Topic: Character and NPC bios

Post here your characters bios. Significant NPCs will also be listed here and their info will be updated gradually when the PC discover them.

No fixed template is required for PC bios, but be sure to include in your descriptions these specific points:

  • Your relationship with the sleep. Do you usually sleep well? Do you remember your dreams? Or are the sleeping pills your best friends? Has something happened that changed the way you sleep? Do you have recurring dreams? Or nightmares?

  • Your worst fears. What are you afraid of? And why? Is this a concrete fear (for example, your company is in trouble and you are afraid to lose your job) or an irrational phobia (spiders, water, heights, whatever)?

  • (optional) The appearance you have in the Dreamworld. If not specified, you'll have the same look  as in the real world. Otherwise, you'll appear as specified here. In both cases, you can always spend a little energy to change your aspect.

A character can be already "experienced" (that is, a true Dreamcatcher who has already done some trips to the Dreamworld) or a complete rookie (and in this cas we can play a complete introduction story / prologue).

"My faith protects me. My Kevlar helps" - (Jim Butcher)

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Re: Character and NPC bios

Name: Alice Reynolds
Age: 21
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 115 lbs
Occupation: College student-Photo-journalism at Loyola Marymount

Known Relatives:
Father- Henry Reynolds
Mother- Debra Reynolds



Currently in a drug (medically) induced coma in St. Vincent’s Hospital in LA.

Fears: Claustrophobic; Fears never fully waking from her coma.

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Re: Character and NPC bios

Name: Nico Steenhuizen

Age: 41

Origin: the Netherlands

Occupation: Owns a company called Konnect, a software platform specialized in headhunting online for companies looking for specific employees. Konnect searches social media for this and uses certain algorithms to determine the skills of people and look at their experiences in life rather than searching for a resume.

Background story: Six months ago Nico was involved in a car accident. His injuries, especially the one to his head, were so severe that the doctors in the private clinic in which he was treated put him into an artificial coma until the swelling in his brains had been reduced. They used a new and still experimental drug for this. This drug not only kept him in a coma but would also preserve and stop the bleeding in his brains (or so the doctors later explained to him) whereas other drugs would not have done the latter and he would have died.
During the artificial coma Nico suddenly found himself in a very vivid dream. Initially he thought that he was for the first time experiencing a lucid dream, because at some point he realized that he was actually dreaming. This enabled him to control the dream. But then things went south: soon the most horrific apparitions made their way into his dream, things he could not vanish by will. Things that could hurt him and tire him out. He desperately tried to escape the dream but found that he couldn’t. It didn’t surprise him that he couldn’t wake up, he was still being kept in a coma, but he would have expected to be able to snap out of the dream into another one. But his body, his dreamt up body, somehow felt too tired. All he could do was flee the old fashioned way and hide.
The time following this escape was a nightmare: it seemed that these creatures, these monsters that looked like they had stepped out of peoples’ most horrific fantasies, were hunting for him. However, he also learned that after a bit of rest some of his initial powers came back. As if his powers were recharged. With these powers he managed to stay hidden from the monsters, if only barely.
The horror story seemed to go on forever: Nico felt like he had been walking around in this nightmare become reality for months. Until one day...
After yet another very close escape, Nico found that he had somehow teleported himself to another place in this dreamt up world, although by the looks of the setting, not very far from where he had been. The effort had left him exhausted and he fell to the ground, trying to catch his breath. Suddenly he heard a bone chilling shriek and before he could get up and run, something stormed out of the trees (at least that is what Nico assumed they were: everything looked different in this world) and grabbed him by his throat. Nico looked with terror at the banshee-like creature which was holding him almost a foot above the ground. He uselessly tried to pry the claw from his throat as he felt the last remnants of strength leaving his body. The claw around his neck squeezed tighter and Nico could no longer draw fresh air into his lungs. His vision started to fade. But then he realized something: if this was indeed a dream then he wasn’t breathing actual air. Which meant he couldn’t suffocate! Suddenly his lungs felt as if they were full of air again. The banshee however also seemed to notice this and its expression grew even more terrifying. ‘Let me go!’ Nico shouted and started kicking again. And then... The banshee plunged its other claw into Nico’s chest. A searing pain ran through Nico’s upper body as the claw closed around his heart and squeezed. He felt his heart stop and everything went black...
Nico woke up in the private clinic. His chest hurt like hell and he was surrounded by medical staff. The doctor told him that his heart had suddenly stopped and that they’d had to inject adrenalin directly into it to revive him. This had worked but it had also woken him from his artificial coma a few days before they had planned to wake him themselves. But they could not detect any damage to his brain from being woken up early. In fact, the drug seemed to have done exactly what it had been supposed to do. The medical staff had no idea however, what could have caused the cardiac arrest.
During the following weeks Nico had to follow physical therapy and underwent many medical examinations, both to make sure that he was healing properly, but also to measure the effects of the experimental drug. After he had told his doctor about the vivid dream he had experienced and how he doubted that it was a dream, he was also visited by a psychiatrist several times. Nico soon realized that neither his doctor nor this psychiatrist believed that there was anything real to this dreamworld and that it had just been a way for Nico’s mind to cope with the trauma. So he decided to not tell them anymore about it. He also didn’t tell them that even now that he had woken up, he still went to this dreamworld every time he fell asleep. He couldn’t help it. He arrived in the same world he had seen before but he knew it wasn’t a recurring dream, because every time he went there he remembered his previous visits and it somehow seemed to him that time was passing between his visits, although he couldn’t say in what way exactly.
When these weeks had passed, Nico was let out of the hospital. He tried to pick up on his work, but he found that no matter what he tried, he kept returning to this dreamworld every night and all he did there was to try and stay hidden from the monsters. It was playing havoc on his mind and a constant haze of fatigue crept over him since he couldn’t get any proper rest.
Growing desperate, Nico went back to the clinic to find out more about this experimental drug, which he was convinced of was the cause of him going to this strange place. His inquiries led to nothing: the only thing he did find out was that the drug had been retracted by its manufacturer, but he couldn’t find out why, nor which manufacturer was behind the drug.
Nico is now using his financial resources to try and find out if there have been reports of similar cases, hoping to find out more about the drug or people who have experienced the same and can help him.

Relationship with the sleep: Due to his recent experiences, Nico is afraid to go to sleep, but if he can no longer hold his eyes open, he falls asleep fairly easily. Since he somehow always winds up in the Dreamworld, he remembers everything he dreams there.

Worst fears: His worst fear has now become that which he almost seems to experience nearly every night: to get caught and killed by one of the monsters in the dreams.

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Re: Character and NPC bios

((Real world picture coming later.))

Name: Dryad (Dry) Evershine
Age: 19
Concept: Escapist


Dryad is a young man with considerable drive and determination.  He currently works in a Pizza Hut in London, and his managers have even started mentioning things like 'promotion' and 'shift supervisor'.  A far cry from the times he's had to choose between paying the rent or buying food.

Dryad was born to a pair of new-age hippies trying to build a perfect new life away from worldly concerns in a caravan.  Unfortunately, the real world is rarely so well disposed to those who don't want to play by its rules, and Dryad's childhood was an unhappy mixture of arguing stressed parents, and merciless teasing from his school-mates.

All children play games of make-believe, but to Dryad, these games and private stories became increasingly important as he grew up.  They were a chance to escape the stresses of the world without the help of all the electronic gadgetry that his peers took for granted.  At school, he was a victim to be bullied for his parents' choices of lifestyle and of name.  At home he always felt he was in the way, never quite fitting in to his parents' vision of their perfect life.  In his dreams, he could be whatever, whoever he chose.

Dryad did reasonably at school, but not brilliantly.  His parents would have supported him staying in education but that would have entailed staying with them, and so at 16 Dryad rebelled.  His parents' shock when he declared that he had secured a job working at Starbucks was only compounded when, a month later, he told them he was moving out.

For a couple of years he scraped by, working a series of shitty jobs to make ends meet, refusing his parents' attempts to coax him back into the nest, even through a few painful episodes where he had to choose between food, heating and rent.  At eighteen, he moved across the country, following a couple of school friends who had headed off to uni.  It took him a couple of weeks to land another job then secure a room in a shared house.  Since then he's been ok.  A couple of months behind a counter at a bakery, then he got the job at Pizza Hut.


Dryad has day-dreamed, and dreamed for as long as he can remember.  Films, tv, books all become fodder for his imagination and his subconscious alike.  Sleep is an escape from his dreary life, from worries about family, money, hunger.  More recently, some of the pressure has eased, but still the dreams are a pleasant escape.

Reccuring Dreams:

Not a dream as such, but a theme.  Often, when Dry's feeling particularly down, he'll find himself dreaming as a wolf.  He quite likes these dreams.  They usually leave him feeling cleansed and alert with the simplicity of the wolf's mind and life.  As a wolf, if he hungers, he hunts; if he thirsts, he drinks; if he is angry, he fights.  The clarity is refreshing to the young man, otherwise so caught up with the complexities and pressure of city living.


Loss of control.  He's spent the past three years living on his own terms, independent and proud of what he's made of his life without relying on anyone else.

Physical Self:

Dryad is a slight, the uncharitable might say scrawny young man, with dark hair and eyes, and stands around 5'6" tall.


A large, grey-furred wolf.

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Re: Character and NPC bios

OOC: Getting a basic idea down. I'll flesh out more "real world" details. I may need to tweak this, it's perhaps a bit TOO Labyrinth.

Name: Elijah Douglas
Age: 38

Elijah never had a problem sleeping. His imagination had always been quite active, and certain drugs only enhanced his visions. But it was the recurring dream that, he believes, broke him into the Dream world. In it, he saw visions of a beautiful girl that kept him entranced, kept him wanting to return, chasing her further down the rabbit hole.

His recurring dream of that unattainable girl, the girl that he would give anything for - even his entire world, has now become a nightmare. Somewhere deep down, he believes the girl exists somewhere, and that this new found ability he has is a test to see if he is truly deserving of her. His worst fear is that he will discover the girl only exists in his imagination, and that he will never be able to come face to face with her.

His image in the Dreamworld had always been a stylized version of himself, with wild hair and strange clothing. He isn't quite sure why he appears this way, and he is able to change at a whim, but in his mind, this is how the woman he chases sees him, and so this way he stays.

In the Real World, Elijah is self-employed as an interior designer, working on contract with Ankrom Moisan Architects in Portland, Oregon. Not wanting to move there (part of the reason he refused their offer to come on full time), he has a flat in Manhattan.

He lives alone, but has friends that he will hang out with, going to various restaurants or an occasional concert or the theater. He has a pet cat named Major Tom.

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Re: Character and NPC bios

Name: Marco Averson
Age: 32
Concept: Escapist

Background: Marco hasn't had the best run of life. At age 19, during the year that was 2001, he enlisted with the USMC and was deployed to Iraq. Then in 2003, he was injured when a IED detonated peppering him with shrapnel. Somehow he survived, but flatlined a number of times during his being returned to based for medical attention. During these flatlines, he had strange flashes of an intense, scalding light, or visions of a yawning darkness that threatened to smother him. He was in a medical coma for some weeks, when he awoke he'd already been returned to the US. However, his luck ended in simply being alive. Due to extensive damage to his knee, he was unable to find employment, and with the recession he fell on hard times. Losing his home, and all of his assets, he was forced to take to living on the streets. Unfortunately no-one would give help even to an old war vet down on his luck. The Recession had led to essentially everyone drawing their purse strings tighter. Even the RSA couldn't (or wouldn't) help. So he came to live on the streets, spending most of his days trying to get together a meagre amount each day to buy himself a meal. Following his return to the US, Marco had adopted a puppy, trying to help himself adjust to the differences back home. The puppy he named Gus, and following his losing his home, he took Gus with him. The now older dog is his constant companion, following him in his rounds and sleeping with him.

Relationship with sleep: Marco hasn't slept well ever since his first days in Iraq, if he had been to a Psychiatrist, he would have been very likely diagnosed PTSD. When sleep does come, it's tormented and twisted, but ocassionally, his dreams are of a sweeter time, when life wasn't so harsh.
Recurring dreams: Apart from the sporadic PTSD dreams, Marco has a recurring dream which is simply of an instnace of happiness, either in finding love, having his home back, or some similar situation.

Fears: Marco has a crippling fear of heights, but also any remembrance of his time overseas always strike his nerves solidly.
Dream Self: Marco sees himself almost as a shadow, unobserved by society and ignored by even those that pause to say such phrases as “Sorry, no change” or even “Get a job”. As a result, many of his dreams he perceives himself as a semi-transparent shadow in the shape of a man, yet he holds a surprising amount solidarity for a smokey shadow. The other aspect to his dream is his shifting appearance as his dream changes, his appearance alters somewhat, whilst remaining largely the same.
"If you live in the UK, dial 999. If you live in the USA, dial 911. If you're from another country... SO SORRY."

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Re: Character and NPC bios

Name: Seren Yates

Location: Wrenbury, Cheshire, UK. 

Physical Description:  Seren has wavy blonde hair that she usually wears up out of the way.  Her eyes are an unusual shade of turquoise-blue.  She is petite at 5’1” and slim, but at 122lbs, is athletic rather than waif-like.  She tends to wear practical, covering clothes except when performing.  People who don’t know Seren have tended to underestimate her because of her size, expecting her to be a pushover. 

Age:  22

Concept:  Sudden sleeper

  Seren was born the second daughter of Jennifer and Aeron Yates.  Her older sister was named Bronwen and as children they got on reasonably well for sisters close in age.  Both were tomboys and spent hours running around with other children, getting into mischief, and on one occasion for Seren, falling into the Llangollen Canal.  She made a point after that of making sure she could swim well.  Before Seren was born her mother had hoped for a boy and after a few years, her third child fulfilled her wish.  Ellis was, in the view of his sisters, spoilt rotten.  He was also, when they all got a little older, a prize snitch, being quick to tell tales if he thought it would benefit him.  As a teacher, their father Aeron had heard it all before and was always as fair as possible.  Jennifer however quite obviously favoured her son and would often accuse Aeron of going soft on Bronwen and Seren just because they were girls.  All of the children were expected to help on the farm in addition to their school work and the hard physical work ensured that all three were strong, tough children.  Like her father, Seren seemed to be ambidextrous and tended to carry out tasks with either hand, not even noticing she was doing so and it took a while before she realised that wasn’t what everyone did. 

Even as a child Bronwen had a vengeful streak, being quick to enact retribution against anyone who annoyed or upset her in any way. ‘Turn the other cheek’ was not a concept she had any time for.  Seren on the other hand really couldn’t be bothered.  If someone started a fight she was more than happy to finish it, but that was enough for her.  Most people didn’t start on her more than once.  As a child this tended to mean that she spent a lot more time in the company of boys her age, rather than other girls.  It was the boys who mostly did the things that interested her, and they didn’t seem to mind, mostly just treating her as another boy.  Her short hair and sturdiness probably helped.  As she got older, people tended to display rather more disapproval of fisticuffs so her handling of conflict did evolve a little and she came to gain satisfaction from making her opponents look stupid and confusing them rather than always using her fists. 

Going into secondary school Seren was confident enough to ignore the social jostling unless it intruded on her, but mostly she was left alone.  The children who didn’t know her from primary school tried to pick on her a few times but word got around after she punched Gwyllim Jones in the nuts and her talent in school sports made her reasonably popular among the girls.  Yes, there were the ‘lesbian’ mutterings but Seren ignored those as not worth her attention.  All the obsessing over boys that other girls did just seemed silly to her.  Scrawny, spotty boys just really weren’t that appealing to her and the few she got on with were more like brothers – better brothers than that little creep Ellis.  It was noted that not only was it a bad idea to try and pick on Bronwen or Seren Yates, but also that if Seren got a sniff of bullying going on anywhere, there’d be trouble.  She has always despised bullies and has a ‘you pick on them, you pick on me,’ view of friendships. 

When Seren was twelve, a virulent flu bug swept through the school and the village.  All three of the Yates siblings, and their mother, went down with it, but for some unknown reason, tough cookie Seren was afflicted with a particularly vicious case.  She was taken into hospital, such was the severity of her illness and there were anxious moments where the doctors could not promise her family that she would survive.  Seren fought back and eventually recovered but she was ill for weeks and missed several months of school. 

Eventually Seren began to recover and was released into the care of her parents but they noticed that even once most of the symptoms had finally receded, she seemed constantly fatigued and fell asleep frequently during the day.  She was sent to bed early, but tossed and turned for hours.  That was when the dreams started.  Seren had experienced dreams before that ranged from euphoric to terrifying, but now it was as if her waking and dreaming life were becoming blurred.  As if that wasn’t enough she began experiencing a kind of paralysis.  Upon waking, she would find herself unable to move for a period of time that could be anything from seconds to minutes, although it seemed longer.  She took to counting the seconds when it happened and once counted 306.  Sometimes the dreams would seem to start even before she fell asleep, with weird visions and sounds happening even as she was sliding into sleep. The daytime sleepiness caused a constant struggle to stay awake, corresponding with a nightly battle to get to sleep.  It didn’t seem to matter what she was doing at the time either; on one occasion she nearly ended up taking another unwanted dip in the canal. 

Seren reluctantly went to the doctor but they didn’t seem to know what to do.  They gave her information on meditation techniques, dietary changes and other suggestions for helping her to sleep at night but none of it really seemed to help much.  Even anti-anxiety medication seemed to make little difference.  After a near-accident with a combine, Seren was banned from operating any of the farm machinery, or even going near it while it was operational.  Seren didn’t argue; she wasn’t stupid and didn’t want to cause an accident. 

One day Seren suddenly found herself in one of the local shops, but with no memory of getting there.  Questions were met with confusion but netted the information that she had apparently walked along the street and into the shop just as if she were on an errand and had started filling her basket before suddenly acting confused.  Seren could not remember leaving the farmhouse and realised that she had apparently gone to the shop without being conscious of it.  Freaked out by the episode, Seren stopped going out at all if she could help it.  That wasn’t however the last time she did something that seemed almost like sleepwalking, except that to other people she didn’t seem to be asleep. 

Seren still had to go to school of course, and even in class, she might fall asleep, prompting much amusement from classmates and sarcasm from teachers.  Even when she wasn’t falling asleep it was hard to concentrate because she felt so tired.  Some teachers were more understanding than others and after a while and several more trips to the doctor, most seemed to accept that she wasn’t doing it on purpose.  Her school marks, which had become appalling, began to pick up again.  Her father helped her in her English studies and predictions for her GCSEs went from failure to reasonable success.  The only exception was her French teacher, who seemed to take it as a personal insult that she occasionally fell asleep and he constantly embarrassed her about it until she just stopped turning up.  She spent the times she should have been in French class catching up on other subjects or sometimes just napping, having found that if she could drop off to sleep during a scheduled ‘nap time’ it did seem to refresh her and help her through the day.  Someone also found out the hard way that while she’d been very ill, she hadn’t forgotten how to sling a punch.  While not keen to start fights, she was still perfectly willing to finish them if it came to it. 

At home she came in for nagging from her mother for not doing her ‘fair share’ of the farm work.  They knew it wasn’t safe for her to use machinery but anything that required concentration was a bad idea.  An attempt to bake a cake by herself almost set the house on fire when she fell asleep while it was in the oven.  The kitchen stank for days.  Seren ended up relegated to laundry and cleaning duties.  She helped feed the animals as well, but more than once fell asleep and ended up with feed everywhere or one time, Bluebell the cow chewing at her hair. 

Some of Seren’s friends began drifting away, regarding her as ‘no fun any more’.  Jennifer nagged her about that too, telling her she should be making more of an effort.  This led to a few arguments, with Jennifer accusing Seren on using her supposed illness to get out of work and school, and Seren accusing her mother of caring more about profit than her own daughter’s safety. 

At sixteen Seren passed her GCSEs with respectable, if not dazzling grades.  Her mother told her that now she’d finally got that out of the way, she should start thinking about how she was going to make a living, since it was obvious that she wasn’t going to be a success like her more academically gifted sister.  Bronwen had passed with higher grades the previous year and was now at Nantwich College doing her A-levels.  The sisters had drifted apart in the past couple of years and Bronwen didn’t seem to want her sister’s company.  Seren already felt lonely much of the time and staying stuck at home was something she hated.  Traipsing around trying to find a job where falling asleep with little warning wouldn’t be a massive problem sounded like an exercise in futility.  She therefore reminded her mother that she had applied for the college already and her results, while not as good as Bronwen’s, were good enough to get her onto the A-level courses for English, Drama, and Music.  Privately Seren was worried about doing A-levels, not sure that she would be able to cope with the workload.  There was no way she was letting her mother know that though.  Jennifer scorned the idea of Seren doing A-levels but this just made Seren dig in her heels, determined to prove her mother wrong. 

Jennifer had flatly refused to spend money on something she saw as impractical, which included musical instruments, so Seren had to manage by borrowing.  Her favourite instrument was the violin but a good violin would cost far more money than she could afford.  Drama and English both gave her a chance to escape from the depressing reality of a life in which Seren felt she had lost her independence along with the ability to do the things she had previously enjoyed.  Her mother was not at all happy; how would Seren get a job she wanted to know; how would she earn a living after wasting her time on subjects that had no practical value?  It wasn’t as if she could become a teacher like her father, she said.  Seren demanded to know exactly why her mother was so convinced that teaching would be impossible.  Jennifer told her that she would never get respect from the kids after she’d fallen asleep in front of them.  Seren knew her mother had a point; a job where having unscheduled naps wouldn’t be a problem was not going to be easy to find.  Not that she’d admit that to her mother. 

Seren had to explain her problem to a whole new set of teachers and classmates and it was her English teacher, Mr Hywell, who first suggested something she’d never heard of before:  Narcolepsy.  Seren was staggered; she’d never realised that there were other people who had the same problem she did, much less that it was a medical condition with a name.  Seren’s doctor had reluctantly put her on a course of anti-depressants a few weeks before, and when she went back, told her that her symptoms were probably caused by depression.  Seren looked into it a bit more however and discovered that several of the weird things that had affected her for the past few years were symptoms associated with Narcolepsy.  Maybe that was why the anti-depressants hadn’t seemed to help her much.  The night sweats hadn’t done much for her already-lousy sleep patterns either.  She was glad that the doctor hadn’t insisted she kept taking them.  One key thing was missing though; she didn’t have cataplexy, a very common symptom, along with the excessive sleepiness she battled every day and the lack of deep sleep at night.  Was that why the doctor didn’t think she had it? 

Seren took advice from Mr Hywell and kept a sleep journal to present to her doctor.  In it she patiently recorded every night’s sleep pattern, along with times that weird things has happened.  Her mother was, as she had expected, sceptical, and not for the first time, Seren wondered just why her mother seemed to always prefer the explanation that made her out to be lazy or awkward to any other, even if other reasons were more likely or made more sense.  One day however the diary went missing.  She never found it and Ellis’ sly smirk convinced her that he’d stolen it.  She couldn’t prove it though and as expected, her mother took his side.  Aeron, while he seemed to believe her, wouldn’t punish his son without proof of his wrongdoing.  Not that it mattered; she suspected the little toad had destroyed it; he was the sort of brat who’d think that was funny.  Seren started again and hid it carefully and fitted a lock on her bedroom door, doing so despite her mother’s protests.  This time her father backed her up, saying that she should have her privacy if she needed it and that it would prevent any ‘incidents’ from occurring. 

Still, at college, Seren had a few friends, friends who were willing to help her out if she fell asleep at inconvenient moments, and while going out was still nerve-wracking, it was at least feasible.  She still didn’t go often though; a lack of money combined with the embarrassment of being unable to stay awake, meant that her social life was hardly butterfly-like.  Well that and the fact that her studies required a huge degree of concentration and energy.  Seren was determined to keep going though and persevered with keeping the diary; while it seemed Narcolepsy couldn’t be cured, they might be able to help her if she could show them beyond reasonable doubt that it was what she had. 

On Seren’s eighteenth birthday her friends from college took her out to a club where there was a karaoke evening on.  Seren knew that her voice was reasonably good, despite Ellis telling her that she sounded like a cat in heat.  Well, his words had been a little more vulgar and it was one of the few times their mother had actually told him off.  Admittedly it was for the ‘language’ rather than the spite, but still…  Seren had a fun evening and miraculously stayed awake for it.  She’d managed to get a nap before going out, after the family lunch.  However, she was still surprised when the man approached her with his business card, introducing himself as ‘Michael’.  He’d been listening to her, he said, and thought she had talent.  Seren’s friends were sceptical and one expressed her belief that he was just trying to get into Seren’s knickers.  Seren wondered if Gwen was right; she wasn’t bad looking, though she’d never call herself stunning.  People did compliment her eyes occasionally.  Still, she was too intrigued to let it pass; what if he was genuine? 

The next day Seren called the number on the card.  Michael offered her an audition for a popular talent show and Seren accepted.  Her father agreed to go with her and she attended the audition in Birmingham.  The huge city was overwhelming for someone who’d never travelled further than Nantwich and there was moment of panic when she was separated from Aeron by crowds.  Luckily they found each other again, but Seren made a point of staying close to her father.  She hated being reliant on someone else; it was embarrassing, needing a parental escort, but the thought of what might happen to her if she fell asleep while alone in the big city was scary. 

In the end Seren made it through the first round of auditions but an unfortunately-timed cold meant that she was forced to miss the second round.  Seren was gutted and once again began wondering if she would ever be able to have a job at all, never mind a career.  Ellis, who had by now gone from being a bratty kid to an even brattier teen, told her spitefully that she’d never have made it anyway, since they wanted people with real talent.  Surprisingly, Bronwen, who happened to be home from studying her Law degree in Swansea University, told him to shut up until he had enough balls to go and do it himself.  This surprised Seren; she and Bron had not really had much to do with each other since well before Bron had left for Uni.  Bronwen just shrugged when Seren thanked her and said it was way past time the brat got his mouth closed for him. 

When Seren’s A-level results arrived they were all passes, but not enough to get to University.  Seren had expected it, but still felt down.  What was she going to do?  Living on the farm for the rest of her life was not an appealing prospect.  Not that she disliked the farm, or the animals, but there wasn’t much she could do, and most of what she could do was housework.  In addition to that, she was longing to move out from under her mother’s jurisdiction; between the nagging and the rows she sometimes felt like screaming.  The only good thing was that the karaoke she’d been to on her eighteenth birthday was actually on every week and sometimes she got to go back.  She didn’t know how long for though; soon many of the friends she’d met there would be disappearing off to Uni, while she was stuck at home with a complaining mother and bratty little creep of a brother. 

Jennifer’s nagging had changed tack; now she was telling Seren she should, if she was going to be spend money going out, find herself a boyfriend, seeing as she obviously wasn’t going to be able to look after herself, and couldn’t expect to live at home forever.  Seren rolled her eyes and ignored it as best she could.  It seemed her mother wasn’t happy unless she was nagging Seren about something.  Secretly her mother’s words made her shudder in horror; the idea of having to find a man – or anyone else – to babysit her for the rest of her life appalled her.  Of course so did the prospect of living at home for life… 

One night Seren was at the karaoke.  It was September and soon Gwen would be leaving to go to Uni.  This might be their last night out together for quite a while.  While Gwen was in the loo, a woman approached Seren and asked if she sang requests.  A little surprised, Seren asked what it was.  The song choice was Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ and Seren blushed.  She’d never sung it in public, although she knew the words; she had a large repertoire of oldies and current stuff alike.  Seeing her hesitation, the woman, Maria, said she’d pay her £20 if she’d sing it and dedicate it to Barry, with love from Maria.  It would be hideously embarrassing, but 20 quid was 20 quid. 

Ten minutes later the money was hers.  It was nearly as embarrassing enduring the profuse thanks as it was singing the damn song.  Not to mention how Gwen had fallen about laughing when she came out of the loo and heard what Seren was going to sing.  Seren still found it a bit weird; why ask someone else to sing a song for you?  Maybe Maria couldn’t sing, but neither could half the people there; karaoke was about fun, although for Seren it was practice as well.  Oh well, it had netted her 20 quid. 

Once Gwen went off to Uni, Seren hardly ever got to go to the karaoke and she missed it a lot.  She practised at home of course, but it had been nice getting out of the house, and people had seemed to like her singing.  It wasn’t until the Christmas holidays came around that she and Gwen got to meet up again.  Gwen wasn’t free on karaoke night so Seren didn’t go again until Easter.  She saw Maria there and waved, but was startled when Maria rushed up to her excitedly and told her that she and Barry were engaged.  Seren congratulated her and Maria asked her whether she would come and sing at their wedding reception in just over a year’s time.  She offered Seren £100 and dazed, Seren accepted before she’d even really thought about it.  Her first job!  One hundred pounds! 

In the time leading up to the wedding date, Seren fretted about it.  Would she be able to sing for that long without falling asleep?  Would her voice hold out?  Would her singing be good enough?  What on earth would she wear?  Strangely, it was her mother who solved that last problem.  Jennifer told Seren that if she was going to be singing in public she’d better at least try and look presentable.  She told Seren to find out what colours were being used for the theme so she wouldn’t clash, and then dragged Seren out shopping.  Seren was still struggling to believe that her mother was buying her something she knew Jennifer would never normally buy for herself, never mind for a daughter she gave the impression sometimes of not even liking that much.  “You can pay me back when they pay you,” Jennifer told her.  That rather took the shine off it; the dress was expensive and there wouldn’t be a huge amount left after she’d repaid its cost.  It wasn’t even as if she wore dresses that much.  They were just too impractical to wear around a farm and who’d wear decent clothes for housework?  Jennifer had dragged her into the hairdresser as well and her new style felt odd and far too girly.  She reflected on the fact that her mother knew perfectly well that she really wasn’t a girly girl; it simply wasn’t her style.  Jennifer had probably got some kind of warped pleasure out of girlifying her.  Still, it was worth it for time away from the house, and maybe she could make the dress into something more ‘her’ afterwards.  She’d felt compelled to explain about her condition to Maria, who said that if she did fall asleep they just call a break and she could resume afterwards.  Seren just hoped she wouldn’t embarrass herself. 

Seren had been carefully keeping her sleep diary and had presented it to the doctor, who had put her on the waiting list to see a specialist.  Unfortunately the waiting list was very long and Seren was still waiting.  She tended to cope with naps when she could and caffeine if she couldn’t.

In the meantime, Seren managed to find part-time work down in the village.  She cleaned holiday cottages.  It wasn’t much fun and the pay wasn’t great, but she could work undisturbed and if she really had to, she could nap.  She did make the beds after all…   More importantly, it was a job and she was earning.  Jennifer still nagged, but took the money Seren gave her for food and keep readily enough.  One day, Seren wanted to move out, but she knew that wasn’t possible yet. 

By the time the wedding date grew near, Seren had finally seen the specialist.  There were more appointments necessary, and more tests before they would confirm a diagnosis though. 

The wedding day dawned and Seren was a bundle of nerves in her posh turquoise dress.  Her father was driving her up to the venue and he’d be picking her up again later.  In between though, she’d be on her own and the prospect both exhilarated and terrified her in equal measure. 

A nap did happen during the reception but luckily Maria noticed her almost dozing off during a gap between songs and called a break.  Seren had a nap.  After that she managed to hold out long enough to finish the set and collect her pay before collapsing in the car.  She fell asleep clutching a small box that Maria, resplendent in her wedding dress, had given her as she left. 

Seren didn’t get to look in the box until the next day and inside she found a silver necklace with a moon and star pendant on it.  An accompanying decorative card said ‘Shoot for the Moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the Stars.’  Maria had signed the back of it.  Seren blinked away sudden tears.  She fastened the necklace around her neck and pinned up the card above her bed.  It was a reminder to her not to give up and it gave her heart on sleepless nights as she looked up at it. 

Seren didn’t really have, let along wear, much jewellery.  She never bought it and owned only a few items, most of which had been given to her in misguided attempts to make her more feminine.  They stayed in their boxes unless the donors were visiting or being visited.  The necklace though, that was different and she wore it constantly. It occasioned comment for a while, but people got used to it. 

Since then a few more singing jobs have come her way and she has begun saving towards buying that precious violin.  She hasn’t given up her dream of playing professionally despite the lack of practice resulting from not owning the necessary instrument.  One day she is determined to have a violin of her own. 

Sleep and Dreams:  Seren’s relationship with sleep is best described as ‘dysfunctional’.  Seren dreams a lot more than most people do and often enters REM sleep without experiencing light or deep sleep first. 

Recurring Dreams:  Seren has often experienced flying dreams and been disappointed to wake up from them.  On the other hand she has ‘lost in the dark’ dreams as well, where she blunders around in a panic, unable to see where she’s going or get out of where she seems to be lost/trapped. 

Fears:  Seren fears being helpless.  With no one she can rely on to be by her side, she feels scared and vulnerable, afraid of what will happen if Narcolepsy symptoms occur while she is not somewhere safe.  This has led to fears that she will always depend on others and will never be able to be free or independent.  The idea of having to live in fear, of needing and depending on others, is a horrible prospect.  She is desperate to lead her own life.

Dream-Self:  TBC

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Re: Character and NPC bios

Valerie Carver

Age: 19

Location: England

It seems that in most places, there's one person who just seems different, and doesn't fit in. For Valerie, that has been pretty much every place she's ever been.

Growing up, she didn't quite understand the finer points of gender roles, although she didn't reject femininity, she just didn't understand why a princess wouldn't defend the throne with a chainsaw, whilst wearing a frilly pink dress. She didn't really fit in as a tomboy either though, and wasn't really all that into sports, especially since she seemed to be unusually clumsy, and whilst she could do most things other people could, she needed to do so with a measure of care and focus that most people would not need to. Her difficulties with physical activity and social interaction did result in her parents taking her to various doctors to see if there was anything wrong with her, and if anything could be done, but no diagnosis was ever reached.

Lacking any real answers, her parents tried to encourage activities that would serve as practice for hand-eye coordination, and she took up a variety of textile projects, and whilst it took a lot longer than expected, she managed to create a variety of plush toys and sometimes her own clothing. Her sense of colour coordination was certainly considered unusual, but the results made her happy. Valerie would insist on the cover to the sewing machine being left off so she could see the inner workings of the machine, and she was fascinated by it's workings, and that of any machine she could find and read about. She also took an interest in computers from an early age, even more so than others of her age, and showed interest in the more technical side rather than the social elements, and with direction from her mother, started to experiment with programming languages. Whilst people confused her, and physical tasks were often tricky, the discovery of something she was in fact, better than most at gave her a good sense of confidence.

Growing up, Valerie had a reputation for being prone to daydreaming and loved making up stories of her own, the internal logic of which was often confusing to others, and often involved a love of things most people would deem strange or freaky. At secondary school, her interest in weapons and especially knives resulted in some of the other students referring to her as "The Carver", with the intended implication that she was a serial killer. Such comparisons did not annoy her as much as was hoped.

Her love of strange and weird things was widely known, so one day, when some of the more popular girls needed a spider moved away from them, they suggested that they could make people stop picking on her as much if she helped them. So she decided to pick up the spider and take it outside. She pondered how it also didn't really belong among the humans, and not really being afraid of spiders at all, decided to take leave of all known forms of common sense, and try and kiss it. The spider responded to the advancing giant mouth like most things would, and fled quickly, earning Valerie the unenviable reputation for being the only person to ever get turned down by a spider.

At this point Valerie started to take a greater interest in stories of monsters, and was fascinated by all kinds of tales, ranging from creatures whose existence was a complete mockery of the usual laws of space, to those whose could normally pass for human, but were ultimately revealed by their strange behaviour. On an intellectual level, Valerie knew these creatures were meant to be feared and hated by the reader, but the sense that these being were marked as wrong and in need of destruction by their otherness felt very relatable to her. This did nothing to actually help her overcome her social isolation, but it did help her become more comfortable with it.

During her time at college, being mostly around people who wanted to be there meant she generally faced less hostility, although she still never really managed to feel like a real part of a group, although generally seen as strange, she was generally tolerated. As she became more comfortable with feeling alone and apart from other people, she started to dress more the part, adopting darker colours.

Regardless of her difficulties in social interaction, she still progressed with her studies, and did well enough to get accepted into the university of her choice. Her main concern was the opportunity to further her education and career prospects, but she also had hopes that it would provide a new opportunity to meet people, and find a place she could fit in.

Valerie had hopes that going to university would provide a better environment for her to make friends with similar interests. This however, has not been the case. She has however, changed her style of dress slightly, having modified her darker clothes to incorporate a lot of brightly coloured trim and detailing. Her new love of bright colours has left most people at least vaguely being aware of her, even if they don't know much about her.

Your relationship with the sleep.
Valerie's love of things strange and often morbid is somewhat reflected in her dreams. Tone, rather than content, is how she distinguishes between dreams and nightmares. Scenes of violence and death don't really bother her if they play out  in a way that feels like being in an action movie or a video game,  but feelings of isolation or helplessness do scare her. Generally, Valerie can sleep when she actually remembers to do so. She actually does like having weird dreams, or even violent ones, as long as she doesn't actually end up feeling afraid. Nightmares are rare enough that she doesn't consider it a major problem, although she's aware that her subconscious is capable of some freaky stuff. So is her conscious mind really.

Your worst fears. What are you afraid of? And why? Is this a concrete fear?
Otherness generally doesn't bother her, because she's always felt like an outsider, and thus finds otherness actually something she can relate to. Normality feels almost an impenetrable enigma to her. The thing she fears the most is other people. At the very least, interacting with people can often result in confusion and embarrassment, and there's always the possibility that someone might do a lot worse than that to her. She considers spiders to be comparatively harmless.

The appearance you have in the Dreamworld.
Finding other people to be a confusing enigma that she just can't figure out, being an outsider has become a fundamental part of how she sees herself. She finds unusual or monstrous forms as natural as being human. Her most common form however, is a strange hybrid of Catgirl and Cecaelia.

She always wears her favourite waistcoat in the dream world, and usually wears it in the real world. It has particular sentimental value for her, being made for her by her mother, and repaired by Valerie frequently. Any form she takes in the dream world will feature the waistcoat in some way, even if the rest of her has changed.

Equally as relevant to the escapist nature of her dream form is the shift in her personality. Instead of being shy and afraid of people, her dream form is more forward and confident, and her body language is more open. Furthering the escapist nature of her dream, her problems with coordination and movement aren't present in her dream form.

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Re: Character and NPC bios

Name: D’Quan Jones (DJ)

Age: 21

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6’3’”

Weight: 240 lbs (Highly Muscled)

Occupation: College student at Southern University Member of the Army ROTC program and sustains a 3.6 GPA in Electrical Engineering

Known Relatives:
     Adopted Father- Byron Jones
     Biological Mother- Ranika Foster
     Half-Brothers: Alfred Foster, Marquice Foster, Anthony Foster

Personality: Very quiet and studious off the field, but has a vicious streak when competing. He will not lose.

Background: As a 14-year old in 2005 he was living with his extended family in a shotgun house surrounded by drugs and strange men. In August, one of the biggest disasters in Louisiana history struck. Hurricane Katrina came in and changed his life forever. Power had gone out and everything was dark. Suddenly, a wave of water hit his house, creating a vortex that sucked the young boy out. Unable to swim, he fought the current and went under. Fortunately for him, he was spotted going under by an Army NCO who was home on leave. The man pulled the boy out of the floodwaters and administered CPR. After a few minutes DJ came to.

Not being able to and not really that willing to find his mother who had been evacuated, DJ was adopted by the Sergeant First Class and his life changed for the better. Receiving a scholarship offer from Southern University, he took it and returned to his home state.

Fears: Hydrophobic, astraphobic, and lilapsophobic.

Why did Suzy fall out of the swing?  Because she had no arms.
Knock, knock. Who's there?
Not Suzy

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