Topic: House Rules

I am not a big fan of placing many rules upon this sim. However, there are a few, namely the following:

  • AWOL Limit: 10 day(s). This time limit seems fair to me. If however for some reason you feel that it isn't and you have arguments supporting your case, don't hestitate to tell me about it.
    If you haven't posted within this time limit without giving a reason up front (reporting a LOA) then you will get a reminder mail from the sim leader (me).

  • Content Restriction: This sim places no restriction on content. That is to say, as long as people use this freedom responsibly. If a post is made that you find inappropriate, please inform the SL about this.

  • NPC Policy: Players may create minor NPCs as they wish, and may resolve minor actions as they wish but must await GM resolution of major actions. I do not think that this will  lead to any problems. In fact, the rule is there to prevent people having to wait to long for something to happen involving their character, preventing them from posting. However, if the GM (Jason Andersen) should feel that either the NPC is not minor or the resolved action is not minor, he has the final word in this.

Now don’t panic: I won’t ban anybody if he or she breaks one of these rules: we’re all civilized here so if it should come to it that people break one of these rules, we can probably sort things out. So no head chopping, limb pulling or other punishments, just some basic rules to keep things going as smoothly as possible.

And then there is of course the last and most important rule: enjoy the sim!

-Mischa, SL of the Odyssey

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