossed the wrong people.

It was while working for Hong and Torvald that Wyatt met Fiona Driscoll. She asked Hong and Torvald to send their best man to take care of some men who owed her money. Wyatt took care of the men and refused payment in exchange for a date naturally, at least in Wyatt’s eyes, she accepted. The date went very well, beginning the very rocky relationship. Fiona still hired Wyatt to take care of problems and their personal and business relationships often clashed, once reaching such a low point that Fiona actually shot Wyatt over a dispute of payment, though strangely enough this only endeared her more to him. Wyatt's success continued and the locale law ignored his discretion's as they were mostly against criminals they would otherwise have to deal with themselves. However, his success wouldn’t last forever.

One day he was contacted by Declan Eber, a man who he had been hired by many times. As per usual Wyatt received the bare essentials of information for the bounty. He was to be found near the opera house. Wyatt waited for the man outside and when he came out Wyatt grabbed him and did the deed. The simplicity of the task gave Wyatt a bad feeling which was confirmed when he returned to receive his payment from Eber only to find the man was gone and Wyatt himself had a bounty on his head for the murder of a Magistrates son, a bounty so high every man on Paquin would want to cash in. After fighting his way out of Eber estate, with the help of Fiona, Wyatt was forced to leave Paquin and headed out to St. Michael to try and find work.

It was there that he met Captain Gunther Lindemann and joined the Prinz Eugen crew as a member of the mercenary team.

After much clashing with the crew of the Prinz Eugen, including being shot in the leg by the former XO, as well as being attacked by the current XO at the time, Wyatt decided to leave the crew and headed for Akers Bluff where he met up with his 'cousin' Murphy Finnegan. After a long night of drinking with Murphy, being robbed and the reacquiring of his belongings Wyatt decide to attempt a return to Paquin to clear his name.

Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan. After getting word from Tait that someone had informed the bounty hunters on Paquin he was heading back Wyatt was forced to alter course and head to Whitefall where he met up with Colton Ling and the crew of the Elemental.

Allies: 1. Corliss Steele (Father)

2. Sirena Florens-Steele (Mother)

3. Tait Steele (Older Brother)

Associates: 1 & 2. Bao Fu Hong and Albin Torvald (Business owners on Paquin. Most of Wyatt’s work came from these two. They also allowed Wyatt to stay free in any of their many establishments around Paquin if Wyatt was on a job for them.)

3. Fiona Driscoll (Runs a carnival on Paquin. On and off relationship with Wyatt for the better part of the past four years. Currently pregnant, unbeknownst to Wyatt.)

Enemies: 1. A Magistrate (Wyatt doesn’t know what the man’s name is or what he’s the Magistrate of. All Wyatt does know is that he killed the man’s son and now has a bounty on his own head on Paquin.)

2. Declan Eber (The man who set Wyatt up to kill the Magistrates’ son.)

3. Countless relatives of bounties Wyatt has killed that would like to hunt him down.

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Re: Character bios and images

Name: Julian Quinn

Born: unknown/unknown/2506

Place of Birth: Higgins Moon

Age: 12

Height: 4’6”

Weight: 70 lbs

Position: Stowaway (for now)

Status: Very much alone

Known Relatives: Mother – Agatha Quinn, Father – long gone

What the Crew Know about Julian Quinn:

The crew will eventually learn that Julian grew up in Higgins Moon in near abject poverty with many other inhabitants. The most key event in his life would prove to be the most exciting and fearful for Julian. At the age of 9 a ship landed and his mother desperate for supplies used Julian as part payment. From that moment his world changed.

His life onboard the ship he became indentured to wasn’t pleasant in the least. To the crew Julian was their cleaner, skivvy and punching bag. Julian suffered silently for much of his time. The only comfort he would have would be during the dark cold nights during space flight when Julian would sneak out from the hole he slept in to stare out through the port holes and look to the stars and for as long as he had alone Julian could dream he was elsewhere.

The breaking point for Julian came at 12, when the ship had come to land on Akers Buff. Whilst the majority of the crew were elsewhere, no doubt conning someone or doing something illegal, Julian remained onboard with one other crew member who began to drink excessive amounts of alcohol. After accidentally dropping something the crew member entered a drunken rage and threw Julian to the floor and mumbled about being the useless child of a whore. Julian was filled with rage, though his mother had traded him away to this crew at such a young age his mother could do no wrong. Grabbing the nearest object, which was a log handled wrench, Julian struck out at the crewman’s legs causing him to fall, and Julian has the crew believe that at this point he flees the ship. Only ember knows he is lying.

Since Ember left the Elemental Julian felt cut off from the rest of the crew, particularly in the face of Lings apparent hostility. Until he met the Elemental's new Ageing Engineer.

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Re: Character bios and images

William Smith wrote:

"Ooookay doctah jones, I no touch anything!" Haha, love the pic!

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Re: Character bios and images

William Smith wrote:

Until he met the Elemental's new Ageing Engineer.

I feel all bad about Drew moving ship now sad

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Dahntcha worry. Cap'in Col'll look arfter 'im...


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Re: Character bios and images

Personal Information:

Name: High Priest Menard (aka Bob)
Born: 2480
Place of birth: Three Hills
Age: 39
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Rank: Houngan (Voodoo Priest) / Chemist / Herbalist
Status: Single
Known Relatives:
    Bob ran away as a young boy to join a traveling carnival, and stowed away on one of their transport ships. It was aboard this ship that he met Mambo Delia (Mambo: Voodoo Priestess). Delia was the closest thing to family Bob knew after that point taking on the maternal role in his life. He doesn’t remember his parents and has no idea whether he had siblings or not.
Religion: Voodoo / Absurdism (Rituals involve the Voodoo God: Papa Legba)
Quote: “Hey hey! Ease off the crystal ball, I just had it polished!”

    After meeting Delia, he studied Voodoo and trained to be a Houngan. He also learned to talk like her with a perfect or at least very nearly perfect Haitian Creole accent. Delia had taken an interest in Bob since she first saw him aboard the ship. She had always wanted a son but sadly she was never able to have one of her own, until Bob came along. She raised him like a son and taught him in the ways of her people and all about Voodoo.
    When he was old enough, he became a Houngan and began advertising on the cortex his “natural remedies” and “soul healing” services. He developed a very interesting set of clientele, from the rich and famous who are dazzled by obscure lore and beliefs, to the poor and desperate who need a “cure-all” for a friend or family member. People from all walks of life enlist his services, though their reasons are many and as varied as the clients themselves.
    He eventually saved up enough money to go to school to study Chemistry. He graduated with a degree and a much better understanding of the world around us. He originally wanted to study Chemistry to better understand Voodoo potions and to possibly enhance them, but he developed a fascination with pyrotechnics and made a hobby of it. He began dabbling in other sciences but chemistry was still at his heart and he developed useful compounds and devices that an amateur pyrotechnician couldn’t even attempt.
    He still maintains contact with the carnival and occasionally accepts job offers from them as a fortune teller – a routine that he has long since gotten bored of, but still performs occasionally for a few extra credits here and there. Most of his Voodoo outfit is fake, like the bone through his nose, or the facepaint (despite his everyday appearances he’s actually Caucasian), or the headdress (it would smell after a while). Nevertheless, the rituals and blessings he gives are real (or at least they follow exactly what Voodoo traditions say to do) which is what counts!

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Re: Character bios and images

Name: Alex White
Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 126 lbs
Hair: Blond, crew cut
Eyes: Emerald green, vivid
Position: Engineer

Background: Born on Persephone, Alex is permanently cheery chap, always happy to chat, and generally very easy-going. He didn't exactly fit in too well at Eavesdown Docks - certainly, he got on well enough with folks, but his initial chicken act in near every fight he found himself in was proof enough that he wasn't going to fit in there - even if he was a fair-to-middling fighter once he got going. The little bitty schooling he'd had was enough that, with a little natural talent and a lump of luck, he found himself as ship's mechanic aboard a freighter at about 18. Eight years experience certainly shows, as Alex is now quite competent at fixing things, and having served aboard a few different ships is quite at home with a variety of engines. Even a Cappisen 38. At some point in that time, he took to keeping a spanner behind his right ear, so as to always have one handy - though he also reckons it looks fairly cunning. He tends to be the "friendly big brother" or "cheerful elder son" in a group, sometimes almost too confident in himself, but generally there for the folks. He does, however, display a different side if he's fighting to protect someone he cares about - if he's the only thing in the way, he seems to mature a good ten years, replacing his combat nerves with a measure of heroism in the process, which has the side effect of making him rather good at hitting things. If he ever noticed it, Alex would likely describe this as a "Big Bro Effect".

1. Jimmy Fox - Alex's best friend back on Persephone, a young man with similar personality to Alex, but a natural fighter when combat starts.
2. Brian Cook - Captain of Victory, the transporter Alex crewed up with on Persephone. The two hit it off right away, covering a decent bit of why Alex was actually hired aboard.
3. Laura Whetford - A girl from Persephone - or so Alex would remember her - that our young mechanic dated on and off for a couple years before heading off-world. The two parted on decent enough terms, and would likely be rather happy to see each other again.

1. David MacDonald - Chief Engineer aboard The Merlin, a light cruiser Alex served a spell aboard as the second engineer. Taught the then-20 year old a good bit about fixing things, rather than just maintaining them, and shared a few drinks on shore leave.
2. Lindsey Jackson - Pilot of Fermat's Theorem, a large frieght runner owned by a chap who fancied himself a mathematician. Alex was rather fond of Lindsey, and the young woman returned the affection - however, from her direction it was purely platonic. Alex came to terms with being in the "friend zone" fairly swiftly, and although he wasn't aboard the ship for particularly long they formed something of a friendship, and an occasional wave about common interests might be sent between them every now and then.
3. Angela Zhong - A young lady from Beaumonde who Alex 'got to know' rather well on the frequent visits to the planet that flying aboard an independant ship resulted in.

1. Benny Williams - Another lad from the Eavesdown Docks, Alex, Jimmy and friends' "gang" tended to have a less-than-friendly rivalry with Benny and co's. They'd likely not end up fighting - Benny's sense of honour resulted in him usually not picking a fight with Alex, knowing the older boy would likely not fight back for the first half-minute or so, but they wouldn't be the best of friends, unless someone was insulting Eavesdown, which both are rather fond of.
2. James Chen - A gunhand aboard Victory, who was less-than-pleased at Brian's hiring of such a wet-behind-the-ears "mechanic", as he'd describe things. He didn't particularly trust Alex's ability to keep the ship afloat, and wasn't too happy about the Captain's preferential treatment of the young Alex.
3. Lei Tate - First mate of Osiron, a mid-bulk transport (the one fitted with a Cappisen 38...). Less-than-pleased by Alex's attention, compounded by her blaming him for the failure of the engine one time. She believed Alex's explanation that Cappisen 38's are just plain bad was a cover story, but wasn't prepared to argue when the Captain took Alex's side. Mostly because he'd got it going again.
Alex on Persephone, dressed up for a party.
Nicely away from the cities on Persephone, Alex and some friends in the woods.
In Eavesdown Docks, Jimmy is just visible in the background.
Alex making his way to Victory, to board and leave Persephone.
Aboard Osiron, looking at the engine immediately after it failed.
Going to an interview for work. Unsurprisingly, given the suit, this was for Fermat's Theorem.
Alex on shore leave on Jiangyin.

Re: Character bios and images

Got the ok from Ash so he is my bio.

Name:  Julius Mann
Alias: Jackson Smart, Jasper Jacobs, Jason Michael, John Willis, Joesph Allan (and about 20 others)
Age: 42
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 243 lbs.
Birthplace: Ariel
Profession: Former Alliance Lt. Commander, Present: Business owner, Cover: Accountant
Skills:  Deception, Bookkeeping, Math, Pistols, Knife fighting, Machine guns, Military Tactics, Computers, Hacking, Cortex Specter

Quote:  “I can only do one thing now, Protect the innocent.”

(Julius while in the Alliance miltary)


Julius is a man who was bred and born to be a military man; his father was a general before the war ever started.  Honor and nobility were part of his nature long before he enlisted to the Alliance.  Doing the right thing is something that Julius always tried to do no matter what the cost was to him or his reputation. 


Julius enlisted in the military right out of school at 18 using his math and computer skills to become a strategist to one of the top generals during the war.  Towards the end of the war General Mason started to dislike Julius’s advice as he wanted to punish the Independents while Julius wanted to save lives.  Mason started to attack villages claiming that they hid Independents with the intention of having hit and run attacks as the armies went though the villages.  Julius manage to figure out that Mason was falsifying reports and those villages that were being attacked were completely innocent, mostly woman, elderly and children.  As Mason was going to attack the village of Iota the biggest one so far, Julius confronted the general killing him in the process.  Julius then stole a transport ship with a few of his loyal lieutenants and took it to the village helping everyone escape before the army could attack.  Julius and the village ran to the Rim to start a new life on Athens.

(Julius on Athens working on the books)

Once the Alliance learned about Mason’s actions leading up to his death in order to avoid a scandal that may start the war back up once again.  They pinned everything that happened on Julius, they said that Julius gave Mason false advice that Mason acted on without thought.  Once Mason figured out that Julius was ‘giving wrong information’ Julius killed him after a struggle and massacred the last village leaving no trace of anyone alive.  The Alliance then set a massive bounty on Julius because they did not want him coming forward with others from the village to create another scandal.

The Alliance, former Independents, and bounty hunters have since tried to find Julius with very little luck.  Many of the files on Julius have been erased from the cortex or sealed by the Alliance.  The name Julius Mann became a ghost when they landed on Athens.  The village idolized Mann and helped him become invisible.  The village restarted on Athens with Mann as the ‘mayor’ he started a business, glass making for ship outer hauls and scrapped the Alliance ship in order use the equipment. 

(Julius is a man of many faces)

Everyone few years since then Mann changed his name and left Athens for a while his Lieutenants headed up the village and the business.  Julius’s cover was that of a lowly accountant in charge of the finances.  While behind the scenes he ran the business and headed up the village. 

Allies (all know Julius’s real name):

1.    The village of Iota:  After saving their lives the entire village helped Julius disappear and stay hidden anytime the Alliance or bounty hunters comes looking.
2.    Ben Benedict:  Former Lt. of the Alliance
3.    Victor Toms:  Former Lt. of the Alliance

4.    Mary Willis:  Daughter age 18 (Willis is mother’s last name) Loves her father but lives with her mother due to him running all the time.  However she wants to be with her father no matter what.

Contacts (known though Alias’s of Mann):

1.    Michael Banks: Trading partner of Mann’s under the name Jackson Smart.
2.    Henry Wallace:  Trading partner of Mann’s under the name Jason Michael
3.    Shawn Spencer: Shepherd who visits Athens often source of consul and advice for Mann. However he knows Mann by the name Jackson Smart.


1.    The Alliance:  Bounty stands at 20,000 credits, Dead or Alive
2.    Bounty Hunters:  see above
3.    Roger Mason:  Son of General Mason turned Bounty hunter wants to avenge his father’s death.

(Julius present day without his wig and fake facial hair)

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20k credits? Better not let Mei-Ling know about that bounty on your head. wink

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Re: Character bios and images

Ya he is blamed for the death of a hundreds of people perhaps more since they never were able to make an accurate count of how many people were there.

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Re: Character bios and images

OOC: Those are some awesome photos! What a range! Not often you can get someone who both looks like they were in the Alliance military:


Henry VIII's privy council:

the crystal maze:

and at Woodstock:



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Re: Character bios and images

I was pleasantly surprised myself when I saw the photos for him, he is one of my favorite actors (from Sanctuary and Stargate: Atlantis)  I never knew he played in so many different roles.


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