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So the time has come the walrus said, "To talk of many things.". Sorry for the wait everyone, it was a heavy seizure week and i was really busy. So here is how your description will look.

Apparent Age:
Physical Description:
Main Super Power:
Secondary Power(s):
Element Category (Plant, Fire, Wind, Water, Steel, Animal, Spirit/mind, and Shadow)
Character Personality:
Character History (To include how got powers, make this section detailed)
Character Likes/Dislikes:

And so it all begins. I look forward to reading all of your character info in the CANIS Index. And in a few days i'll begin the intro after you all are up to snuff. Thanks for being patient.

Much Love

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

"But wait a bit," the Oysters cried,
"Before we have our chat;
For some of us are out of breath,
And all of us are fat!"

I am going to get Feliciana posted today. I promise. Been hectic around here as well.


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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Name: Providence Evangeline Amstutz

Apparent Age: 23

Physical Description: Providence is not unattractive, but prefers to keep herself looking quite plain. She is thin and pale and looks quite week. Her eyes always have a detached, hollow look to them. You can look at her and see something is not normal. She keeps herself neat, but tends to wear very used clothing, that she mends and maintains. She always wears gloves. She has a large wood cross necklace, and a bracelet with prayer beads and religious icons.

Main Super Power: Tactile empathic energy manipulation. She has the power to consciously sustain and rip away life. When she consciously decides to, she can withstand most forms of assault on her body. She can also extend much of this protection to those she touches. Contact must be on skin. Similarly, if she is emotionally enraged, she can decimate the life force within someone she touches. Depending on the intensity of her rage, it can be very fast or extremely painful. The angrier she is the quicker it goes for her victims. She must be aware of danger around her, if she is unaware of danger, she is just as vulnerable as any normal person.

Secondary Power(s): She also believes she can read the spiritual essence of those she touches. She feels she can see others sin. She does possess latent psychic ability, but not in the form she believes.

Element Category:  Spirit/mind

Character Personality: Providence is traumatized by the manifestation of her powers. She has been diagnosed by social workers as acute schizophrenic. She is very giving and charitable to others, but also very judgmental. She is innocent but also tends to muse in apocalyptic imagery. She sees God as angry with human society and soon to bring his wrath upon it. This makes her a bit edgy. Add to this her psychiatric condition and she can be wildly unpredictable. Sometimes she is tranquil and polite and other times angry and intense.   

Providence feels she must protect the innocent and bring God's wrath to the unjust. She is zealous in pursuit of her calling, but also very misguided. She has the equivalent of an eighth grade education. Her community saw little need in higher education as there was little need for it in the rural agrarian town of her birth.

In the six months since her powers manifest, she has found herself compelled to travel to the big city. Her mind has become very confused. She enters the story a pretty much a homeless street person, tired and hungry but with a sense that she is going somewhere. She is inherently unstable and can often turn violent if provoked by intense negativity. She feels intense guilt for those that she has taken life from, but also a sense of righteousness for carrying out God's judgement on them.

Character History: Providence was born into a strict Mennonite farming community in Hansen Valley, Ohio. She was raised memorizing her bible and working chores around the house and farm. Schooling was never a high priority to her family. 8th grade was as far as they deemed she needed to advance to know everything life on the farm would require. All else brought children in peril of false teachings and outsider values. At the age of 8 Providence’s father died. She, her mother and baby brother had to move to her Grandparent’s farm, who was even more conservative than her father had been.

She viewed little of the outside world except when she would go to occasional festivals the Mennonite community would have in town. The world of the English seemed fascinating and terrifying. As she grew it became known by the people of the community that she was odd. She heard voices and often had visions, which many psychiatrists would have explained as developing schizophrenia. Of course they didn’t use doctors like that and merely believed she was touched by God.

Providence was 22 years old and still not married. She was feeling greater urges to leave the community and try to find her own life outside Hansen Valley. Then on a starless night, looking blankly up into the heavens, she saw a great light. She suddenly found herself able to see into the souls of the people in her community. A suitor that had been courting her for some time was growing frustrated with her indecision towards marriage. A touch of his hand revealed many harrowing truths about the young man she would never have imagined. She pushed him away in a panic of the images rushing through her mind. She confronted him on what she had seen. He became angered and stuck her. He continued to assault her as she suddenly found herself unaffected by his blows. He tried harder to beat her, including taking a re-bar rod and violently striking her with it. It did nothing. His words and assault frightened and angered her. She caught his wrist in one of his blows and in a moment of rage, decimated his life force. His body slumped over next to her. She was horrified.

The community determined to take care of the incident in their own way and not bring in the authorities. She however now was alienated form the community. She left for the city overcome by the ostricization and guilt from killing the man. She clung desperately to her faith to try and deal with what had happened. In the end she felt God had called her to bring his vengeance on the unjust and protect the innocent.

Character Likes/Dislikes: Providence has a great love of singing, drawing and children’s books. She dislikes anyone who gloats unrepentantly about sin. She also has an odd dislike of organized sports.

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Out late in the swamp Feliciana Leroux
Was going alligator huntin' like she wasn't supposed to do
She heard a noise turned on her flashlight
Saw alligator eyes shining in the night
Feliciana Leroux whatcha gonna do?
You've got an alligator chasing after you
Feliciana Leroux whatcha gonna do?
Mon coeur (my heart) Feliciana Leroux
Well grandpa made himself a lasso
Around the green snout he thought it would go
But the alligator flipped around and then
Feliciana watched her grandpa fall in
The alligator thought he would eat well that night
But Feliciana wasn't giving up without a fight
She stuck out her tongue shook her fanny with a call
And jumped in the water with her pecan doll
If the Cajun people say it you know it is true
If you go gator huntin' take Feliciana too
She stuck her wooden doll in the gators jaw
And saved herself and her ol' grandpa

Name: Feliciana Leroux

Apparent Age: 27

Physical Description: She appears to be a streetwise woman of mixed anglo-african heritage. Underneath the dirt of the street she can still be considered beautiful.

Main Super Power: Alter Physical Self - Plant

Secondary Power(s): Body Weapons
Secondary Power(s): Extraordinary physical strength

Element Category: Plant

Character Personality: A bit mysterious. She has been known to say exactly what is on her mind, regardless of who she is speaking it to. Her sense of humor is odd. Many could consider it dark.

Character History Born to a black slave and a white upper clas business owner in New Orleans during the height of the 1800's, young Feliciana and her mother, Marie lived and worked out of the French Quarter minding his house. One day, however, the master, Leroux, was accused of cheating during a high stakes poker game and shot. Taking this opportunity, Marie and her daughter escaped out into the bayous. Marie eventually made her way back into the city and established herself as Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. As such she would make little charms and gris-gris for her daughter to wear just to keep her safe. One of the charms was so powerful that some of the magic in it was transferred onto Feliciana, changing her forever. Horrified by her appearance she ran off into the swamps to wait for death to come, living out the end of her days.

Fast forward to now.

Somehow granted an immortality from her mother's charm, Feliciana was never able to fade out. Instead she has become a creature of legend. She has been immortalized in song, but she has also become the 'boogeyman' to most Cajuns. For at night, she travels the bayous, canals, and swamps as the beast known as the 'Rugaru'.

No one knows who she is though. Everyone just thinks that she is the crazy voodoo lady of Jackson Square who sells fortunes to poor tourists.

Character Likes/Dislikes: Hunters, Poachers, people who disrespect her beliefs while trying to force theirs onto her.

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Why did Suzy fall out of the swing?  Because she had no arms.
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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Name: Kateri
Apparent Age: 25
Physical Description: Kateri has a slight Native American look, due to her heritage. Her hair is black medium length, layered with orange and yellow streaks.  She has a small, petite frame…standing only 5’2’. And a nose ring.
Main Super Power:  Control element, fire
Secondary Power(s): Animal affinity (Gila Monster), Heightened hearing, up to 100 feet
Element Category: Fire
Character Personality: *Aloof *Standoffish *Fiery temper *Loyal
Character History: Kateri is the last living descendant of the Anasazi’s, an extinct Native American tribe. She was raised by her maternal grandmother, her mother leaving a few months after Kateri’s birth…not wanting a daughter who was cursed.

The curse itself came from long ago, and has been passed down through the years…always maternally and skipping a generations. A female ancestor, thinking of nothing but greed, made a deal with a group of Spanish explorers. The lure of gold was too great and she betrayed her tribe. Instead of the reward of gold, though, her entire tribe was massacred. Every last one, save her. The “medicine man”, as he lay dying cursed her and lineage….

Her grandmother took the time to explain that Kateri was different and why she was. She also taught her how to control fire, and manipulate it. Kateri, at first, was fascinated…excited that she could “play with fire”.  But as she grew older dealing with it became at bit harder, even though she never outgrew the fascination. (The nightmares that crept in sporadically didn’t help either.)

One day, not long after her grandmother’s death, Kateri found a Gila Monster in her backyard. It took a while before she was able to come to terms with the fact that they could actually understand each other. And then the streaks started to appear in her hair….which at first she tried to hide by dyeing her hair. But the dye never lasted, it was a repercussion of the affinity between herself and little monster, who she dubbed Abuelo…and Kateri grew tired of having to dye her hair every week.

Character Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes: Spaniards, Bullies, her personal space invaded, being touched; Likes: Abuelo, Fire, Quiet, Reading

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

ALL questions be posted to Brandon L as of right now about what's open. Been very busy lately at work. But as soon as the characters are up and running we will begin this shindig.

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)
Aaron before his scarring

Name: Aaron Hume
Apparent Age: 30

Physical Description: Tall and imposing, Aaron is the kind of man that would be able to break most people over his knee with little effort, however he is horrifically scarred, particularly on his face, chest, back and arms. One particular scar arcs across his left eye which appears blind but he seems un-impaired in that regard. He wears unusual looking clothes, that he was made himself with metal armour like implements across it. He also has a mask, mainly to hide his disfigurement, but when charged with large amounts of energy it appears to take on a horrifying quality.

Main Super Power: Control Element: Air. Aaron can mesh and manipulate air together strong enough to form basic tools i.e shield, bludgeon. Other uses include basic flight as he alters the air around himself to lift himself off the ground etc.

Secondary Power(s): Basic Energy Absorption. Specifically Electricity, as other energy types are dangerous to his cells. Can also Create arcs of intense amounts of power using his body as a conduit, and trigger basic perceptory shifts by altering structure with the item or person's field. He may also expel large amounts of energy in directive ways to complete certain tasks (if adding or removing power is required), manipulate electrical fields in machinery.

Element Category (Plant, Fire, Wind, Water, Steel, Animal, Spirit/mind, and Shadow): Air/Wind

Character Personality: Due to the event that gave him his abilities, and the subsequent scarring, Aaron is heavily self-conscious of himself. He is in constant agony due to the large amounts of energy flowing through his body at anyone time, as well as a distant remnant of the scarring.

Psychologically, Aaron is quite unbalanced, and is prone to bouts of rage and violence, although most of this is derived from a combination of his pain, and anger at his situation, there is also a deeper burning resentment at his unfortunate luck in life. He was known to have a direct antagonism toward such outlooks as religious belief, zealotry, or other such things, leading to him lashing out at a Priest who attempted to convert him over, and destroying a building. However he is not all bad, and does have a suprising soft spot for children, and most women.

Aaron doesn't feel any sort of obligation or debt to anyone or anything but finds himself helping others as it often grants outlets for his tendencies, but most importantly, a temporary respite from his pain.

Character History (To include how got powers, make this section detailed) Aaron was born in the back of an ambulance in the Bronx which had been stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital. Unfortunately he was born with an incredibly rare condition which made his cells incredibly weak structurally, making cellular damage much more harmful to him than any others. His early life wasn't too flash either, being raised essentially out the back of a run down SUV in an old abandoned construction site. As the result of being raised by his hippy parents, Aaron never really knew much in the way of resources, making his own entertainment around the site. The one thing his parents seem to have done right, was to keep him relatively well fed, and allowed him to attend public school.

As he grew, his condition worsened, making it impossible for him to participate in sports, making him the laughing stock of many of the other students, who never quite grasped the severity of the condition. As such, he never fit in very well, which smarted horribly when he reached puberty. Far from popular, and essentially a social pariah, Aaron slipped into a deep depressive state, which he blamed his parents for not seeing, and therefore helping him through. Instead over the following years, he went through a rollercoaster of emotions, and finally, at the age of 22 managed to rip himself out of it, by developing a more self-centered mindset.

By this time, he had left his parents far behind, and begun trying to find his way in the big world. He found an apartment in Columbus, Ohio, and found a job as a District Attonrey's assistant. Using this, he managed to make a fair sum of money, and by the time he was 27, he had enough money coming in to live comfortably. Not long after his thirtieth birthday, he became disillusioned with his life, and decided to take an extended leave from work, and allow himself to take a trip around to live life a little for a while. Roughly two months into his self-exploration, he was caught out in a storm, and ran to old shed on a farm he happened to be passing at the time. He waited the storm out, then headed out, but moments after stepping out into the still overcast night, he was struck directly by a bolt of lightning. For some reason, this bolt made him similar to a lightning rod, and he was struck twice more, before he was flung some twenty feet from where he had been standing. Burned, and in agony, he was rescued by the farmer who had been coming back from sheltering in his milking shed while the storm raged, and had seen what had happened. Aside from the burns to his arms, face and torso, Aaron seemed largely unaffected by the strikes, and was taken to a hospital. The doctors fixed him up as best they could, but they could not repair his eye, or the scarring from occuring. Meanwhile, the energy from the bolts had been absorbed directly into his cells, forming the resistance that should have been done by his normal cell structure, negating the effects of his condition, but leading to intense agony, and triggering his abilities. Due to the oxygen encountered within the Ambulance on the way to the Hospital, his newly highly receptive cells became infused with high levels of oxygen, as well as supercharged from the bolts, causing an affinity for air and energy manipulation.

Upon being released from hospital, he returned to his apartment, to find that someone he had assisted in putting in jail had arranged for his apartment to be burned down, forcing him to abandon all of his possessions and hide out in a construction yard. It was there he discovered his abilities, and Aaron's story truly began...
Character Likes/Dislikes:
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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description) … =ush-mailn

Name: Dr. Ethan Aello
Apparent Age:  29
Physical Description: 5’9” 160, slim, swimmer’s body. Olive skin, hazel eyes, short black hair
Main Super Power: Control element: Water (on molecular level + water breathing)
Secondary Power(s): Sonic Scream and limited flight (using scream)
Element Category: Water
Character Personality: Academic (doctor) with good bedside manner. He is overwhelmingly calm, hard to anger and outgoing due to his brush with death. Ethan has an intense need to fulfill his obligation to Poseidon.
Character History (To include how got powers, make this section detailed):  Five years ago, on a yacht trip while visiting family in Greece, Ethan Aello and his family were attacked by pirates.  During the attack, Ethan’s father was shot and thrown overboard. Even though he was not a good swimmer, Ethan immediately jumped into the water to save his injured father. Unfortunately, both Ethan and his father were pulled down by the undertow of the Mediterranean Sea, eventually drowning them both. Taking pity on the courageous human, Poseidon, god of the sea, resurrected Ethan and gave him various powers over water, to include water breathing, and the sonic scream of a harpy to better defend himself from future attack.
Like the legends of old, Ethan was not given this power without a price. His charge from Poseidon was to protect the innocent and exact vengeance on the corrupt with all of the powers at his disposal. Since the attack, Ethan has been using his above average intellect to experiment with his god-given powers to become Poseidon’s peerless champion, and avenge his family’s deaths.
Character Likes/Dislikes: Medicine, the ocean and having new experiences (does not want to let his second life pass him by.)

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Name: Hallow Mate. These are the only two words that he can be heard to say when he started playing chess near the New Orleans Riverwalk. 'Hallow' when someone would challenge him, and then 'Mate' When he'd beat them in abot 6-7 moves.

Alias: Dante

Apparent Age: 29

Physical Description: A  slender man of African Descent. Not the mixed blood of the African-American. Actual African. He is only slightly less dark than the night under a new moon. He stands about 6' tall and weighs 170. He typically wears long sleeves and a fedora at all times due to an extreme sensitivity to sunlight. His sensitivity renders him blind during daylight hours. Because of such he wears thick, black shades and carries a handicap cane.

Main Super Power: Shadow Control. His affinity with the shadow permits him to become near invisible at night and to shadow walk. A form of limited range teleportation.

Secondary Power(s): Heightened Sense of Hearing 100' and Extraordinary Physical Agility. His hearing has the added benefit of having Perfect Pitch; meaning he can tell if a musical note is sharp, flat or in tune. His Agility has given the ability to caress music from a guitar or piano.

Element Category: Shadow

Character Personality: He loves to laugh. He gets great pleasure in making others smile, especially children. He loves to play chess, an will do so with anyone willing. While Dante has no friends, he has no enemies as well.

Character History: His father is a Planes walker hailing from the plane of Shadow. His Mother a daughter of a well-to-do business man from the Congo. He is born with many of his father's strengths, and some of his weaknesses, his sensitivity to sunlight for example. As of yet, he is unaware of his full strength. When he first settled in the states he found the he had a bit of a knack for performing...specializing in comedy. Realizing what he could do he attended the Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and toured with the circus for about five years.

Character Likes/Dislikes:He is not a fan of arrogance and cockiness. In the Congo, those traits were dominant in the Warlords that would rape and bully their neighbors. Needless to say, he does not respond well to threats.

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Character Removed.

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Looking good So far. Though prepare yourselves for some unforseen trouble. I will use your histories, likes and dislikes against you. Now that my computer is back up to snuff and i'm not in and out of the ER like i was last week. Looks like we are missing one character and we will be finished and we can start.

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Working on my character bio tonight.

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

RavenSkycatcher wrote:

Looking good So far. Though prepare yourselves for some unforseen trouble. I will use your histories, likes and dislikes against you. Now that my computer is back up to snuff and i'm not in and out of the ER like i was last week. Looks like we are missing one character and we will be finished and we can start.

Bring it on!
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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

I was awaiting a PM about how powers work, but I have since been able to get a look at the actual Palladium Heroes Unlimited rules, so I've got that sorted out and now I just have to finish writing up some details of my character's history.

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

RavenSkycatcher wrote:

Looking good So far. Though prepare yourselves for some unforeseen trouble. I will use your histories, likes and dislikes against you. Now that my computer is back up to snuff and I'm not in and out of the ER like I was last week. Looks like we are missing one character and we will be finished and we can start.

How is that unforeseen?  Genre-savvy here!  *grins* 

Glad you're back with us.

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

spsblue, ready for what you have. let's see it.


Why did Suzy fall out of the swing?  Because she had no arms.
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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Still not ready yet - what I have so far is below. Question about the setting. Are there known superpowered people around working with the police etc.?

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Name: Yoshida Hikaru (Surname first as per Japanese custom)

Apparent Age:  28 (Birthday 9th May)

Physical Description:
  Hikaru is a typical Japanese male, and hence stands shorter than the average American at about 5'8". He favours white suits, smart and well tailored white trousers and similarly smart black shirts and shoes.

Main Super Power: Alter Physical Structure:  Light

Secondary Powers:
  Bend Light, Impression Reading*

Element Category:

Character Personality:  Ponderer, nervous and cautious. Hikaru's Kitsune ancestry leads him to occasionally succumb to his mischievous side; he is often embarrassed by this afterwards. Don't get him drunk, OK? He often thinks he's being followed - whether or not this is actually the case.  Hikaru dislikes using his insubstantial, glowing light-form, as it attracts attention; not ideal for a detective trying to be inconspicuous. 

Character Likes: Personal freedom and independence, Honesty - digging down into the truth of the matter.

Character Dislikes: Weapons and violence.  Being followed or otherwise monitored; it reminds him of the media attention he received as a child, and therefore of the loss of his childhood home and family.

Character History:

Hikaru was born in the Otanoshikeminami District of, Kushiro, in the Hokkaido Prefecture in Japan. The family lived close to the Kushiro River, which meets the sea in the city that is named for it.   His was a normal childhood until the day a tsunami swept everything away, including his parents, his home, his school, and almost everyone he knew. 

A picture of Hikaru and his sisters taken by rescuers immediately after the disaster was in the national newspaper and possibly even got picked up by international news services.  It soon went viral on the internet and became the image associated with what had happened.  Various parties used the photograph to promote their own political agendas, including those who criticized the government’s lack of action, believing they could have done more to prevent the tragedy. 

Distant relatives took in Hikaru and his sisters, as they were the only living relatives who could be found.  They firmly removed Hikaru and his sisters from the media spotlight.  That branch of the family lived in a more rural community and the matriarchs of the family had run the Shinto shrine in the village for generations. While the spirits were respected, and the matriarchs appreciated for their work, their bloodline was considered tainted because the women of the family occasionally gained powers from the kitsune ancestry in the family tree. No male member of the family had ever been known to manifest the kitsune traits or powers.  The trickster reputation of the kitsune was well known and the family were seldom trusted by outsiders, especially around their impressionable youngsters.  The girls were always trained as Miko, learning the ancient ways of worship and often showed signs of powers attributable to their kitsune ancestry.  The family were generally more respectable than they were given credit for and were for the most part good citizens.  However, the occasional incidents of foxy behaviour seem to be what people thought of, rather than the more dignified behaviour they generally exhibited.  The family always made a point of being very respectful to authorities and police, and keeping the more mischievous away from trouble. 

The family were however not at all wealthy and were working to try and improve their fortunes, which had not been helped by having three extra mouths to feed.  Hikaru was a bright child and did well in his lessons at the village school, although he found it difficult to make friends, thanks to the villagers’ attitude towards his family.  He took up aikido after his first few attempts to defend the family’s honour ended badly.  He always asked a lot of questions about how things were run in the village, trying to understand why things were how they were.  The lessons in aikido helped him to defend himself, but also to develop greater compassion and tolerance for others. 

In his teens Hikaru discovered that a village policeman he had idolized for years possessed psionic powers and unknowingly helped to restore to the man his sense of honour, because of his belief in his goodness.  Sasaki-san found himself unable to give the lie to the youngster’s impression of him by misusing his powers, a temptation that had come about as a result of disillusionment with the justice system.  The man therefore encouraged the lad to join the police force.  Hikaru worked hard at school to try and ready himself for the Police Academy entrance exams.  This pleased the family as well, since it made things easier having someone in the force who understood their situation, and also it gave them a member of the family who could be held up as an example of an upstanding citizen. 

While most of those who had made Hikaru’s childhood difficult had ceased to do so as they began growing up, there was a small group who seemed determined to cause as much trouble for him as they could.  Some had even taken up a more aggressive form of martial art in order to defeat his aikido.  One day Hikaru became aware that he was being followed and ducked in between two houses, an escape route he had made use of before.  However, this time he was spotted and the three bullies followed him.  Unfortunately on this occasion a large vehicle was blocking the other end of the tiny street and Hikaru realized he was trapped.  He ducked into an alcove and tried to hide there, knowing it was a futile effort.  “Don’t spot me, don’t spot me!” he repeated to himself, and was utterly astounded when the three of them ran right past him, got to the vehicle, and began arguing over whose fault that he had got away.  They walked right back past him, still arguing.  After they had gone Hikaru slid into a sitting position, wondering how by all the spirits they hadn’t seen him, not just once, but twice, while being within a couple of feet of him.  Speaking of feet, Hikaru suddenly wondered where his own were.  He couldn’t see them, but as he cautiously moved a leg, could still feel it.  Holding up a hand, well as far as he could tell, he stared at – nothing.  He was invisible!  As he had that thought, something suddenly changed and his body shimmered and reappeared to his amazed eyes. 

He used his new found power to visit his Sasaki-san at work. It all seemed fine whilst his friend and his colleague were working, but when the other police officer left to get coffee, his friend turned right around and faced him. “A nice trick, Hikaru”, he commented, “If I couldn’t sense your mind, I’d have had no idea you were there.” The young Hikaru, shocked by this calm declaration, lost control and became visible once more.

Over the next couple of years, Sasaki-san mentored the young man as he explored his new powers. *He taught him the ability to ‘read’ impressions from objects. Whereas Sasaki-san could detect the prevailing emotion that had saturated a room at a given time by examining just one object or person who had been present, Hikaru found that he instead extracted a single still image – as if a security camera had been placed at the same location as the object and had taken a single frame. Sasaki-san called this power ‘impression reading’.

The Tokyo police academy was tough, and Hikaru was glad to graduate. He enjoyed his 3 months of “hands-on” experience in Hakodate, but found the intensive courses at the academy difficult. The focus on developing an officer's social skills and moral judgment was interesting however. Several courses resonated with the young man: The study of Confucianism which focused more on the mundane world than the Shinto he’d been brought up with which was more focused on the world of the spirits, and the way of the samurai and its application to the modern era and the related psychology.

He became a full policeman and worked his way slowly up through the ranks in the district office in Date city. It seemed as though most of the officers were hypocrites in the sense that they were significantly harsher in practice than the training he’d been through had led Hikaru to believe. The compassion and humanism that he’d been taught was part of Policing and that meshed so well with his own aikido philosophy, seemed to be ignored in favour of ‘performance targets’ and ‘Professional and Development assessments’ that did little more than check the appropriate paperwork had been filled in – not that the paperwork matched what had actually occurred.

When he heard through the grapevine that Sasaki-san had disappeared, Hikaru asked to be assigned to the team investigating the disappearance, which would have involved a transfer back to Kushiro. He was refused and informed that the investigation had been cancelled due to ‘lack of sufficient resources’. The fact that Hikaru was offering to be those required resources was quietly ignored. After Hikaru had kept requesting and being refused weekly for another month, he left the force, moved back to Kushiro, where he set up a Private Detective Agency and began calling his contacts. Later on, he established a branch in Tokyo, and moved his centre of operations there.

Hikaru has had to take on cases for other people as a means of earning money along the way; the main investigation into Sasaki-san’s disappearance has had little in the way of results, but other cases have been far more successful. He has however become increasingly suspicious and is convinced that he is being monitored, his mobile tapped, his internet usage scrutinised, and his movements recorded.

The most startling discovery to date however occurred during one of these other cases, a suspected adultery case where the suspect was a member of a local gang. They didn’t take to kindly to his interference and chased after him on motorcycles. It was when they caught him and began an impromptu firing squad that his final power manifested, the ability to become a form made completely of light. The bullets passed right through him! He tried to grab one of the gang, but found that he was completely insubstantial and floating a good few inches off the ground.

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Name: Kreston Vale
Apparent Age: 19
Physical Description:
Although Kreston is undoubtedly good looking, this actually tends to confuse people as his appearance is highly androgynous, to the point that many people at first mistake him for a woman. This does not actually annoy him as it would most people, as indicated by his lack of genuine attempt to make his gender actually clear.

Main Super Power:

Secondary Power(s):
Clock Manipulation
Extraordinary Physical Endurance

Element Category (Steel)
Character Personality:
Kreston Vale tends to be appear cold to strangers at first, but those who actually get to know him tend to find that he can be surprisingly sensitive, he simply doesn't trust strangers with his emotions. Nonetheless, he tends to keep a cool head in difficult situations, and remains a pragmatist whilst still caring about others. He tends to be somewhat pedantic and methodical in his approach, but this does not mean that he is lacking in imagination. In fact his powers are very much enhanced by his imagination, and contrary to most people's expectations, his powers have enhanced his sense of wonder at the marvels of modern technology and engineering.

To an extent, Kreston is cautious around people who express religious views, but as he seen religion inspire acts of kindness and generosity as well as acts of cruelty, his opinions of religious people tend to be based on the individual themselves, rather than their religion, but has gradually managed to work out that a lot of people don't think that way.

Character History (To include how got powers, make this section detailed)
At an early age, Kreston's parents considered there to be something rather odd about him. Kreston demonstrated an unusual interest in dresses and girl's toys. As Kreston grew up in a neighbourhood that was very poor at tolerance. His parents were worried about the social exclusion and possibly violence, especially as the general community were partly aware of Kreston's behaviour. His parents ultimately gave into pressure to take him to a doctor to be cured of such behaviour, out of fear that it could lead to further behaviour that the community would consider to be deviant. Naturally, their effort to find a doctor willing to be involved in such a thing proved futile, but concerned members of the local community put in more than a vague token effort, and ultimately found someone who claimed to offer a vaccine against homosexuality.

This doctor, unbeknownst to everyone, was secretly a CANIS operative, who used the guise of providing a cure as cover for discerning Kreston's potential for being modified to serve their purposes, and decided that he was comparable, and also had high potential for being left with nowhere to go but with CANIS.

Kreston underwent procedures that modified his genetic code, disguised as a cure. The alteration of someone's genetic code in this fashion remains still a very uncertain procedure, and side effects have been known to occur. For Kreston, the consequence of this was an alteration in his hormonal development, and instead of developing male characteristics as expected during puberty, Kreston instead developed an androgynous appearance. Because Kreston had little care for notions of gender, this did not directly bother him, although it did result in Kreston being viewed as a freak and becoming even more of a pariah than he was originally.

Kreston was always interested in technology, and was generally considered something of a nerd by people in general, but as his powers started to develop, his interest in all things related to computers and machinery increased even further. As the pathways in his mind altered, and his ability to form a psychic link with any machine or electronic device meant that he soon understood machines better than people. This, coupled with not being particularly popular to begin with, caused him to become withdrawn from most people, and he was seen as becoming more a machine than a person, which had some element of truth, but not to the extent that people feared. Whilst Kreston explored his seemingly superhuman mastery of technology in secret, he did not let people know the whole truth, because he knew from experience not to reveal personal information to people that wouldn't understand, and even he didn't really understand how it was truly possible.

Unknown to Kreston, his eventual fleeing from his terrified local community at the age of 17 was brought about by CANIS, who wanted an operative without any background ties that an enemy could exploit. A CANIS operative monitoring Kreston proceeded to spread rumours to convince people that Kreston was dangerous, and with enough lies, caused an an angry mob to descend upon his house with intent to kill. The attack was stopped by a separate group of CANIS agents who were prepared and brought crowd dispersal weapons. They took Kreston with them, who was severely beaten by the time they reached him.

Unaware of their previous involvement in his life, Kreston only really understood CANIS as the organisation that saved him from people that didn't understand him. Subsequently, when CANIS offered him the chance to understand the true extent of his abilities, and also seek out and help others with unusual abilities and protect them, he accepted readily.

Character Likes/Dislikes:

Modern technology, Science Fiction, social equality.

Tradition, especially when Kreston perceives said tradition as holding back technology or social progress and equality. Being seperated from technology.

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Updated bio above :-). Does that make us ready to start now?

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

No, you're waiting on me. I have to get some dialogue into Raven before we can start.  Sorry. sad


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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

No problem. I'm looking forward to starting this.

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Name: Rhiannon Dawn Caprioni
Apparent Age: late 20s
Physical Description: She stands 5’10” with a solid, fit build. Her weight matches her height and build at 170 lbs. She has long black hair often pulled back when on the job to keep it out of her face. She has a woman’s build with more of an hourglass figure courtesy of her solid frame than an athletic one, and yet there is no denying she has muscles instead of fat. She’s quite pretty, but her skin tone points to an Italian-American heritage with its olive quality. Her eyes are blue-grey, and she keeps her nails manicured. She dresses well yet comfortably with a style that allows for a range of movements while speaking of good sense and a bit of money. Beneath her clothing, she sports a black tattoo running from her shoulders down her spine to the small of her back in a Celtic knotwork or tribal style. Usually on her person are a pair of handguns: a gold plated Desert Eagle MK XIX – .50 AE and a SIG P229R .40 Smith & Wesson. She carries tarnished silver bullets for each.

Main Super Power: Shifting – White Tiger

Secondary Power(s): Speaking to animals

Element Category (Plant, Fire, Wind, Water, Steel, Animal, Spirit/mind, and Shadow): Animal

Character Personality: -Outward Demeanor: Bitch-queen at times. She’s ruthless, to the point, and doesn’t take no for an answer. She hates to lose and doesn’t mind using force over persuasion. She just never seems to be in a good mood unless someone else is miserable, but she’s not really unhappy at any point. She just more or less ignores that anyone else exists unless they seem to be useful or have something of use to her. Cool, calm, collected, and not prone to much in the way of humor that isn’t biting.

-Inward Nature: She refuses to get close to anyone. When she does, they get taken away from her. She has her mission, she has her duties, and that’s all that matters to her. Everyone else’s rules are for them, not for her, unless they happen to coincide with what she’s working on. She would love to fall in love and live happily ever after, but part of her believes it isn’t in the cards for her. She hates being alone but is resigned to it; and now, given she could put others in danger, it’s even more important that she make them keep their distance.

Character History (To include how got powers, make this section detailed):
Born into the Caprioni family, Rhiannon learned early on that what she wanted she could have without too much effort.  Unfortunately, she grew up with a mind of her own and that ease of acquisition irritated her horribly.  She was independent from birth and her parents were always off traveling the world while she was a baby.  She grew up on fairy tales told to her by her nanny and watched the woman’s hard work.  When Rhiannon was old enough to distinguish contrasts, or when she learned them, she found that her parents’ attitudes and inability (or disinclination) to do anything for themselves just felt wrong.  She had learned that doing things for herself could be fun and gave her a sense of accomplishment when she was a young girl searching for praise.  Her parents never gave her what she truly desired: love and attention.  Her father was out on business trips, for the most part, and her mother was often out doing socialite activities with her cronies.  They paid minimum attention to their daughter for the first seven years of her life except to buy her presents and toys and make sure she had begun her education.  Neither had really wanted a child and felt their lives were always too hectic to fit her in.  She occasionally went on vacations to remote tropical or tourist places, and she found that she liked Monaco and Switzerland the best.  Even then, she was often ferried around by a servant or her nanny and had been taught long ago to only speak when spoken to when in the company of her parents. 

When she was seven, her parents finally found Rhiannon presentable enough to take a little more active role in her life.  The most troubling time of the little girl’s life was at this time, when her old nanny was found teaching Rhiannon how to cook for herself and dismissed with many harsh words spoken.  Rhiannon hated her parents then, feeling more the daughter of the woman they had just sent away from her than their own.  She became exceedingly rebellious, showing her stubborn side and willful ways everywhere except when she was getting her education.  She loved to learn whatever she could get her hands on, and read with a voracious appetite.  She was sent away to a private boarding school at the age of twelve, and it was there that her real education began.

Make no mistake, Rhiannon did learn her subjects with an ease that many of her instructors found admirable, and caught onto things quickly, but it was also here that she got to witness and experience a little more of the world itself.  She had to actually interact with her peers, making use of her heritage to get anything done, but found the other prissy girls there to be despicable.  She joined them only when forced, and it drove a deep wedge between herself and the others.  She was accused directly and indirectly of acting as if she were “too good” for the others, and their jealousy over her high marks made them vicious over the preceding months and years.  Tricks were played on her, and she was almost assaulted by one group of girls in the shower.  The only thing that saved her was the interference of a girl who had only just entered.

From then on, she and Kayanna were shunned together.  Rhiannon, in her infinite wisdom, simply shrugged it off and found Kay to be a wonderful companion and friend.  They shared many of the same likes and dislikes, including their own families.

When Rhiannon was 17, she was told she could return home at the end of the year, as she had done what she could in the institution and could possibly enter the university of her choice.  She did so, leaving behind Kay to do it, but kept in touch with her.

Or she did for a while.  On Rhiannon’s 19th birthday, after not receiving a letter from Kay for three months, Rhiannon was casually told by her parents that Kayanna had been in an accident with another motorist who had been drinking (“One of the middle class,” Rhiannon had been told, in a voice that showed exactly what her mother and father thought of *those* people) and had died.  They had simply forgotten to tell Rhiannon about her little friend in all the bustle of their own activities. 

Rhiannon was incensed and devastated.    She turned cynical, or more so, and retreated within herself.  She found the world outside to be a cold, hard place, and there were no good people left.  She turned her energies into her education and ended up graduating a year early, at the age of 20.

She returned to college to receive her master’s degree, but failed to do so after three years.  This was due to the sudden death of her mother in a plane crash, and then the incarceration of her father a month later on charges of embezzlement.  The questions and stress so close to the final culmination of her education affected her thesis work so that she couldn’t receive the proper marks she needed to attain it in the end.
All the time she had been an undergraduate, she had made the occult her hobby.  She had learned of it when she had met a young man at the college who said he studied as a Druid.  Craving to know something she didn’t already know about, and never having had any form of set religion to hold her back, she pursued her interest on the side while she did her studies. 

Once she was out of college for good, having failed to receive her master’s degree, she realized she really had nothing she could do with her life.  The master’s would have allowed her to get the job she had really wanted, and now that she couldn’t she felt listless and pointless.  She had taken up the position of assistant linguist with the languages department while she had been in for her master’s, hoping that she could work with the government as a translator among other things, but it ended when she was refused the master’s. 

However, her intuition, which had grown quite strong in the intervening years, told her that something was just around the corner for her, and she recalled her interest in the FBI’s methods of investigation on her father.  She looked up the requirements to become a special agent and asked herself what she had to lose by attempting to get into the program.

She lost nothing, and within another 18 months was a Special Agent assigned to the area near the Canadian border.  She was most often assigned to cases dealing with the occult, which she attributed to one of her higher-ups, and proved herself to be unerringly adept at them.  During her training, she had put forth the idea of skepticism for anything that might seem remotely magickal or supernatural, even though she was shocked the first time she saw anything having to do with it that might have proved her own beliefs true, and her constant ability to solve such cases caught the attention of some of her superiors.  She knew that at least one of them had more than likely looked through her files to discover her history and such, and it put her on edge.  When nobody came down on her for her beliefs after another year of work with the FBI, she relaxed slightly.

She was well known in her own department in another year and off the probationary period new agents are often assigned.  She was also told she would be placed on a case that seemed suspiciously odd with her partner, Caine.  They investigated it, and on the surface it seemed as if the murder was just a murder that would go unsolved.  However, Rhiannon discovered some discrepancies that she noted duly and shared with her partner.  Within a few days, another murder had been committed that was the mirror of the one they had just investigated, but there was a witness.  What was described was almost like a scene from a horror movie, and Rhiannon treated it as such in front of her partner. 

Caine told her that it was, perhaps, a psychotic serial killer.  They brought the witness in to protect her from whoever it was, in case they decided no witnesses were needed.  Rhiannon was told to keep an eye out for anything while her partner stayed with the witness that evening, but was sent to get Chinese for dinner.

She was returning with it when she noticed the light in their room was extinguished.  She frowned but went in and only set her things down once she was out of the lobby.  She drew her weapon and crept up the two flights to their abode, and stood away from the door before she knocked on it and called for Caine to unlock it.

What occurred next was almost impossible for her to imagine or believe.  As the door itself exploded as something heavy smashed against it and hit the wall, she dove to the side and rolled, bringing her firearm up ready to fire.  By the time Rhiannon looked around, the object had bounced off the wall and crouched stunned for a long moment.  It was huge and beast-like, and her mind identified it as vaguely lupine in form—or perhaps a massive hairy man--before another creature followed it out of the doorway.  It was also inhuman, but in a different fashion.  “How dare you,” it hissed dangerously – and she realized the creature was more serpentine than anything.  Each combatant had wounds, and neither seemed to notice that Rhiannon was there.

The serpent-man advanced in a blink and the werewolf leaped to meet it almost as quickly.  The mass of the larger animal propelled the two back into the room as sounds of battle came to her ears.  She was thankful that the motel was quite unoccupied on her level, but realized that the people on the floor beneath her might call the authorities. 

She also knew that she couldn’t let anyone see these creatures or else a widespread panic would develop.
The sudden thought that her partner or the witness was still alive inside the room was quickly squashed as she crept to the door and eased her head around to look inside. The two battling were-creatures warred on, but she finally noticed that the serpent had all the trappings of her partner in its remaining clothes. She pressed herself back against the wall, trying not to get sick from the sheer panic of it all, and fought the urge to cry or do something insane like run in shooting at the creatures.

She forced herself to calm down over several minutes. She finally looked around the corner again to ascertain where the creatures were given it had fallen ominously silent in the room.  She couldn’t see them from where she was.  She counted to fifty and still heard nothing, so stood and steeled herself to go around and inside.  To say she was terrified would be an understatement.

Caine lay to one side grievously wounded and the wolf-man – woman, Rhiannon noted as she spotted the tatters of the witness’s clothing clinging to its form – lay unconscious on the other. “Cap’n,” Caine called to her in agony. “Come here. And don’t be afraid.”

What else could she do? Creeping to his side, Rhiannon received a small amulet when Caine pressed it into her palm. “Lisssten closssely,” he told her sibilantly. “Within every human remainsss their primal ancessstorsss. We are all of usss related. Ssso it isss that everyone could become one of their brother animalsss, given the right chance. You mussst carry on where I have left off prematurely. Evil isss coming. I wasss sssworn to protect othersss from it. You mussst do the work now. I had meant to teach you….” He closed her fingers over the small object in her palm. His skin was scaly, like a snake’s. “The amulet will help your abilitiesss. There isss no time now for ssslownessss. You will be filled with power and will have to learn from another, with sssspeed.”

Rhiannon looked toward the stirring wolf-woman. “Ssshe betrayed usss,” he explained simply. “I won’t let anyone dissscover our bodiesss. Do not fear. Keep the amulet hidden. The dogsss of thisss war shall find you sssoon. Ssspeak to a woman in New York City named Victoria Rose.”

Heaving himself to his feet again, Caine staggered into the kitchen. The sound of twisting metal came soon after, as did the growing scent of gas. When he returned, the lupine woman, sans an arm now that Rhiannon saw her better, had gotten to her own feet with a growing snarl. “Run,” he told Rhiannon, and she did. The last view she had of Caine was of him removing his lighter and luring the woman into the kitchen.

She fled down the hall as far away as she could get. She had expected to hear gunshots or roars before the stairs. Instead, the explosion sent her to the ground and her momentum sent her down the short first flight and into the wall. She lay stunned for what seemed like eternity as consciousness wavered in and out of reach. When the medical team finally arrived, she had crawled down the next flight of stairs where they found her. She lost consciousness.

She woke with her arm in a sling in the hospital. It would prove to be one hell of a report for her that she had ample time to figure out given her injuries were worse and more extensive than she had first thought. She was brief and to the point in her report over what had happened and melded the truth with a bit of necessary lie. After her release from the hospital, she returned to work to collect some items and to make the others who knew her aware that she was alive and well. She also had to collect condolences for the loss of her partner, which she then had to pay forward to Caine’s wife and family. She was put on medical leave for stress and recuperation and sent home to heal.

Three days after her arrival back home, Rhiannon involuntarily shifted her shape with the new moon. The amulet pulsed with power, glowed brightly, and her body twisted up in excruciating pain. She felt her senses sharpen and change. She managed to push open her apartment window enough to leave down the fire escape, too full of energy and restlessness to keep still. Most of that night passed in a blur, but she regained self-awareness the next morning. She also discovered quickly, in reflections, that she wasn’t a wolf after all but a large white tigress.

That made her fearful. A wolf might have gone overlooked as a stray dog, but a tiger? Especially a white one? She tried to hide and find her way back home using her own scent trail. By that evening, she was in mortal danger when an old homeless man started screaming about her when she accidentally startled him. Lights started to pop on above them in the complexes. She panicked and attacked him with all of her newfound nature, crushing his windpipe. She dragged him off to hide him and found quickly that something within her had released not unlike a pregnant woman’s water breaking. She was human again instead of cat, and knowing how much more evidence she’d leave as a human, she bolted. She managed to find her way home after hailing a taxi.

She had to know about her new powers. She remembered the name Victoria Rose and went to her, finding another shifter. From Victoria, Rhiannon learned about controlling her abilities and more about her new life, especially why she had been literally given her powers: she was meant to help save the world.

Character Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Bringing in the bad guys, chocolate, velvet, silk, bad boys, guns, going out, mac n cheese, rum, cats. Dislikes: slimy things, stinking things, losing, wimpy boys, disrespecting her, tarnished silver, long stints in the wilderness.|

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Re: CANIS Index (Character Bio/Description)

Yay! Welcome aboard!